Matrimonial Investigation

Top Secret Post Matrimonial Detective Agency – FIDA

Are you planning to get married? Are you in doubt about the financial and personal background of your future would be? Now help yourself in making a firm life decision by hiring First Indian Detective Agency (Pre and Post Matrimonial Detective Agency) for Matrimonial Investigation Services. Our Experienced, Smart, Sharp and Qualified Private Detectives’ can help you make a strong & well informed decision of marriage. Our legal and professional can even save your post-married life from getting worse in hands of a wrong person.

The First Indian Detective Agency (Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi) can help you end all you marital woes by producing detailed reports in the form of documents, Videos, Audio Files that can be used as courts proofs. You cannot trust just anyone when it comes to spending your whole life with! Even the life partners chosen in arrange marriages too need to be carefully scrutinized for his / her character accreditation

Our Expertise Lies in Following Matrimonial Investigation Services-

  • Pre Matrimonial Investigation
  • Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Divorce Case Investigation
  • Domestic Violence Cases
  • Child Custody Matters

Our Professional Post Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi are accompanied by search reports by top agent to help you take a tough life decision for a securer future. We are the top Background Screening, Background Checking; Criminal Background Investigation in India with a team of supremely clever private detectives. Our Post Matrimonial Detective Agency is well versed in use of latest technology when it comes to investigation and operating latest spy gadgets to acquire results. Our detective will perform discreet inquiry or surveillance investigation / shadowing or both of suspects in Pre Matrimonial Investigation as well as Post Matrimonial Investigation disputes.

Pre-Matrimonial Investigation Services by Pre & Post Matrimonial Detective Agency (FIDA)–

Is your boyfriend or girlfriend is reluctant to introduce you to their family? Are you feeling suspicious about your future would be? Even though you have met him / her several times, but you still don’t have their home address! Probably you do not even know about the financial background of his or her, or you worry that he or she might be already divorced and may even have any past criminal charges. No matter these scenarios fall untrue in your case, because you have a lovely relationship built on trust and faith, but a little more awareness is of no harm for any one! This is why we stress on choosing Pre & Post Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi NCR.

In our Pre Matrimonial investigation – Background checking, education verification, employment verification, assets verification, social status, personality traits, health status, character check as well as Criminal Background Investigation are performed. Whatever may be your case, FIDA (Pre & Post Matrimonial Detective Agency) is always open to discuss any sort of matrimonial investigation.

Post Matrimonial Investigation after your Wedding

Every married life faces those weak moments, when you feel suspicions about your spouse to be involved in extra-marital affair. Or you might suspect skeptical activities related to money and drugs etc. But you cannot question directly considering the fall-back circumstances. In such situations it becomes extremely essential to verify the facts and obtain clear evidence.

First Indian Detective Agency (Post Matrimonial Detective Agency), offers complete Post Matrimonial Investigation Services for Extramarital investigation & cheating spouses scan proposal for love affairs/marriages, traditional marriage problems, problems of love marriages and problems after love marriages, online help marriage problems, etc. Suspicious wife & suspicious husbands can benefit by catching cheating husband & cheating wife in adultery in marriage ending in adultery divorce case. Sting operations gadgets like spy camera or hidden camera or sting operation camera, microphone for recording, etc are used in some cases.

Our Post Matrimonial Detective Agency understands that an unhappy married life lead to real and fake court cases, financial burden with litigations of real and fake dowry cases. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to provide evidences and breakthroughs in such stagnant situations.

Reach FIDA (Post Matrimonial Detective Agency) for Matrimonial Investigation help –

First Indian Detective Agency (Pre and Post Matrimonial Detective Agency) guarantees you to offer secure and discreet matrimonial investigation, wherever and whatever the case may be. Email us your query now!