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Why Pre-Matrimonial Investigation is a Good Idea?

17 Aug

Why Pre-Matrimonial Investigation is a Good Idea?

Marriage is an important event in your life, whether it’s your marriage or your children’s marriage. Given the anonymity of people in a big city like Delhi, it’s a good idea to hire a private detective agency for Delhi matrimonial. When it comes to choosing a life partner, being on the side of caution is better than blind trust.

How can you do this? You can hire personal detectives in Delhi and entrust them with the task to carry out a personal investigation into the life of your future spouse and his family. Based on the information given by the private detective agency, you can make an informed choice whether you want to go ahead with the marriage or not.

Talking about Delhi detectives, we can cite the example of the First India Detective Agency (FIDA), which is a reputed organization of private detectives. It offers many investigation services including pre and post-matrimonial investigations.

Why is a pre-matrimonial investigation necessary?

In earlier times when people mostly lived in villages, arranged marriage was the norm. And, it worked alright. What made these marriages work was the relatively high level of knowledge about the families as well as the bride and groom. Both families knew each other well either directly or through their extended families.

But the situation in big cities is different. Here, marriages are fixed through matrimonial and dating sites. In these marriages, there is always a chance of some crucial information not coming to light. Late information about critical diseases, financial stress, unstable employment, love affairs, and past marriages may cause stress for the problem.

In this context, a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi can provide some invaluable help. It can carry out a detailed and discreet investigation and present you with all the important facts about the future spouse. Here is a brief list of areas or topics a pre-matrimonial investigation may include:

  • Matrimonial status
  • Relationship status
  • Financial status
  • Employment status
  • Criminal record
  • Drug abuse habits
  • Alcoholism
  • Temperament issues

How much do they charge?

You may think a private detective may charge a huge fee. However, this is not always the case. Even among private detectives, there is business competition. This ensures that no detective agency is overcharging.

Private detectives charge their fees according to the task and the time it is going to take. For example, if a pre-matrimonial investigation is going to take 3 days, the agency will bill you a fixed amount for their services. Usually, a detective agency for Delhi matrimonial investigation will charge you Rs 7000-9000 per day.

However, depending on your assignment, the rate may vary. Personal detectives in Delhi can also be hired on an hourly basis as well as on long-term contracts.

How can you find a reliable detective agency?

You may ask how I can find the best detective agency for Delhi matrimonial near me. It’s not a difficult job. Try to find some references from your colleagues, friends, family members, or acquaintances. You can also carry out your own research on Google. But be careful not to reveal any personal information about yourself or your future spouse unless you have found a professional and reliable detective agency.

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