detective-agencies-in-delhi MATRIMONIAL INVESTIGATION Finding the right match or want to investigate the activities of your spouse?You can trust our expert
investigators for they are capable of bringing you the right information with unputdownable
evidence. Trust Detective In Delhi unconditionally!
private-detective-delhi TIME TO INVESTIGATE Facing troubles in your business due to some disturbing elements? You can put a check over them all
with a sound team of corporate investigators. Prefer reaching us now for assured closure of the case.
Reach Private Detective Delhi now!
LOYALTY INVESTIGATION Infidelity checks are often mandatory to find out if the person you are living with right now. You have the right to check if the person is loyal
to you. You can rely on our experts for they have proven skills in this specialized search service.
Private Investigator Delhi ADULTERY False behavior can be harmful to any relationship. With dedicated investigators, you can check if the behavior of people you are
close to is real or fake. We bring you enough evidence to make you believe the findings.

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Top Detective Agency in Delhi

First Indian Detective Agency

The premium Detective Agency In Delhi, First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) has been the home of the best private investigators. The agency offers both personal and corporate investigation services. With ISO 2008-9001 authentication certificates, FIDA is an accredited and qualified non-public investigation organization. We provide factually accurate and reliable investigation services involving both personal and corporate investigation services. With a superb team of private investigators, we claim to be the best among all the leading Best Detective Agency in Delhi NCR for background verification and matrimonial investigations.

Due to the superior track record, our Investigation agency is valued as a leading Private Investigator In Delhi that helps you unearth the facts, in fraud-driven cases with the utmost confidentiality. With teams of the most practiced, wise, and professional detectives we are committed to delivering only excellent results. We are a leading and technologically advanced Best Detective Agency in Delhi , India that uses the latest surveillance equipment and high-tech state-of-the-art audio and video technology to detect the truth.

Our Services

Personal Detective

Due to advent of modern age and subsequent adoption of new age lifestyle, frictions in family value system are apparent

  • Pre / Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Follow/Surveillance Investigation
  • Love Affairs Investigation
  • Divorce Cases Investigations
  • Background Check
  • Undercover Operations
Detective Company in Delhi
Corporate Detective Agency

Corporate Detective

The cases of presenting wrong details about the past employer and salary structure, in lure of getting a job, is the most common fraud being running in the corporate
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  • Pre Employment Verification
  • Post Employment Investigation
  • Assets Verifications
  • Market Research

Cyber Crime Detective

First Indian Detective Agency is one of the best private investigation agency to trace anonymous person(s) involved in different types of mischief.

  • Anonymous defamatory letters
  • Defamatory writings at common public places
  • Infringement of trademark
  • Copyright
Detectives In New Delhi

Know More About Our Detective Services?

Matrimonial Investigation

Matrimonial Investigation

Finding the hidden truth becomes necessary for wedding relationships. Our pre-marriage and post-marriage investigation aim at helping you in an emergency.

Loyalty Test Investigations

Loyalty Test Investigations

Finding the truth of any relationship is important. With a trusted loyalty test with FUDA, you can find out the truth in every relationship you are in.

Financial Fraud Investigation

Financial Fraud investigation

Financial frauds are very common. With the expert private investigators in Delhi, FIDA guarantees the best facilities to get you to the frauds. Contact us now!



Do you have doubts about the relationship? You can go for an adultery test with FIDA to get a distinct picture of the relationship. We bring you the right picture with proof!

Sting Operations

Sting Operations

We ensure carrying out the sting operations with great precision and provide the most accurate results to satisfy you. We can answer all your queries that demand sting operations.

Physical Surveillance

Physical Surveillance

Following the targeted person and collecting strong proof is the main objective of physical surveillance. Our Private Investigator In Delhi is the best in the industry.


I was worried when my daughter proposed a very bad boy for marriage. I had doubt that she and boy's family are hiding something. Thanks First Indian Detective Agency, in 3 weeks and hard work, my daughter was saved by evidence you people gave.
Detectiv in Delhi
Sunita Noida
Though the alliance was from our community and we knew pretty much about them but still had some doubts. FIDA INDIA way was quite professional and precise. In one week they gave us a totally different picture of which we had no idea.
Best Detective in Delhi
Rahul Singh Banglore
My property has returned after 5 years of litigation due to proofs provided by FIDA. Asset protection is possible only through accurate information in court cases.
Best Detectives in Delhi
Sanjay Sachdeva Mumbai
I'm absolutely thrilled with the beautiful produce. What a treat to find your box at our door. It means the world to my kids and me. Thank you so much for the delicious fruits and veggies!
Detectiv in Delhi
Rita Sen Guwahati
I've been receiving a box from you guys for roughly one year now, and absolutely love it. I could not be happier with the fresh produce I receive. Thanks so much for all you do!
Best Detective in Delhi
Gurpreet Chandigarh


How much does a Private Detective cost in India

Detective agencies in Delhi render different detective services. Among them, matrimonial detectives do pre and post matrimonial investigations and what a particular detective agency in Delhi charges will have to be confirmed from the detective agency. On average, you can find private detectives for Rs 5000-Rs 15,000 per day.

What are private investigators or Private Detectives

Private Detectives are experts in gathering evidence and information and believe you have a right to know the truth. The information may be collected for legal purposes or simply because you need answers to your questions. Private Detectives work for individuals, law firms, companies, government agencies, insurers, and others.

What do the Private Detectives do?

Private Detectives offer a wide range of investigation services. Not all private investigators do all types of investigations. Therefore, it is important for you to find Private Detectives in Delhi who have expertise that matches the job you want to do. The most common work for a Private Detective includes Pre- and Post-matrimonial investigation, court cases, divorce cases, loyalty checks, background checks, surveillance, and all types of fraud cases.

Why should I hire a private detective?

It is simple! You may think about hiring a private detective agency in Delhi if you wish to get rid of an unpleasant situation caused due to some social or commercial problems. You may avail of the services of the best Private Detective in Delhi to look into the cases and to find the right information and also unearth the secret!

Is it legal to hire a private detective?

Yes, absolutely! The government does not ban the activities of private detectives. You can feel free to reach and hire the best Detective In Delhi to solve your cases!

What are the charges of the private investigation services?

Well, all cases are not similar so it is not possible to answer any question like this. We look into the various things, including the complexity level, before determining the cost. You should contact the company help desk for assistance!

How do the Detective Agencies In Delhi maintain the privacy matters of the clients?

Well, the agencies are very careful about securing your interests. We do everything to put you at the safer end with no or least risks for you at all.

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Know More About Our Detective Services?

How to reach FIDA - Detective Agency Delhi

Established in 2014, FIDA INDIA has been a top player for detective agencies since it opened its doors. You'll find the best detectives and agents at this one-stop destination that services both locals of Delhi as well as those from other parts of India.

Welcome to Private Detective Agency in Delhi

New Delhi is the capital of India; it is one the smart cities with bustling population and its problems. detective agency in Delhi People all across the nation are settled here. In this much of diversity and multiplicity, a plethora of personal investigation matter arises.

The First Indian Detective Agency provides residents of New Delhi solution towards their personal and business-related confidential issues. If you are unsure about your daughter’s boyfriend or, you doubt your husband’s behavior or even suspicious of any employ’s behavior then, First Indian Detective Agency (Private Detective Agency in India) will be your resort. Numerous times, people reach our Delhi office with their personal and business related issues. Mostly these people require legal advice or a way out of their problem. Detection & Investigation Services in New Delhi Our best trained and experienced professional spy agents listen to your problems and then suggest the right solution. We work as an independent detective agency in Delhi and offer legal evidences in all types of cases to support your various needs. Our aim is to help you come out of any issue you are facing. Our Detectives are well trained in operating latest gadgets and analyzing tools.

FIDA Provide Best Detective services in India

In today’s world, moral values have lost their meaning. But in no circumstances, you can let defaulters bring losses to you. You have the power to investigate and dig deep into any matter. You can get all the details of the whereabouts of a person, business dealing, and classified information. Our surveillance and shadowing services are unmatched to expose any matter with audio and visual proofs. It is also the best way to keep a track of what the other person is up to. We are a one-stop solution for banks and other public sector institutions who are looking for a reliable and best detective agency in Delhi.

Detection & Investigation Services in New Delhi

Misfortune is something which we all have to face. No one likes to join hands with an individual or company that engages itself in fraudulent practices. The success and failure of corporate ventures and businesses largely depend upon the type of clients they deal with. Dealing with a company you cannot trust on can prove to be dangerous and risky. It would mean that you lose time and money. We are here to take care of all your security services need. Trust us to uncover the facts for you and bring all the confidential and exclusive information to your notice.

Detection & Investigation Services in New Delhi, provide all the details along with photographs and videos that can later be used as legal proofs as well. Our teams of investigator and specialist team that work with us have great experience in the field. They help you know what is going on your back. It is possible that your partner is cheating on you and indulging in adultery. Find out the reality by hiring our specialized love affairs and adultery Investigation Services in India so that you can make an informed decision. You need not be with the wrong person in your life and we make sure that you know it all about him/her.

Confidentiality and Anonymity in Investigation

In contrast to other Detection & Investigation Services in New Delhi, FIDA provides multiple security services like matrimonial, corporate and personal investigation services. Individual clients, as well as corporate clients, can opt for these services. Detection & Investigation Services in New Delhi Our experts will guide you in suitable legal manner. We have solved numerous cases with expertise and experience. Hire us to get the first-hand information on any of your query.

Personal Investigation –

The First Indian Detective Agency has had a good track record in solving even the most complex cases like divorce. In cases of divorce, we bring proofs that can later be used in filing suit. We have helped our clients with alimony matter, child custody and separation.

Corporate Investigation –

Business class people are the ones who can benefit the most from our services. This is because we specialize in offering industrial espionage services to let you know about competitors and your business clients. We understand your concern of scoring higher than your competitors and make sure that you do not miss out on any details and inside news.

Free Advice & Professional Consultation with FIDA Detectives –

Not everything is known to us. There are several things that remain hidden and need to be clarified for taking some major decisions in life. This is where the Best Private Detective Agency in India, Detection & Investigation Services in New Delhi FIDA comes to your rescue. Nothing can be done if a person has less or no information. Now a day world, companies demand competitive people to work honestly. The competitiveness that has emerged, forces people to do things that are ethically wrong and cause losses to others. This is the reason why most companies turn to hiring detectives and enquire about different matters.

Reach us for help and support today!