Detective Agency in Gurgaon


Gurgaon is a prominent district of Haryana. It has grown massively in the last three decades. The advent of the Maruti Suzuki project and the subsequent establishment of industrial areas gave an industrial outlook and recognition to this agrarian city. At the same time, large real estate projects were initiated by HUDA and DLF. Detective agency in Gurgaon Now Gurgaon has almost all big colonizers competing with each other. Gurgaon also initiated the BPO revolution and unleashed soft power of India. Manesar, Dharuheda, etc also contributed to the industrialization of Gurgaon.

At the same time Gurgaon suffered from construction and industrial backlash. It is sandwiched in rural and modern lifestyle which causes recurrent friction. Gurgaon today is a forest of colonies, industries and dirt money flowing from everywhere affecting its social fabric badly.

Experienced Private Detective Agents of First Indian Detective Agency are expert in providing Professional Private Investigation Services in Gurgaon in private cases and corporate affairs.

Our Private Investigators understand the complexities of a city in momentum and flux. They are highly skilled to unearth information that is hidden or withheld with ulterior motives in personal and corporate cases 

Personal cases are basically related to individual or family matters. They are generally of pre-matrimonial, post-matrimonial, property disputes, tracing missing persons, adultery, and court cases related to dowry, child custody, maintenance, divorce, etc. Detective agency in Gurgaon We also do criminal association checks on the subjects and provide you with proofs like documents, audio/video files and photographs.

In pre matrimonial cases our private investigation company gives you complete information of would-be spouse. The information generally is regarding family background check, family reputation, the financial position of family, education and work verification, previous and present affairs, broken marriages, bad habits, addictions, asset verifications, etc.

In corporate cases Private Detective Agencies in Gurgaon, Haryana provide services related to business viability, profitability, etc by doing due diligence exercise and inquiries. If you are being cheated by your partner then our expert investigation services will find the truth for you to confront him with proofs. Detective agency in Gurgaon Many companies are interested in tie-ups with existing companies in India. Many of such concerns are bogus or are just on papers. Our professional detective agents will see through it and advice you with real ground position.

Gurgaon is a part of the National Capital Region (NCR), it attracts a large pool of talent from Delhi and other states. Our pre-employment verification is widely sought after by the corporate sector. Detective Agencies also do a lot of pre-marital investigations of the prospective spouse who are away from their hometown and families for a considerable period. Many have settled here, near to their employment places by purchasing properties. Verification of their assets, education, family background, bad habits, addictions, friend circles, etc is very important before marriage. They can easily mislead about their income, properties, office reputation and character. The prospective spouse may get a shock if the information they believed as default truth is wrong. Our Private Detective Agency in Gurgaon, Haryana is well equipped to undertake such matters and provide you with a true picture backed with evidence.

Please feel free to contact Detective Investigation Services in corporate and private cases. You can call our 24X7 helpline number