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Hire Private Investigator to Investigate Financial / Personal Frauds

The First Indian Detective agency is the best detective agency in Delhi with advanced technological equipment and techniques hence, our clients get the best services in minimum amount of time at the best prices. The nature of the investigation however decides its duration and in our agency with the best combination of technology, a skilled and experienced team of professional investigators the duration is reduced and the outcomes are more satisfactory than any other detective agency in the city. The latest comprehensive tracking software, analytical system, vehicle GPS tracking tool, advanced tools for the sting operations with other latest technological software assist our team in their investigation and bring out the clear truthful results backed up with valid documents and audio/visual proofs.

We provide Pre and Post marital investigations like background checks, information about any previous divorces, affairs or any legal cases, objectionable addictions or any other unacceptable behavior of your partner or partner to be.

All the kinds of complex corporate and personal cases are handled by our professional detectives and investigators with sheer brilliance and dedication on a daily basis. We have an exceptionally satisfying experience to our clients and make their lives clear and away from their doubts with our resources.

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The services FIDA holds expertise in are as follows:

• Personal Investigation
• Matrimonial Investigations
• Loyalty Test investigations
• Adultery
• Surveillance Investigation
• Financial fraud Investigation
• Employment Verification
• Labour cases detective
• Competitor investigation
• Corporate Loan verification
• Skiptracing/Missing people

We offer all the kinds of legal advice on the cases we work on and have well qualified consultants in our team to offer the best in the interest of our clients. For all kinds of detective services, contact First Indian Detective agency, private detective agency in Delhi.

Best Private Detective Agency Services in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore

First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is one of the best detective agencies in Delhi that offers clients its investigation services in Personal, corporate, adultery, financial matters. It also offers expert legal advice on these matters. The latest comprehensive tracking software, analytical system, vehicle GPS tracking tool, advanced tools for the sting operations with other latest technological software assist our team in their investigation and bring out the clear truthful results backed up with valid documents and audio/visual proofs.

It is your right to know about your partner in a fairly transparent way. Getting into a new relationship is not bad but there cannot be any place for a doubt in heart. In the world of online matrimony profiles where most of the conversations are on real time chat, it is not safe to trust a person’s word without thoroughly verifying it. It is not the age where the bride and grooms family was introduced by one trustworthy person. This is the age of internet and social media. With its immense pros, there are cons too that cannot be avoided.

We provide pre and post marital investigations like background checks, information about any previous divorces, affairs or any legal cases, objectionable addictions or any other unacceptable behavior of your partner or partner to be. If your companying is hiring employee, you need to be sure about clean reputation and past activities of the person you are trusting to handover your company’s inside information. We understand how important are these confidentiality issues in this cut throat competition world and offer you the best services to get the employees verified by doing a thorough check of his personal and professional background as required by the client company.

The surveillance and shadowing services provided by our agency is excellent and unmatched with the audio and visual proofs in addition to the documents made available as proof of the investigation reports.


Our Detective Agency Specializes in:

• Post Matrimonial Detective Agency
• Pre-Matrimonial Detective Agency
• Loyalty test Investigation
• Private Detective Agency
• Financial Fraud Investigation
• Detective Agency in Delhi
• Adultery
• Detective Agency in Faridabad

Contact FIDA for any detective services and get your doubts cleared and cases verified by legal advisors. We are the best detective agency in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore.

Detective agency in Mumbai-World Pioneer name in the field of investigation.

Mumbai, the city of dreams. A lot of people from all corners of the country come to this city to fulfill their dreams. Some work day and night to reach their destination while some opt for shortcuts. Every day we hear news related to crimes and frauds. In such scenario, everybody should remain alert and smart to save themselves and their families from any nuisance or deceit. Especially when you are about to enter the most important phase of your life i.e. marriage. A marriage is a union of two people who must be faithful and truthful to each other. There should be no dishonesty and secret between the two. Hence, knowing everything about the partner is one’s right. The information exchanged during the meetings might be or might not be correct. But it is really important to find the truth. Since no marriage can sustain on lies and secrets. If, you are about to get married then be double sure about your would-be husband or wife by taking matrimonial detective services. Detective agency in Mumbai will help you clear your doubts and also can save you from a fraudster.

Detective agency in Mumbai

We are pioneering detective agency in Mumbai who specializes in the Personal investigation, pre-marital investigation, post-marital investigation, loyalty test investigation, corporate investigation etc. Our services are meant to save you from the fraudster, trickster, and criminals. We hold expertise in matrimonial services and help you take a wise decision of your life. We check various parameters such as family background, financial status, character, past history and education of the suspect. Our special team is deployed for undertaking such cases. They make use of latest equipment and high-tech state of the art audio-video for gathering information. The evidence provided by us are 100% genuine and presented in a proper & systematic manner. Audios, videos, visuals, images and documented proof are some of our ways of presenting the truth to our clients.

Our team of professional is backed by tremendous industry experience. Al the team members are skilled and professionally trained detectives. They work round the clock to gather the needful information while maintaining the client’ secrecy. The privacy policy is our most important policy. This policy enables us in keeping all the confidential information of our clients intact and safe.  Moreover, this policy has helped us in gaining the confidence of our clients and making us a renowned detective agency in Mumbai.

If you want to seek our help then you can contact us immediately. You can reach our office or we can be contacted through emails or chats also. Our team will help you out in the best possible manner by providing you world-class services. Trust us and reach us today for making your life better.

Investigation at its best by the most renowned detective agency in Faridabad

Choosing the correct detective agency is a difficult task. There are many detective agencies running today and thus it becomes difficult to choose the right agency. While choosing an agency you must check its past records and experience. We are a renowned and reputed detective agency in Faridabad, who offers world class investigation services. Our work has been appreciated by our clients from all over the country. If you are looking for a reliable name in the field of investigation and want to seek help from a professional detective agency in Faridabad then contact us today. Right from personal to professional cases, we have undertaken numerous projects and have served the requirements of various individuals, corporate houses, and industries.

Our agency holds expertise in Personal investigation, pre-marital investigation, post-marital investigation, loyalty test investigation, corporate investigation etc. All the cases are undertaken by professional and trained detectives who have immense industry experience. We have special teams for corporate, personal and matrimonial cases. We are led by skilled and dynamic detectives who have immense industry experience. They are professionally qualified and have acquired training to take the cases effectively. Our detectives are highly skilled and are able to tackle most critical cases also. They utilize cutting edge technology and latest equipment during the case to gather information. High-tech state of the art audio-video, documents and reports are some of the forms in which we present the truth to our clients. This systematic approach has enabled us in gaining a prominent position in the investigation domain. Moreover, it has helped us in becoming one of the best detective agency in Faridabad.

detective agency in faridabad

About information Privacy policies:-

We follow the privacy policy infused in our work culture strictly. As per this policy, we maintain the confidentiality of the client and do not disclose any information related to the case. This policy has enabled us in gaining the trust and confidence of our clients. The cases are undertaken in a secretive manner and confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. All the detectives are professional in their approach and do not break the privacy of the client.

All the evidence, data, and proofs are genuine and away from ambiguity. We are an honest agency and abide by the business ethics. The information related to the case is shared only with the client.

Reach us immediately if you are wandering for a reliable detective agency in Faridabad. We have served various clients and are here to help you now. You can be sure of world-class and premium services.  So, do not wait and contact us today. You can meet us or even mail for any queries. The best detective agency in Faridabad is here to serve you.

Alarming rates in crime at office: Check your employee for criminal background before hiring

Nowadays crime is increasing at an alarming rate at both personal and workplace. This is why background checks and hiring detectives are the new trends. This trend is not just restricted to personal use but also being used professionally. Companies are seeking help from third parties before hiring an employee to check for his past employment and education. Before hiring an employee, you do have questions and doubts on the individual since you are unaware of his past and history. In such situation, we come to the rescue, a renowned detective agency in India who specializes in a criminal background check.

We have a special criminal investigation department which is deployed especially to check the track record of an individual. The experts of this department screen the suspect for his criminal background. The evidence provided by us are 100% genuine and presented in a proper & systematic manner. Audios, videos, visuals, images and documented proof are some of our ways of presenting the truth to our clients. You can trust us for authenticity as we do not tamper or alter any data or information and this is our foremost policy.

Detective agency in india

Hire the Best Candidates:-

In order to save yourself and your company from a fraudster and criminal, it is important to get to know about the past history. You must check each individual for his criminal background as prevention is better than cure. We are here to help you and can assure you of the best services. We have an association with the big brands who are our regular clients and reach us at the time of every new hiring.

In order to satisfy our clients and gain their confidence, we have embedded various policies in our system of working. The privacy policy is the most important policy of our detective agency. As per this policy, we do not disclose any details or information about the client to others. The identity of the client is kept confidential and no one can breach this code of conduct. All our detectives are strictly instructed to follow this policy. In any case, the data, information or evidence are not discussed or disclosed to anyone other than the client whatsoever.

We have served various corporate houses for their investigation cases and they look upon us for their any such needs. Our clientele is not just restricted to NCR, as we have served people across the nation. We have a list of happy and satisfied customers. You can visit our office and meet us in person for discussing the case. Moreover, you can also connect with us through chats or emails. Our prime motto is to serve you at your comfort.

First Indian Detective Agency provide all types of background screening services in India. The main benefit of a consistent pre-employment and post-employment background check may include helping businesses to avoid entitlements from the neglectful appointment.

Avail the world class investigation services by the most reputed detective agency in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad, UP, has become the victim of crime from past many years. We can witness that lot of crimes have taken place in the recent times. The alarming crime rates call for an alert for every individual. It is better to be cautious and alert before some mishappening befalls. You cannot judge anyone by their face or sweet talks. So, you should always remain active and attentive. One can be harmed by anyone near to them including colleagues, business partner or your spouse. Whether at home or at the workplace, if you suspect someone with wrong intentions then it’s time to investigate. Hire a private detective today and release yourself from stress & anxiety.

We are a trustworthy name in the investigation field and reckoned among the prominent detective agencies in Ghaziabad. You can come to us and our experts will help you in finding the truths. We are specialized in Corporate Investigation, Background Checkup, Fraud Investigations, and corporate verification, Surveillance, Proof for Divorce and maintenance cases, honey trapping Pre/ Post Matrimonial affairs etc. We have one of the biggest networks of private and experienced detectives. All our detectives undergo various training and are equipped with latest technology gadgets. They are backed by immense industry experience and are experts in their domain. They are highly professional in their work and know the importance of your privacy.

detective agency in ghaziabad

Maintaining your privacy is the main objective of our business and we make sure that none of the details related to the case or the client is disclosed. This approach makes us one of the reckoned private detective agency in Ghaziabad. We keep all the information confidential and intact with us. This is our privacy policy and we do not breach it. The details are only shared with the detective handling the case and not with others whatsoever.

The data gathered is from the reliable sources and forward to the client in its purest form. The data does not tamper and thus there is no ambiguity in it. Hence, you can trust us and rely on us. The proofs provided by us are 100% authentic and presented in a proper & systematic manner. Audios, videos, visuals, images and documented proof are some of our ways of presenting the truth to our clients. You can trust us for authenticity as we do not tamper or alter any data or information.

Our prime motto is client satisfaction. This is why we make sure that in a case our clients are least disturbed and their identity remains safe. We do not disclose any confidential information or your name to anyone whatsoever. Moreover, any information, data or evaluation is kept intact and private. So, contact us today if you are willing to take any investigation services.

Detective agency in Delhi- Check for 100% factual information before getting married

Marriage is an important aspect of everyone’s life. Whether you are a girl or a boy, it is obvious that you become nervous and doubtful about your partner. You want to be sure about the nature, character, and background of your would-be husband or wife. But the dilemma is that how to check for the hidden truths and facts about that individual. Do not worry, you can rely on the best detective agency in Delhi. We are a trustworthy name in the investigation field. You can rely on us while taking the big decision of your life. Come to us and our experts will help you in finding the truths.

We can help you in checking various factors such education, financial status, health, personality, character and family background. A marriage cannot survive on lies and thus it is important to unfold the trust. So, do not hesitate and contact the best detective agency of Delhi today.

Detective agency in Delhi

Moreover, we also provide post marriage investigations to help you lead a happy and content life. If you have any doubts about your partner then we can help you in clearing those. Our team members are highly qualified and skilled. All the investigation is done while maintaining the secrecy. We do not disclose any information about you to others and thus you can rely on us without hesitating.

We attempt towards providing complete satisfaction to our valuable customers and henceforth we have infused various policies in our system. All the personal information & data of our clients is essential for us and hence kept confidential & safe. Our customers can always trust us as we guarantee that all their personal details are intact with us and kept highly confidential. We have gained huge confidence and trust among our clients based all over the nation due to our dedication, commitment, devotion and client-centric approach. We follow ethical business practices while undertaking projects and try to gather information within no time. Our main objective is to serve our clients to the best of our capabilities without disclosing their identity and sharing information with others. So, contact us now and clear all your doubts and misconceptions and lead a stress-free and happy life with your loved ones.

You can always trust us for all your needs of the investigation. We have expertise in both corporate and personal investigation services. We are backed by a team of professionals who are expert in their job and hence can be trusted upon for truth and facts. We are one of the renowned private detective agency in Delhi. The detectives hired by us are highly skilled and use the latest equipment and high-tech state of the art audio-video for gathering information.

If you are looking for a detective agency which can be trusted upon then contact us immediately. We have served a lot of clients from various nook and corner of the country. They are completed satisfied and happy with our investigation.

Pre matrimonial investigation – don’t make matrimonial decision with any confusion

pre- matrimonial investigations


We everyday hear news about increasing crime rate in our surroundings. Even crimes related to marriage are also increasing in society. Don’t you think you can do something to save your child from such malicious act of violence and other traumatic experience? Well, in present time we have secret investigations and  pre matrimonial investigations services that can help to know the truthfulness of eligible prospects. At least, hiring such services can give you a sigh of relief that you are making a life time association with a right person whose background is clear. To get off from ferments related marriage, hiring matrimonial detectives is becoming the hottest trend in Delhi and NCR region.

Marriages are made in heaven and every parent wishes better and happy life to their child on this occasion. It’s one of the most sensitive decisions to choose a right person for your loved son or daughter and you don’t want to prove wrong. Matrimonial detective agencies can help to provide you with all essential information to verify the prospect. The services included in pre matrimonial investigation include checking background of the candidate, family and financial status, employment and essential characteristic data. These services can be mould in as per the requirement of the client by the matrimonial detective agency.

Here, you should also mind that matrimonial investigation is an extremely sensitive type of discovering the real face of eligible prospect and his or her family. Caution should be recommended while choosing a matrimonial detective service. Hiring an agency that has no qualified and experienced staff can result in creating misunderstanding and blunder in between families and spoil the charm of marriage. Therefore, keep this in mind that you are making business with a useful resource that can provide with productive results within time frame that are valid and true.

The key point to take is Pre matrimonial services are the discreet way to know how your spouse really is and whether he or she is representing right information to you. The detective agencies can provide with output in pre matrimonial investigations that can be useful in molding your decision of wedding. Presently, matrimonial detectives in Delhi are becoming quite popular with their results in the segment. These agencies use advanced equipments to monitor and provide with better evidences and proofs to the clients.

The name that you can trust for all your matrimonial investigation related worries is First Indian Detective Agency in Delhi. The experienced personals will hear your issue carefully and provide you with output in desired area. They will help you to get the records of the prospect check from local bodies including criminal background check. More upon it, you can discuss to customize the services included in the pre matrimonial services as per your preferences.

While making lavish expenses on setting up the religious matrimonial ceremony, you should realize that how important is spending money on hiring pre matrimonial detectives is. You can make an informed decision if you have right information related to the person you are going to marry for life. So, don’t wait, contact FIDA to get help in all matrimonial related investigations!


Get Social Security by hiring Detective Agency in Bangalore

With the industrial growth and employment offered, Bangalore receives interest from all around the country. With the growth of income and employment opportunities, the city has also been suffering with increased crime rate. Whether it is financial frauds, matrimonial disputes, corporate crimes or any other issue- all point a figure on the social security of the individual. At the same time in many of such conditions, we don’t really want to go to the government authorities or hesitate to take official help. We need the issue to be resolved in our hand and for that we require help of private investigators. The expert help of detectives can be used wisely and tactfully to resolve any situation where trust in on stake.

Detective agency in Bangalore that has been providing with all sorts of intellectually refined services by experienced professionals is getting acknowledged in this new changing environment.

detective agency in bangalore

First Indian Detective Agency is the name you are looking for! This certified company offers all sorts of services under one roof to clients in Bangalore related to detective agency. However, client has to decide which services he or she wants to hire following the first discussion meeting with the professional help. Here, they can also check reviews of the clients for the service before placing an order.

You need to see what your exact requirements are first and based on that you should select the service! Here, it is also to be noticed that some detective agencies have specialization in criminal cases and some are good enough for the domestic ones. Though, First Indian Detective Agency has earned the name of being the best detective agency in Bangalore by providing with satisfactory experience to clients in almost every field.

The highlights of services that you can hire from the detective agencies in Bangalore include:

Corporate services:

This sort of services primarily covering assistance during employment, cases of financial frauds and adultery. Background check, financial assets and credit of the individual, past employer review and salary structure and many assorted services can save your business from wrong details that are generally lure by the candidates in lure of getting job. Additionally, financial frauds require a keen eye of inspection to get the truth behind the curtain and that too at right time so that you can save your business. You can call to get complete details of what we have to offer for supporting your business and making it succeed with complete knowledge of what is exactly walking in shades.

Personal Services:

The advancement of our lifestyle and new adapted modern age values, families are becoming more fragile. You don’t know what can lead to create a financial dispute between your keen family members or can cause potential damage to you as a person. In case of suspicion of extra marital affairs, adultery and missing person identification you can bank on our assorted services. For providing with complete assistance to people of Bangalore, our detective agency has many services which can be further personalized as per clients’ requirements.

For more details on what we can offer as per your personalized requirement, don’t delay to get in touch with our team of experts!

detective agency in delhi

Rising Need of Private Investigation in Corpoarte Sector

Private detectives are essential for routine checking cases and information gathering assignments, for example, to verify the credentials of an aspirant candidate whom a company wishes to hire. In case a company wants to procure another company, private detective agency can be beneficial to get detailed information about the assets of the company being acquired.

Do you suspect your business partner making deals behind your back? Or your employee of trading information to your opponents? Well the only way to be sure is to put a private eye on their tracks – Hiring Professional Corporate Investigation Agency!

Tech-Int or Technical Intelligence:

Corporate investigation is no street hoodlum, it may require handling educated professional and conducting sophisticated research. For this purpose, technical intelligence – ‘Tech-Int’ is required to gather information this includes – Phone Tapping, Net Surveillance, Or Surveillance Through Close Circuit Cameras Etc.

Human-Int or Human Intelligence:

This term is utilized detectives actually put a man on the tail of the person. In these kind of operation, detective shadows the person to be investigated, and such operations are called undercover operations. These maneuvers can be very complicated and dangerous as the risk factor is quite high.

Are detective agencies are useful for Private Purposes too?

Most definitely! You can use private investigation services for more ‘private’ purposes too. For example, to cross check the credibility of guy your daughter is dating, or the girl your son is going out with. Another very vital area where a private detective agency can be utilized for finding out information for cases under hearing, and to be a witness for the same in the court.

For Personal Injury Investigation

A professional private detective knows the appropriate tricks and tactics to win your personal injury lawsuit. Good Detective Agency operating in Delhi and other metro cities like Mumbai, Chandigarh and Jaipur, can give you exact and reliable information, about your quarry. They can find key witnesses and other essential information to win the case. Make sure you pick the right private eye.

Who are Private Detectives?

Generally, private detectives are individuals who have retired from active service in security agencies, but wish to continue the work. It provides them with an occupation in their otherwise free time. However, before hiring a Private Detective agency in Delhi, go through their past record carefully.

Bottom Line:

As mentioned above, detective investigation utilizes both technical and human resources to solve your case within mentioned time frame. Consequently, it is essential to pick a Detective Agency In Delhi that is able to mount both sorts of operation.

What we investigate ?