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Hire Detective agency in Delhi for background and pre/post Matrimonial Verification

Being the topmost detective agency in Delhi, we have the most sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment to prepare audio and video recordings of the activities and conversations, outside and inside a room/office/hotel. Practically, it is possible to acquire every single detail of the subject person. Absolute confidentiality, desired results and timely delivery are our strengths. Since we are listed amongst the best detective agency in Delhi, we have a strong vision of anti-corporate espionage, bugging, electronic eavesdropping or surveillance and many more. In the last few years, we have been the best in our trade by educating & upgrading ourselves. We make sure information is not being compromised from office, home, vehicle or premises if there is any threat.

Today, information is considered to be the lethal weapon if compromised. At first Indian detective agency, we contemplate and make sure your information is completely safe & secure. We hire private detectives in Delhi and our highly knowledgeable & expert professionals deal with many critical cases. Apart from this, they also perform a personal investigation as per our client’s demand and help them out with an effective result. Our investigation team study and discusses all the relevant folds with our prospective clients and work accordingly after getting their relevant suggestions.

Corporate Investigation:

In today’s fast moving life, we face complex problems, some of which are out of our reach to handle. All our investigators are properly trained and have been experienced in the similar field. Our investigator came from the ranks of the finest detective agency in India. We are equipped to provide surveillance background investigations records check and investigation of sensitive nature; requiring investigators adept at performed investigations in an unobtrusive manner. We are committed to our client’s privacy and conduct our investigation with complete discretion at a negligible price which makes us the best cheap detective agency in Delhi.

Detective Agency in Delhi

Features of FIDA:

  • The surveillance team of First Indian Detective agency helps to unveil vandalism, fraud investigation, cheating spouse investigation etc. The evidence is kept confidential and they use advanced security cameras and GPS tracker to scrutinize the daily activities and behavior of the criminal in order to craft documents or whereabouts of the illicit.
  • The agents are familiar with modern skip tracing techniques and are able to trace even elusive subjects. Their investigation techniques include tracing call records, tracing activities on social media and emails, verification of credit card transactions, contacts and diaries etc.
  • FIDA agents are exceptionally trained and use well-equipped devices to record every minute details. They create a quality report and deals with Legal Source Tax Crimes, Illegal Source Financial Crimes and many more.

Being the best Detective agency in Delhi, we provide best services which include-

  • Divorce case
  • Handwriting authentication
  • Video monitoring
  • Professional advice
  • Audio recording and anti-bug services in India
  • Cybercrime
  • Employee verification
  • Labor cases detective
  • Missing person detective
  • Personal detective
  • Phone surveillance
  • Surveillance detectives
  • Undercover detective
  • Pre matrimonial detective
  • Post matrimonial detective
  • Post employee verification
  • Copyright patent solution
  • Wealth verification

Why Choose First Indian Detective Agency?

Why choose FIDA?

  • First Indian detective agency is one of the leading detective agency in India. We have a specialized team for the undercover operation. We have deployed uncountable numbers of undercover operation investigators/detectives in a diverse variety of companies throughout India. Our team has huge experience in deploying agents for undercover operations. Being the best detective agency in Delhi, we have demonstrated expertise in all types of undercover operations including covert undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment or elaborate undercover sting operations.
  • We have the best-in-class surveillance equipment like body wires, tracking systems, transmitters, high-powered equipment with photo/video capabilities and broadcast quality hid surveillance cameras. All these are used to provide definitive proofs that will hold their ground in any court of law.
  • As professional private detectives in Delhi, we completely understand and guarantee the need for confidentiality and sensitivity both. We provide a fast, efficient and reliable service to the legal profession, business, and commerce throughout India and abroad.
  • Our detectives and investigators follow any person or any vehicle smartly and keep the track of the outdoor activities related to the places visited, a number of persons met name of the persons and more activity which leads to the client to a decision and that too with proper timings.

private detectives in delhi

Family cases:

It is common that you can get involved in a dispute with your family members over property or assets. The matter may be taken to the courtroom. You may be losing out on your rightful ownership. To validate your authority and in order to justify your claim, you will need documents and proof. This agency can provide you with efficient and quick results.

Corporate investigation:

In today’s fast moving life, we face complex problems, some of which are out of our reach to handle. All our investigators are properly trained and have been experienced in the similar field. Our investigator came from the ranks of the finest investigative agencies in India. We are equipped to provide surveillance background investigations records check and investigation of sensitive nature; requiring investigators adept at performed investigations in an unobtrusive manner. We are committed to our client’s privacy and conduct our investigation with complete discretion at a negligible price which makes us the best cheap detective agency in Delhi.

First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) can assist you in:

  • Dating scams investigation
  • Pre and post matrimonial investigations
  • Extramarital affair Investigation
  • Missing person
  • Teenage monitoring
  • Tracing individual
  • Civil cases investigation
  • Crime cases investigation
  • Child custody and maintenance
  • Divorce cases and alimony
  • Shadowing
  • Telephonic harassment investigation
  • Forensic reports
  • Pre-post employment
  • Bank fraud investigation
  • Undercover operation
  • Business investigation
  • Tracing Individuals and companies
  • Insurance claim
  • Asset verification
  • Cybercrime
  • Forensic reports
  • Theft & pilferage

First Indian Detective Agency | Best Corporate Intelligence Services in INDIA

First Indian detective agency is a well established private Detective agency in gurgaon. Being the best detective agency, FIDA conducts secret enquiries by adopting suitable covers and mount surveillance to confirm the outcome of the enquiries. First Indian detective agency offers a wide range of comprehensive tailor-made private investigation services for its clients. Our team is also capable of working within complex & sensitive business environment and can successfully deliver best investigative services in completely secure way. With longstanding reputation for thoroughness & discretion as a leading private detective agency operating from India, we have emerged as fastest growing detective service in India. You can also rely on us for delivering best corporate intelligence services.

We investigate the following:

  • Defamation cases & electronic crimes
  • Malicious activities by vendors, competitors and employees
  • Internal fraud
  • Non-disclosure & misrepresentation of material facts
  • Hidden ownership interests
  • Unjustified personal & business reputation
  • Environmental liabilities
  • Overstated assets & revenues
  • Unrealistic projections
  • Litigation involving the company
  • Understated or unrecorded judgments, liens, liabilities & expenses

Detective agency in gurgaon

Strengths of First Indian Detective Agency:

  • We are one of the finest Detective agencies Gurgaon, and our investigating team comprises of experienced secret agents also work closely with legal counsels as well as top managers of the company that help us to easily perform objective third-party inquiries without interfering with daily operations of their organizations.
  • A careful assessment is made regarding the problem or situation and an agreed upon plan of action is also developed to determine the best approach to resolve the issues at hand.
  • First Indian detective agency is counted amongst the best detective agency in India that provides all kinds of services in various fields –
  1. Pre/ Post marital
  2. Pre/ Post employment
  3. Counter espionage
  4. Discreet enquiries
  5. Family background check
  6. Surveillances ( static and mobile)
  7. Foot surveillance
  8. Maintaining a disguise
  9. Fingerprint recognition services
  10. Forensic technology services


  • We are catering the need of those who wish to avail our investigation services for confidential and discreet enquiries just about anything and any where whether in India or abroad.
  • First Indian detective agency also helps the clients to manage the entire data and maintain a back up for all the files so that in case of any disaster or accident, a minimum harm is caused to the business activities.
  • Our team conducts thorough investigations, using the most modern and updated electronic/ spy gadgets/ equipments including hidden and body cameras as well as long range cameras to record.
  • We have achieved great heights by making improvised operations, to get the desired result. Our team of officers makes distinct strategies to achieve the attainable goal.
  • We use complicated techniques such as photographing, fingerprinting, interviewing, trailing or even surveillance to track the movement of the person. With all the details that are captured, we then present them with the client to solve the case.

A Professional Post Matrimonial Detective Agency Services in Delhi NCR

First Indian detective agency is renowned to be the best detective agency in India. We are committed to provide excellent security and investigation services to our esteemed customers. Our entire services are executed and implemented as per the specific requirements of our clients. Being the best detective agency in Delhi, our services are highly demanded in the market because of their durability and effective results. We provide complete solution for our customer’s problems through our services.

First Indian detective agency is the leading detective agency in Delhi and has a team of experienced investigators who are in the field of investigation since last couple of years. We have achieved great heights by making improvised operations, to get the desired result. Our team of officers makes distinct strategies to achieve the attainable goal. Our investigators are equipped with latest gadgets that help to construct evidence on case. Our officers’ works in a team that is led and followed by experienced investigating officers. We offer accurate information that assists our clients to formulate effective solution through our wide investigation services.

Our matrimonial Investigation services:

A married couple sharing their daily activities with each other is a good thing but in case the other partner takes it in a wrong way, then problems in the marriage might arise. Hence, the requirement for the matrimonial investigator services becomes a necessity. Therefore, it is extremely important to perform some basic checks on your partner before committing to a marriage. We are a professional post matrimonial detective agency experienced in post martial inquiries with absolute secrecy and accuracy. It’s really hard to differentiate between an honest person and a con. That’s where we come in to the picture, with our expertise in the field of private intelligence which makes us the best detective agency in Delhi.

Post Matrimonial Detective Agency, Pre Matrimonial Detective Agency

Some of our services in the pre-matrimonial verification include-

  • General character verification
  • Verification of social reputation of boy/girl
  • Information relating to his/her employment/business
  • Detailed background report of their activities
  • Education, behavior & general nature of boy / girl
  • Family background check
  • Social status and reputation of the family
  • Financial status of the family & individual


Post matrimonial verification-

Matrimonial disputes arise due to lack of trust and honesty amongst husband and wife. Frequent quarrels occur due to certain suspicious activities of your partner. Not only this involvement and interference of a third person also becomes bone of contention. The whole such situation is to be dealt very cautiously and carefully. The entire report of investigation and the name of the clients are kept strictly confidential and discreet in any circumstance. First Indian detectives work under the supervision of highly experienced professionals as well as emotional counselors. Once the case is given to us we provide an exceptional level of service by employing different ways to unearth the facts and present a clear picture to our client.

Post Matrimonial Detective Agency An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Detective Agency in Delhi

FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) is the foremost post matrimonial investigations in Delhi which delivers fantastic post matrimonial investigation services. If you notice that your spouse is behaving abnormal he/she not giving much time then it will lead to you in a conclusion that your spouse might have extramarital affairs. In that circumstances you don’t have to sit calm, there is a need of inquiry and investigation in which you can detect whether your doubt is real or it is misconception. We suggest you to choose the mastered post matrimonial detective agency. We fetch out the facts behind the irrelevant behaviour of your spouse and analyze all the proofs that can help you to clear your doubt. Not just extra marital affairs there are also so many cases arrives like divorce case investigation, surveillance investigation etc.

We are loyal to bring truth and verified information which allows you to come to in an appropriate conclusion. FIDA is filled with magical teams of detective professionals who are well experienced in dealing post matrimonial investigations in Delhi. We assure you that once your case is allocate to us then you will have the validated information and evidences with you.

Indications Of Spouse Disloyalty

Ignore family and children

Sudden change in behaviour and habits

Secret calls and text messages

Habit of anything hiding with partner

Becoming a regular liar

Don’t take interest in intercourse activity

Mostly time spent on the phone

Regular work habits change.

Above mention signs are enough to tell that your partner activities are suspicious and it’s high time to hire the best Post Matrimonial Detective Agency.

Need of post matrimonial investigation

We all have heard these stories that one marries a perfectly good partner. They live happily for a while before the partner starts engaging in unexpected behaviour. They have suspicious activities which their partners do not know about until it is too late. The end is usually a bitter breakup which may cause a divorce or separation. We do not want you to suffer the same fate. We the FIDA, having a best team of detectives to carry out Post Matrimonial Investigation to find out the truth about any fears you have concerning your partner. Leave us the task of establishing everything we find suspicious about your partner.

Once you have connected with FIDA and our team experts we are Pre and Post Matrimonial detective agency in India, we will carry out several activities to establish any suspicious activities from your partner. We will establish where they spend their time most when they are not at home. You must just found that they are seeing other people you do not approve of. Also we establish what they do when out on their own. Besides where they spend most of their time when not at home, we establish what they exactly do when away from you.

These activities will enable you make conclusions about what they do that may harm your marriage. You do not want to see your partner on you under your nose when our team of detectives can look out for that instead.


Pre Matrimonial Detective Agency in India

Marriage is one amongst the chief decisions of an individual’s life, as a new person is going to get associated with you, for your entire life. Since this person will be your better half and will be with you throughout your life, it’s primarily necessary that one must know all personal, professional, family and financial details of him or her, so as to prevent any regrets or problems in the future. FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) post matrimonial investigations has become a name to quantify with for offering the clients with an array of Pre matrimonial Investigations we are the best Pre Matrimonial Detective Agency in India.

Why You Really Need LOYALTY TEST

Loyalty test investigation in delhi

Loyalty is an important factor in relationships. Loyalty is necessary between employee and employer. It is important in business partnerships and dealerships. It is important in personal relationships. Sadly, partners in any of these arrangements can put selfish considerations above common interests and become disloyal and cause you emotional, physical or financial harm. Avoid this situation by getting Bharat Detectives to conduct loyalty test on your behalf.

FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) is established in Delhi, but it is not only limited to Delhi region as it has spread its network in whole India. Furthermore we are scientific detective agency which believes in modernity and technology that is the reasons that we assimilate the usage of still photography, audio recording, microphone, GPS tracker and all that to prepare solid evidence against the target person. Our scientific approach is the biggest reason which leads people to choose us. We believe in giving customer expected results in a structured way and we are doing it fantastically.

There are times, when problems start arising in your happy relationship. You become doubtful towards the loyalty of your partner owing to certain signs he/she displays, certain character traits which prove that he/she is not much devoted in the relationship. At this point of time, you will need the help of a professional detective agency, who will help you to answer all your questions, by solving all your doubts regarding your partner’s fidelity. A loyalty check investigation is the most needed to clear out the doubts about your relationship and also to find out that if your partner has changed his/her loyalty towards you.

When we love someone from the bottom to heart; we totally and blindly trust that person, but we do follow some taboos and knowing that all five fingers cannot be the same in size, I mean there are lots of married couples who are living happily and some peoples who are very frank by nature and some are very jealous & possessive by nature and there are few who gets attraction by opposite sex and due to that they involved in Extra Marital relationships or cheated their boyfriend/girlfriend.

To make sure weather they are really cheated on you? To confirm there is a way to get his/her Loyalty investigation / Spouse Cheating Investigation, it will take 10-35 days of time and you will get a 100% true report with an evidence* so that you can be in a position to take an appropriate decision for your future.

In current time the life is not easy and so the relationships are difficult to handle in anyway. The trust between relationships is getting disappear because priorities and habit of cheating always shatter the dream of loyalty in relationships. When partner doesn’t make any sense about his/her suspicious changes then appoint FIDA and they will take entire headache to solve your problem. Loyalty test investigation in Delhi is very effective in this kind of situation and we have our undercover agents who are perfect to woo any individual. We stored all the details and movements of the suspect person in our database and handover to you after completing whole loyalty test investigation.

Private Detective Agency Gurgaon, Fida

Best Detective Agency Gurgaon

FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) offering services in all kind of Investigation with confidential and integrity of information throughout case. Services offering in Matrimonial investigation, Personal level, Corporate Level, missing person and divorces case with many more related too. This is one of most trusted and the best private detective agency with one of best private investigator having in our team that can help you to find information what you are looking for client in cases. FIDA is one of leading detective service provider for that can help you to find information about suspected person with confidential information.


We offered investigation in All Fields and all clients has get better satisfaction of work so while you are looking to get information any kind of investigation will give you in limited period of time so you can see  and analyze what is true or false in investigation case. FIDA have experienced private detective and they will offer you best work in investigation fields and keep dedicated work towards even they will offer daily activities person with surveillance technologies and give you video recording and photograph of person as well as the FIDA is one of the best private detective agency in Delhi. Private detective knows how to get information for suspected person and they will offer you while you are looking for private detective.


FIDA mission is to provide and supply our clients with superior investigative Services. We take pride in our ability to provide the highest quality Services at the most competitive prices. The Agency’s destiny is determined by the diverse backgrounds, and achievements of its team of professionals. This proves that a combination of prompt response time, total professionalism and high standards produces principles of proven experience and notable results. Our detective agency has evolved to serve the needs of a diverse client base ranging from attorneys, corporations, small businesses and the general public.

Our Services

  • We are having best Private Detective agency and having more than 15 years of experience in the field of investigation and we solved many cases as per our client’s need.
  • We have a team with wise and professional detective agents who are experienced talented and energetic in the field of investigation which gives their excellent result with solid evidence.
  • We provide all kind of personal and corporate investigation services at affordable rates so that everyone will become capable to hire us for their cases.
  • Full secrecy is considered from our side to the client during the whole investigation process because keeping the information confidential is highly important for us while investigation.
  • We follow all the rules and regulations abide by the Indian Government while doing our investigation services.
  • We always care about the outcome of our client’s cases, and we work to exceed our client’s expectations. We are the best private detective agency in Delhi and we use the best technique to solve the cases of our client’s properly and genuinely because it helps us in winning the client’s trust.
  • We are cost effective and perform investigation process under the Law of Indian Government.
  • We have be continuously working in the field of investigation from more than 15 years which makes us perfect in it.
  • We offer all types of personal and corporate investigation services.



The First Indian Detective Agency is the Best Detective Agency Services in Delhi NCR

First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is awesome sauce Detective Agency in India that renders clients its investigation services in Loyalty, Matrimonial, Employment, adultery and surveillance matters. It also tenders expert forensic counsel on these matters. The recent exhaustive tracking software, analytical system, vehicle GPS tracking too and advanced tools for the sting operations with other latest technological software oblige our team in their investigation and bring out the lucid and candid results backed up with well grounded documents and audio/visual proofs.

It is your right to know about your partner in a legitimately pellucid way. Involving into a new relationship is not bad but there cannot be any place for a doubt in heart. In the world of online matrimony profiles where most of the conversations are on real time chat, it is not safe to trust a person’s word without thoroughly verifying it. It is not the age where the bride and grooms family was introduced by one trustworthy person. This is the age of internet and social media. With its immense pros, there are cons too that cannot be avoided.

Detective Agency in Delhi, Private Detective Agency, Detective Agency in India

Here are the Services of FIDA-

Matrimonial Detective Agency in India- In this era marriage is considered as one of the main decision of a person’s life and a totally new person is getting entered in their lives. In pre matrimonial investigation issue we covers family background, financial standing, character, reputation and many more.

Personal Investigation- It means any inquiry by any person to obtain factual or investigative information from any source other than the subject with a view to entering into or amending an agreement with the subject for credit, insurance, employment or tenancy.

Loyalty Test Investigation- There are times, when problems start arising in your happy relationship. You become doubtful towards the loyalty of your partner owing to certain signs he/she displays.

Corporate Detective Agency in India- We offer a wide range of corporate investigations services to meet their varied requirements. Our service portfolio includes employment verification to competitor’s investigation.

Surveillance Investigation- It is the type of documentation in which private investigators most often use. It involves utilizing devices like television, wiretapping, and radios to document activity. It also includes monitoring an individual’s use of their phones, email, and social media.

Skip Tracing/Missing People- It’s an endeavour that requires tact and a sound search strategy. Skip tracing investigators perform exhaustive and discreet investigations when uncovering the whereabouts of a missing person.

Financial Fraud Detective Agency in IndiaThis can be broadly defined as an intentional act of deception involving financial transaction for the purpose of personal gain. Fraud is a crime and it is also a violation of civil law. That is why many financial fraud is also known as “White Collar Crime”.

Employment Verification- The practice of verifying the employment eligibility and past work history of current or potential employees. Employers often verify employees prior to hiring or promoting them, to ensure that the employee’s employment history, education, and other details match the information provided by the employee.

Labour Cases Detective Agency in India- This needs to be very expert in the field of investigation. For labour case detective one of the most faithful agency is the truth and dare detective private ltd. Truth and dare detective private ltd agency is the labour case includes several kinds of investigation of the labours.

Competitor Investigation- It’s an art of ethically gathering information related to our clients’ similar or fraudulent products or services. … Our goal is to provide a high return on investment by providing high quality, efficient, and effective services, exceeding our client’s expectations.

Adultery Detective Agency in India- Finding out the exact truth about your relationship is far better than living with an uncertainty. When you know things are not going right in your relationship. Adultery can be dangerous business, with disease and violence common consequences of bad affairs.

Why You Really Need Employment Verification Services

We were taught that one shall never lie on the resume. In today’s running reality to get a decent job in a decent industry, this practice is often neglected. Often, we find people exaggerating their qualifications, achievements, and work experience to get employed in a company. One can generate fake formal education certificates, or extra activity or diploma certificates etc. or simply exaggerate one or two achievement or qualification. This is a bad impression on the company and a person like this is certainly not employable. Committing fraud is a crime. Hiring a fraud may lead your business downhill. Therefore, the First Indian Detective Agency offers you pre and post-employment verification services through which you can get any of your employee or employee to be verified on various levels as required by the company.

For example, if your companying is hiring an employee, you need to be sure about clean reputation and past activities of the person you are trusting to handover your company’s inside information. We understand how important are these confidentiality issues in this cut throat competition world and offer you the best services to get the employees verified by doing a thorough check of his personal and professional background as required by the client company. In these cases, you need to be very sure of the authentication of the educational backgrounds, past work experiences with the employers etc.

Detective Agency in Delhi, best private investigations Agency

In cases, of post-employment. Say if the employee is suspected to be a drug addict or indulged in any criminal or illegal activity from outside the office it can affect the reputation of the company majorly. You cannot be in doubt regarding such cases when your company reputation is at stake.

The services offered by FIDA INDIA for pre and post-employment verification of an employee are as follows:

  • Education Verification
  • Employment History Verification
  • Employment Reference Verification
  • Employee Criminal Record Verification
  • Multiple Address Verification
  • Workplace Drug Abuse testing
  • Comprehensive Database Verifications
  • Vendor/contractor Due Diligence
  • Counterparty Verifications Service

For providing the aforesaid services, we have established our contacts with university/college/institutions officials, police/government authorities and also have access to reputed law firms through whom criminal checks using court records are undertaken.

Best Private Detective Services in Delhi – hire the first Indian detective agency

Many times we come across situations in our life where our instinct tell us something different from we have been introduced and presented to. We let that thought go because we do not have a strategy or resources or position to enquire. We let the doubt float around in our mind and learn to live with them. We cannot go to the police as in many cases it isn’t a reported crime or any misconduct like the one with pre-marital investigations. In the cases of fraud and criminal offences, many times, going to the police is a long procedure and makes the information public so in case of family issues and disputes we do not want to take it out in public. In all these instances, come in picture the private detective agencies. They work in absolute privacy and dedication. Their teams have well experienced and skilled detectives who carry out the investigations in secret manner and present the findings to us in confidence. One of the best private detective agencies in Delhi you would ever come across is the First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA).

Private Detective Agency

If you are doubtful about anything related to any private affair of your life or any family matter and are reluctant to involve police, the first Indian detective agency is at your help. If you think your spouse is being disloyal or there is any suspicious activity or conspiracy among your relatives related to the property or any other issue, in case of any background verification, loyalty tests on partner, legal investigations etc. we provide the best services with our skilled investigators having the industry experience.

The First Indian Detective Agency specializes in:
• Personal Investigation
• Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation
• Loyalty test Investigation
• Corporate investigation
• Financial Fraud Investigation
• Adultery

The nature of the investigation however decides its duration and in our agency with the best combination of technology, a skilled and experienced team of professional investigators the duration is reduced and the outcomes are more satisfactory than any other detective agency in the city. The latest comprehensive tracking software, analytical system, vehicle GPS tracking tool, advanced tools for the sting operations with other latest technological software assist our team in their investigation and bring out the clear truthful results backed up with valid documents and audio/visual proofs.

What we investigate ?