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Get Social Security by hiring Detective Agency in Bangalore

With the industrial growth and employment offered, Bangalore receives interest from all around the country. With the growth of income and employment opportunities, the city has also been suffering with increased crime rate. Whether it is financial frauds, matrimonial disputes, corporate crimes or any other issue- all point a figure on the social security of the individual. At the same time in many of such conditions, we don’t really want to go to the government authorities or hesitate to take official help. We need the issue to be resolved in our hand and for that we require help of private investigators. The expert help of detectives can be used wisely and tactfully to resolve any situation where trust in on stake.

Detective agency in Bangalore that has been providing with all sorts of intellectually refined services by experienced professionals is getting acknowledged in this new changing environment.

detective agency in bangalore

First Indian Detective Agency is the name you are looking for! This certified company offers all sorts of services under one roof to clients in Bangalore related to detective agency. However, client has to decide which services he or she wants to hire following the first discussion meeting with the professional help. Here, they can also check reviews of the clients for the service before placing an order.

You need to see what your exact requirements are first and based on that you should select the service! Here, it is also to be noticed that some detective agencies have specialization in criminal cases and some are good enough for the domestic ones. Though, First Indian Detective Agency has earned the name of being the best detective agency in Bangalore by providing with satisfactory experience to clients in almost every field.

The highlights of services that you can hire from the detective agencies in Bangalore include:

Corporate services:

This sort of services primarily covering assistance during employment, cases of financial frauds and adultery. Background check, financial assets and credit of the individual, past employer review and salary structure and many assorted services can save your business from wrong details that are generally lure by the candidates in lure of getting job. Additionally, financial frauds require a keen eye of inspection to get the truth behind the curtain and that too at right time so that you can save your business. You can call to get complete details of what we have to offer for supporting your business and making it succeed with complete knowledge of what is exactly walking in shades.

Personal Services:

The advancement of our lifestyle and new adapted modern age values, families are becoming more fragile. You don’t know what can lead to create a financial dispute between your keen family members or can cause potential damage to you as a person. In case of suspicion of extra marital affairs, adultery and missing person identification you can bank on our assorted services. For providing with complete assistance to people of Bangalore, our detective agency has many services which can be further personalized as per clients’ requirements.

For more details on what we can offer as per your personalized requirement, don’t delay to get in touch with our team of experts!

Rising Need of Private Investigation in Corpoarte Sector

Private detectives are essential for routine checking cases and information gathering assignments, for example, to verify the credentials of an aspirant candidate whom a company wishes to hire. In case a company wants to procure another company, private detective agency can be beneficial to get detailed information about the assets of the company being acquired.

Do you suspect your business partner making deals behind your back? Or your employee of trading information to your opponents? Well the only way to be sure is to put a private eye on their tracks – Hiring Professional Corporate Investigation Agency!

Tech-Int or Technical Intelligence:

Corporate investigation is no street hoodlum, it may require handling educated professional and conducting sophisticated research. For this purpose, technical intelligence – ‘Tech-Int’ is required to gather information this includes – Phone Tapping, Net Surveillance, Or Surveillance Through Close Circuit Cameras Etc.

Human-Int or Human Intelligence:

This term is utilized detectives actually put a man on the tail of the person. In these kind of operation, detective shadows the person to be investigated, and such operations are called undercover operations. These maneuvers can be very complicated and dangerous as the risk factor is quite high.

Are detective agencies are useful for Private Purposes too?

Most definitely! You can use private investigation services for more ‘private’ purposes too. For example, to cross check the credibility of guy your daughter is dating, or the girl your son is going out with. Another very vital area where a private detective agency can be utilized for finding out information for cases under hearing, and to be a witness for the same in the court.

For Personal Injury Investigation

A professional private detective knows the appropriate tricks and tactics to win your personal injury lawsuit. Good Detective Agency operating in Delhi and other metro cities like Mumbai, Chandigarh and Jaipur, can give you exact and reliable information, about your quarry. They can find key witnesses and other essential information to win the case. Make sure you pick the right private eye.

Who are Private Detectives?

Generally, private detectives are individuals who have retired from active service in security agencies, but wish to continue the work. It provides them with an occupation in their otherwise free time. However, before hiring a Private Detective agency in Delhi, go through their past record carefully.

Bottom Line:

As mentioned above, detective investigation utilizes both technical and human resources to solve your case within mentioned time frame. Consequently, it is essential to pick a Detective Agency In Delhi that is able to mount both sorts of operation.


Private Detective Agencies Fighting Against the Corporate Scams & Frauds

Today Indian economy has a rapidly growing corporate sector. The different attractive sectors include IT, education, real estate and automobiles, etc. This further leads to unlawful activities like burglary, theft, fraud and other scams in corporate sector. The only solution to trap such case is by means of corporate investigation services.

Corporate Investigation involves collection of inside information along with as much detail as possible and other feasible evidences. The investigators collect, evaluate and construct an inclusive profile for their clients regarding their case. The demand of a discreet and confidential private detective services are rising. Both small organizations as well as shark tank entrepreneurs require help to maintain a healthy corporate ecosystem.

Here are the Services offered by Detective agencies to corporate clients –
  • Asset investigations
  • Employment screening
  • Corporate surveillance
  • Employee verification
  • Industrial and counter espionage
  • Business and corporate intelligence
  • Theft investigation
  • Risk analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Fraud consulting and labor cases
  • Verification of bank accounts and insurance
  • Examining financial assets

The above-mentioned offering allows corporate leaders to achieve their projects suitably and uphold healthy corporate goodwill. This is connected to both competitors and company staffs, to avoid any chances of fraud. Nowadays, many big and small organizations are hiring full time Private Detective Agency in Faridabad and Delhi NCR to be in the competition in the long run. There are hundreds of agencies providing great services ranging from pre-employment verification to post-employment authentication cases. The prime goal remains the same to find the results depending upon the employer’s requirement.

For employment verification Detective Agency offer following inspections –
  • Work attitude
  • Work habits
  • Re-hiring eligibility
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Performance rating
  • Wages
  • Social well-being
  • Friend and family details

The development of numerous business organizations has led to a high-risk game in the market. Therefore, it becomes difficult for authentic companies to survive and safeguard their interests. Hence, there is need of highly qualified and experienced Private Detective Agency in Delhi to keep an eye over fraudulent activities.



The Corporate Investigation Services provide an efficient & an ideal solution for business owners. These agencies charge minimal fees against their services. If you wish to hire a Private Detective Agency in Delhi for full time, they are treated as full time employees and paid accordingly. Otherwise, they charge depending upon the type of case, time required, equipments used and degree of complexity. A reliable and professional Detective Agency also looks into problems related to corruption. They fully abide by the law and rule of the country so that the laws are not breached.


How Private Detective Agency Can become a Utility in finding the Details?

Private detective agency helps person, business specialized in verifying the material. These activities services in conclusion out truths about substances connected with particular detail, authorized substances etc. Contemporary existences have caused in rise of illegal tendency in Indian society. Now entities are more absorbed in making easy money. Now people are taking up wrong routes to earn money. This has ensued in disgraces and deceptions growing in our social life. Abduction, homicides, robberies are now a collective marvel in big cities. There is a rise in corruption graphs in metro cities as well as average size cities.

Private investigator agency delivers services related with sanctuary, confirmation and specifics about related of an separate. These investigator agencies are accessible when one wants to get a detailed look at a doubtful character. These agencies also give material about computer-connected issues, like e-mail nuisances, unauthorized transferring of material. Other area under them is help in illegal investigation, entitlements that are connected with insurance sector and cases of con.

A private detective agency also traces the people who due to certain reason leave their houses and went missing. Other area that comes under them is pre-marital screening. It helps in finding out details about bride or groom. Any love affairs or other such details could be known with the help of such offices. The detective agency in Faridabad take help of many methods to verify the case under investigation. Most of the work is carried out with the help of the computer. They usually recover e-mails and other documents that are erased. Usually databases are searched out to find the information needed for the investigation.

Computer is an inordinate tool in removing information fast. Social networking sites are also a large tool in congregation details of a case. Photos are also searched out in order to transmit out the investigation. They carry out investigation by searching the person’s history at work place, the telephone calls made by that individual and revenue of the person. They also in guise of somebody else carry out examination of the person. The worker of private detective agency also gets located in the workplace of the person they are inquisitive to get a deep look at that individual.

Detective agency in India also appearances into problems connected with corruption and homicide that take place due to family disputes. That is murder or other corruptions connected with property division (land or farm land). The detective agency in Faridabad finds out details about the character of the person under investigation. They even take snaps or videos of that person.


Use Matrimonial Investigation to Know Your Partner

In India Weddings are nothing less than festivals. Families anxiously wait for this one special event, which very often runs into days of celebrations with thousands of guests. Indian weddings are mostly extravagant, but hiring a private detective to check up on a prospective bride or groom before the ceremony is also an important part.

There are numerous pre-matrimonial detective agencies that can help you to check out people’s past relationships, earnings and family history. Taking this kind of services not only helps you to know a person better but can also prevent you from getting trapped in fake marriages and other cases related to marriage fraud.

Private investigation services provides information about complete background including family background, reputation, assets, previous engagements and relationships, broken marriages, habits to help you make correct decisions at crucial stages.

What are the things to know before marriage?
  • Relationship Status
  • Adverse and Concerning Habits
  • Present and Previous Employment Checks
  • Family Background
  • Social Status
  • Personality Traits
  • Health Status
  • Educational Background Check
  • Income & Financial Details
  • Criminal Background Check

Hiring a detective at the correct time can help you in choosing the right person. These days we find many youths who go for marriage without taking the advice of their parent and later face a lots of problem. The cases of divorce are also rising day by day therefore taking help of detective for pre matrimonial becomes very necessary. After all choosing a life partner is a lifelong decision.

If you are looking for a reliable pre-matrimonial investigation service then connect to FIDA. First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is the best detective agency in Faridabad. FIDA has been providing investigational services for more than 15 years. It offers both personal as well as corporate detective service. It has a team of experienced detectives who use the latest equipment and technologies to get to the truth out. Our personal investigation service includes Personal Investigation, Matrimonial Investigation, Loyalty Test Investigations and Surveillance Investigation. We also offer services such as Corporate Investigation, Financial Fraud Investigation, Corporate Loan Verification and Employment Verification.


Private Detectives For Missing Person Investigation

Shristi has a beautiful married life and thing were going well. Her partner had contact with some persons with a criminal background. Things suddenly changed when one day her partner didn’t return from the office. After searching for him next day, she decided to take the help of police. Police was unsuccessful so she decided to take help of a private detective. The detective was the blessing in disguise as he was able to solve the case.

Reasons for a person going missing can be numerous. Finding the probable cause and trail of the person is what is required. Contacting the police is the first thing that arises in everyone’s mind. A personal dispute within the family or friendship or some miss happening may be the cause. Whatever the reason it can be a disturbing and worrying time for those in search of them.

In search of a missing person:

Most of the private detective and investigation agencies are experts in finding a missing person. They do have a vast knowledge of finding a missing person as well as years’ experience along with many tried and tested methods of locating missing individuals. Sometimes taking help of police is not enough as they may take time to start the investigation. A private investigator can be helpful in such case. The Best private detective agency in delhi should be given as much information about the person as possible.

What information should you provide?

A detailed description and a photograph are essential along with a last known address or the vehicle they drive and their nick name. Providing the detective with an idea about their rivalry with someone or works carried out by them is also very essential. Lots of information can be obtained through social networking profiles and status. Other helpful information can be what hobbies or interests they have and if they like to keep fit or socialize. Getting information through their friend circle can also be useful. Private detectives use different methods to get information the missing person. They may spy on a suspect and monitor their activities. Therefore hiring a detective for such cases is definitely very useful.

If you are looking for someone who went missing then FIDA is your complete solution. First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is the best detective agency in Delhi. FIDA has more than 15 years of experience in providing investigational services. It offers both personal as well as corporate detective service. The personal investigation service includes Personal Investigation, Matrimonial Investigation, Loyalty Test Investigations and Surveillance Investigation. Our Corporate Investigational services include financial Fraud Investigation, Corporate Loan Verification, and Employment Verification.


Opt For Complete Security Solution By Hiring For Private Investigation Services

In this acquisitive world, it is hard to deem in somebody with whom you are going to connect with or already connected with. From a lover to company partner and employer, you cannot believe in anyone simply until you have check their background. In this context, taking help from a well-reputed private detective agency in Delhi is a reliable idea. It is, in fact, an efficient way to live life safely. The investigation agency will help you significantly in various circumstances. Hiring a detective agency will give an assurance of clean and well-proven detective service.

Here are some reasons to hire an Investigation Agency:
Business Owners And Employers:

Every business owner need help from corporate investigation agencies to perform the background check of employee before hiring. Most corporate human resource department, do not have the time to do the background check of each employee they hire. The private investigation agency will come in handy in case of bulk hiring in big technology giants. The background verification service comes handy while checking potential business partner, whether they have a clean background or not. A private investigation agency will have an access to high profile databases where a great deal of information can be found.

Criminal And Domestic Investigations:

Legal investigations are the most complicated ones, a lawyer is not sufficient to do all the labor He needs to have enough in order to help you win a case. A private investigation agency will work with your lawyer to get you desired information. They will be resourceful in getting all the necessary information when your lawyer can get clueless from where to collect the information. Rest assured that during the process, a the investigation agency will be helpful in allowance you with the case.

Missing Persons:

Whether a person is deliberately missing or not, a private detective agency will certainly help find that missing person. They have all the proficiency and knowledge as well as the correct equipment in effectively find a person. They will be very efficient and cooperative as they can trace a person as soon as probable because setback have no place in their expressions especially if a person is lost.

Putting it All together –

Apart from these investigation services, a private investigation agency is expert in handling divorce and alimony cases, matrimonial investigation, child custody and maintenance cases etc. Are you looking to hire a First Indian detective agency in Delhi? Hire the First Indian detective agency for your personal or corporate investigation cases.


Role of a Competent Detective Agency in Labor Dispute Management

Disputes are often the result of a failure to communicate. This results in opposing views amongst management and the employees. Therefore, contingency planning becomes a necessity for an organization. Period of downsizing, layoffs and labor disputes can arise at any time. Contract negotiation leads to increased tension and period of uncertainty, in such circumstances – you need additional support to come out of the labor issue smoothly.

In an organization, when internal issues like theft occurs, your business may have likelihood to lose hard assets affecting your employee respect and commitment. If you take help from a detective agency they can help you come out of such disputes with ease. Private investigators provide video proofs for both the injunction process and any illegal activity that may occur during a labor dispute. They have the right training and security experience to mitigate security risk. Private Investigators de-escalate personal conflicts, side line disturbances, and violent confrontations within the employees.

How Detective Agency can Help in Labor Dispute Support?

A private detective will take the neutral position within the labor dispute. Strike actions can result in a civil suit for damages. With a private eye working for you keeps you on the safe side. A private investigator will present a detailed documentation of what has lead to the conflict and how situation must be tackled. You can take a proper liable action for your staff as well as in favor of your organization.

Some of the services offered :
  • Video Documentation
  • Law Enforcement Liaison
  • Coordination of Peripheral Services
  • Facility Security Consulting
  • Management Staff Training
Why Detective Agency for Labor Dispute Management?

The best way to avoid labor disputes is by hiring services of a professional and experienced personal investigator. A detective agency can address all of the potential risks. They will address the potential disputes, to help you structure the partnership. This is important to avoid the potential of messy litigation.

Following are the key roles played by a Detective Agency in Labor dispute management –
  • Reduce the risk of damage by resolving challenging behavior.
  • Minimize the risk of potential legal accountability.
  • Removes the stress associated with uncertainty in crisis.
  • They act in accordance with with legislative mandates.
  • Maintain a safe and reverential environment for management personnel and the general public.
  • The detective agents are empathic, compassionate, and respectful towards labor as well as organization.

Labor dispute must be catered in the right and appropriate manner. You can hire a competent, Highly skilled Detective Agency in Faridabad to help you resolve the matter. Detective agency offers strike


Why You Should Opt For Back Ground Check Of Your Spouse-To-Be Before Wedding?

Police files are full of criminal cases where matrimony leads to extortion. You might have seen in news about how brides got cheated in the name of marriage! Be it money, dowry, property, jewelry or their personal security.

You might think that you have found your life long partner, he or she seems perfect, financially stable and absolute in other respects. But, this doesn’t justify the fact to not to dig into the past. The past of the person can help you to be sure of the future. What is you find out the criminal conviction of the person after marriage? What is he or she already have kids? or maybe his business is running in financial losses, and that is the reason to get married? This is why back ground check is necessary after marriage.

There is no harm in background check before marriage, only benefits. It is not just for those who feel suspicious about the past of their life partner, but for those also who wish to tie knot with confidence. Hence, Background check services are for everyone.

Different types of Background Check Services to Explore before Wedding –
Pre Matrimonial Investigation –

This kind of investigation is quite deep and basically covers all. It helps to build an authenticity about the spouse-to-be. The past records, present character and financial status are examined. Is he well established? Has he been married previously? Did he / she had any past serious relationship? It is better to know everything in advance to avoid future conflicts. Private Detective Agency in Delhi offer full suite of pre matrimonial investigation. They will leave no stone unturned in providing you exact picture of the person you are about to get married.

Financial Investigation –

There are private investigation agencies in Delhi exercise complete confidentiality while fetching background details of the person. They will give you detail reports on properties, bank details, credit cards without them knowing about it.

Family Background Investigation –

Marriage is not just between two individuals but involves conjugation of two families. You will be associated with that family socially and publicly. Therefore, it is essential to know about the profession, their disposition, crime record (if any), public reputation & other individual details.


Marriage is a not just a one-time affair, it is a lifetime match. Hence it is wise to go for back ground check of the person you are about to get married. First Indian Detective Agency in Delhi offers – Pre-Matrimonial Enquiry, Post Marriage Investigation, Background Checks, Financial frauds investigation, corporate investigation and many more.


Role of Private Investigation in Your Business Success

Due to increasing crime rates and rising frauds, the need of a reliable and approachable security and investigation services is natural. There is a strong need of investigation agency to fulfill your security goals. Before filing a police investigation, you need something more concrete to collect all the proofs and evidence in favor of your organization. Hence, Private investigation agencies offer easy accessible services that plays pivotal role in protecting business against frauds.

Every small to large business has some role to investigate. Whether it is related to real time competitor analysis or freezing the occurrences of theft or embezzlement, private investigator can make your business risk free. They work from the very core to remove the chances of your business turning into risk of demise. Detective agencies plays an essential role for your business to be leak proof sail smoothly.

Here are some of the top reasons to choose private investigator to protect your business:
Investigation for Business Loss Prevention

Today, coherent, quiet analysis is done on 24X7 basis for the loss prevention. This works towards strengthen and overall improving the security measures. For instances, if you are a retail store business a private investigation services can be helpful to determine the refunds that has been given in the form of cash.

When it comes to money affairs, situation can become critical. Personal investigation can help you determine who might be defrauding you? Whether it is clients or your own employees they treat all equally. They will make a strong business foundation for your business to prevent money leaks. They will determine all the impending factors that may be responsible for your business loss. Moreover, they have the right know-how to offer immediate solution to stop money laundering of all sort.

Employee Screening and Background Verification

The Private detectives are experts in human resource determining the best fit for your organization. They will help you to keep your business reputation safe, by hand picking the most efficient employees. They are the experts who will help you in through analysis that your company status is affected negatively or positively with each hire. You obviously don’t want to hire employs who are likely to corrupt with customers affairs. This makes sense for having a trustworthy Detective Agency in Gurgaon for due diligence. Contracting a private investigation company in Gurgaon keep you secluded from legal responsibility through comprehensive investigation of your prospective hires.

Investigation in Insurance Frauds

You cannot just trust everyone when it comes to business. There is a huge possibility that some unsavory employees to get away with claims that never existed. The cash inventory needs to be protected hence as a business owner it is your duty to keep security tight. Private detective agencies can assist with surveillance and asset tracking and thereby helping business save huge money.

Summing Up –

There are still majority of people who are unfamiliar with Private Detective Agency in Gurgaon. To stop the black money and fraudulent cases such organizations are working silently to keep everything black and white. The role of the personal investigator is to help you and try to come up with a concrete solution to your problem.

What we investigate ?