Surveillance Investigation
Confidential & Discreet Surveillance

By means of active Surveillance Investigation you can know the difference between what a person claims and what the actual truth is! The surveillance or shadowing is the oldest method of investigation. It plays an integral role in all types of investigation matters related to fraud cases, scams, matrimonial enquiries and employment verification services. It gives you real-time information about activity and physical attendance of a person, place or a thing.

This type of investigation is kept discreet and covert in every manner. Many times, more than one detective agent may be working on single assignment, to maintain the anonymity of the task. This kind of investigation requires tact and stealth to infiltrate even the most challenging environment.

The First Indian Detective Agency offers professional surveillance services. Surveillance Investigation Whether you want to obtain video footage of your husband’s love affair or photos of your daughter’s boyfriend or even what your business partner is up to at your back, The FIDA detectives complete reports with evidence in a timely and professional manner.

Use of Surveillance in personal and corporate matter investigation –
Pre-post matrimonial investigations –

In pre matrimonial cases it is employed to know about the would be bride or groom, their actual residential and work-place address, their habits, their friends, the places they go for shopping, eating or for spending free time and with whom, etc. The person under surveillance cannot hide or lie about his/her activities.

Affairs/adultery –

Affairs or adultery or cheating has become quite common these days. People have multiple contact numbers, fake internet identities, etc. to deceive for seeking physical and emotional comfort. Surveillance Investigation is important to find the truth of such cheaters. These people are habitual liars and lie about almost everything like places visited or its time or with whom or the purpose of visit. The actual facts are captured in video and photos.

Employment Verification –

In verification of employee loyalty towards company or job, surveillance is done on key employee, associates, business partners, etc. to know the actual fact regarding their integrity. Surveillance Investigation Persons into double employment, side business or those who meet competitors need to be followed to safeguard business.

Missing Person Investigation –

Besides the above mentioned examples shadowing is also used to trace an absconder, find the activity of union leaders, distribution network of company, court cases, competitors trade/work activity, knowing about what the kids are doing or meeting or indulging themselves in, etc.

Hire FIDA detective for Active 24X7 Surveillance –

Surveillance Investigation is the finest and fastest way to get information of a person. It is important to do basic pre-surveillance groundwork to get best results from following a subject. Things like general routine, type of vehicle (personal / public / shared / cab) or number of entry and exit points at the exact location, etc. are identified initially. Surveillance is an expert job and is carried out by experience and seasoned professionals. They are skilled in following, taking photos and making videos at the same time. They keep track of suspect from a safe distance and take note of each and every activity till the time suspect is back to home. Generally the suspect is followed from home in morning till he/she returns back.

Secret Surveillance Services –

Surveillance Investigation is a game of patience, a professional job. It is in itself a complete investigation used in almost all types of cases. FIDA undertakes surveillance on standalone basis on weekly and monthly retainer ship. Surveillance coupled with inquiry is backbone of all detective work undertaken by First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA). It is a complete information provider. To know more, talk to our agents now!