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Difference Between Pre Matrimonial and Post Marriage Investigations

One of the most common questions asked is why the charges, approaches and timeline of pre marriage and post matrimonial investigation differs. It is a “Frequently Asked Question”, for our detective agency in Delhi, India. The following points will clear the dissimilarity, quite certainly:

From individual to social involvement:

After pre mat investigations, you are in a position to say “yes or no” to the prospective alliance. Unfortunately, this freedom is not there if you are in a post marriage problem with your spouse or in-laws. In pre matrimonial investigations services, we verify the information which you already have and plug the gaps. In case information is less, then we have to generate workable information to initiate inquiries. In most cases our detective agency in Delhi, India is very objective, a set pattern is followed to gather information like, verification of date of birth, family financials, character of would be spouse and immediate family members, their social and workplace reputation, current income of prospective partner, checking for summons, warrants or notices served on the family, getting the list of all the places where the family has lived in past, addictions, current relationships, etc. In post mat, one is already in knowledge of most such information.

From family to courts:

The matter becomes even worse if the dispute goes under litigation. The issues that crop up are compatibility, third party interference, sudden financial loses, adultery, unsatisfactory property division, change of residence or job or business, impractical assumptions about marriage life, etc. Pre mat investigations agency in Delhi, India is there to take care of most of these issues.

Child Custody:

And if a child is there, the future of your kid will be decided by courts in a child custody or visitation battle. This is the most painful part of separation of married couples. We as Detective agency in Delhi, India have found that in all cases repeat all cases the kid/s is scarred for no fault. This unfortunate fallout is something that should be avoided at all cost.

Information and evidence:

In pre matrimonial investigations services you are looking for information based evidence. In post matrimonial detective services, you have to fetch evidence that satisfies the law points. What you see as evidence may bite dust in court battles. Also important is the timings of presenting evidence in court. Litigation is a chess game; it must be played from the position of strength. Court sponsored mediation process; it must be utilized to get maximum insights.

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