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Private Detectives and Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi

09 Feb

Private Detectives and Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi

Divorces are not uncommon. A visit to the nearest family court will prove this beyond doubt. Also that marriages break for some or other reason. In some cases, for no reason at all! But the ‘no-reason break-ups’ are most of the time of the instant triple-talaq category. The victims of the triple-talaq type can lodge a case with the police. They can also hire the services of the matrimonial detective agency in Delhi such as First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) to investigate, which will then deep-dive into the circumstances that will help facilitate, say, a divorce or prevent a divorce, depending upon what the client wants. A private detective agency in Delhi may also assign investigators to divorce cases if approached by a client. Often the matrimonial detective agency might involve a private detective agency in cases that require investigations that have nothing to do with divorce but has to be investigated by general private investigators.

Detective Agencies Often Partner to Crack Cases

The matrimonial investigating agency is often hired to investigate dowry-related cases and dowry-harassment complaints on the say-so of a client. The matrimonial detective agency in Delhi does not restrict itself to divorce cases alone. There are pre-matrimonial detectives in the employee of a private detective agency and there are post-matrimonial detectives on the rolls of the matrimonial agency.

The private detective agency in Delhi such as First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) may or may not have matrimonial detectives in active employment with it. Often, a matrimonial detective agency will direct cases related to matrimony, including divorce and separation cases, not speak of spouse harassment, to general detective agencies. Such a tie-up will be to the mutual benefit of both agencies. A quid pro quo arrangement could be signed with both parties willing to help each other off and on with helpful tips and inputs.

Matrimonial Detective Agencies Help Build a Case

While matrimony is always joyful and full of happiness, in many marriages, after an interval, sees irrevocable differences between the husband and wife. This could lead to confrontation and the case might finally end up in court. Police cases might also be filed depending upon what all transpired between the two for one of them to lodge an FIR against the other.

In such cases, despite the criminal cases filed at the police station, one or both parties to the dispute might hire a top private detective agency in Delhi to dig up dirt on the opposing party, unearth an uncharacteristic fling in office that turned a corner and led to committing adultery. The other party might hire the best matrimonial detective agency in Delhi to scour the other party’s life for instances of misconduct committed in the recent past, which could be used against the other to press for separation or divorce. Many crimes against women are domestic violence. Putting undue pressure on the wife to lead a lifestyle against her culture is also a crime.

Final Thoughts

Delhi is the national capital of India as well as India’s judiciary. Delhi and its satellite towns are also home to scores of detective agencies, among them the First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA), a premier outfit that employs a team of trained detectives.

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