Modern Private Detectives Follow Sherlock Holmes’ Footsteps - First Indian Detective Agency

Modern Private Detectives Follow Sherlock Holmes’ Footsteps

30 Jan

Modern Private Detectives Follow Sherlock Holmes’ Footsteps

Think detective and the first name that comes to mind is Sherlock Holmes! The second name could well be of First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA). Holmes was the creation of an individual’s fantasy while FIDA is a group of talented modern detectives. It took a genius to chalk up a character like Sherlock Holmes, whose brain worked in ways that no ordinary average brains worked in. Where most people saw in a crime scene was a roomful of washed and unwashed clothes, an overflowing bureau and framed photos on the mantelpiece, Holmes spotted clues and traces of the killer’s progress as he went about recreating the gruesome murder.

So, if the private investigator in Delhi thought of himself as a true copy of Sherlock Holmes you cannot fault him. Aspiring to be the best is the best policy to achieve success in any given field. The detective assigned the job of post-matrimonial investigation in Delhi is no different. He too thinks of himself as Sherlock Holmes as he goes about doing a background check of a beautiful bride to be.

Nondescript and Remote: Modern Private Detective

Think of a detective of a hundred years before and the image that comes to mind is the picture of a man in a trench-coat with one eye shaded behind a leather eye-patch and in his gloved hand a round lens in a circular steel-frame, the hat perched askew on his head making a statement of intent on its own. Today’s private investigator in Delhi such as First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) on the other hand would not like to be seen dead in such a fashion.

He would rather be nondescript and invisible in a crowd. Delhi’s private detective would prefer to melt in the background while keeping his eyes firmly on the subject of his investigation in the foreground. The hat would make him stand out and that’s taboo like a blot on character. Conspicuousness doesn’t exist in the modern-day detective’s dictionary. All post-matrimonial investigations in Delhi are carried out secretively and the results of the investigation are for approved eyes only.

Background to the Foreground

Sherlock Holmes sometimes stumbled upon cases and there were several which he investigated and solved after being called in by people and police who found themselves flummoxed and unable to solve the cases. The private investigator in Delhi is also summoned to do a case, a mystery murder or a matrimonial investigation on the recommendation of a person familiar with his reputation as a detective.

And while the science of solving cases has changed much in the last more than a 100 years and reality has dunked fiction, the basics of detection remain the same: Look for clues and trace the footprints, so to speak, to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding the person, the mystery to unveil and report on his/her character. The best post-matrimonial investigation in Delhi would interest Sherlock Holmes if he was around in flesh and blood and not just a fictional character in a trench-coat!

Summing Up

The bottom line is, the modern private detective in Delhi would be hard to recognize; he would appear and talk like any other human being on the planet. The best matrimonial investigation in Delhi like the one from the First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) would pay him a packet if stays invisible and is not throwing his weight around just for the heck of it.

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