Loyalty test investigations

Loyalty test Investigation

70% of our clients are females. Most of them with one common grievance of extra-marital affair of their partner. Loyalty Test investigation Many times, unmarried couples too visit our office with suspicion of their girlfriends or boyfriends having intimate engagement out of their relationship.

Affairs may be a taboo; but is today’s harsh & hidden reality. After years of long marriage, due to monotony in relationship anyone can be a cheater, a habitual cheater or potential cheater. If you are discovering glitches in your “happily ever after”, then you to involve professionals to investigate the matter for you. Loyalty test investigation is becoming a famous service in metropolitans to be sure of your partner’s fidelity towards you. This service is for all those males and females, who are agonizing in the pain of heart break.

Be sure of your Partner’s Loyalty by Hiring Private Detective –

Extra-marital affair / adultery / infidelity may be a sexual association, romantic link up, or passionate affection between two people. It can be a sexual affair before or after marriage between two consenting wedded or unmarried partners. Loyalty Test investigation It may be a mutually agreed upon causal sex relationship with none expecting a formal commitment. Such relationships are quite common these days. Hence, you cannot be 100% sure about your partner’s loyalty, until or unless investigations are carried. The First Indian Detective Agency offers underlined Services for Loyality test Investigation –

  • Surveillance and shadowing to observe your partners activity.
  • Recording from the social gatherings and personal meetings.
  • Observing activities.
  • Tracing phone records calls and messages exchanged
  • Whatsapp call, text, email, Facebook and Skype talks.
  • Image, audio / video recording proofs of cheating
  • Tracing the suspected man or woman’s touch
  • Recording of secret meetings
Surveillance technique in Loyalty Test Investigation –

The FIDA investigators conduct surveillance of suspected individual to know the truth. With the help of our shadowing service the bare truth of a person can come up. 24/7 shadowing of a person for some time helps reveals all the reality. Loyalty Test investigation Our trained and experiences detective and spy agents work with modern day tools and devices to track the activity of anything and everything. The FIDA detective agency in Delhi is the most equipped private investigation agency when it comes to surveillance.

We will conduct confidential enquiry on your cheating partner. We follow meticulous approach in shadowing the subject, that even on the direct interaction for investigation it creates no doubt. Each part of investigation is conducted in utmost discretion and covertness. This kind of loyalty test investigation involves generating videography and still photography proofs.

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One can have endless debate about “why men cheat” or “why women cheat”, but the fact is that prevalence of adultery is as old as marriages in our society. Justification of casual affairs and flirting has become a norm in newspapers and internet networking sites. Loyalty Test investigation Thus in this world, affairs is possible in workplace among office colleagues, in neighbourhood, among old friends of different sex or school/college mates, between close or distant relatives among business partners and their family members or rekindling with past flames from previous relationships.

If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then don’t sit back in remorse while we give you power to investigate. The FIDA detectives are at your service 24X7. Call or email us your problem and we will leave no stone unturned to solve it.