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Pre-matrimonial Detectives Are Versatile Players

28 Jan

Pre-matrimonial Detectives Are Versatile Players

The Delhi detective is no different from the detective in Mumbai or the detective in Kolkata, except that the terrain they work in and the languages are spoken most by most people in the three cities will have their unique flavors. Some private detective agencies such as First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) have offices in all these cities.

Pre-matrimonial Detectives Delhi Is a Well-Known Investigation Services Agency

The detective in Delhi, however, would be used to a more eclectic clientele because Delhi is the national Capital and Mumbai is a melting pot of commerce and trade, both will have a wider variety of people living there including people from all parts of India. The Delhi detective should, therefore, be tolerant and without prejudice against language and behavior.

The cultural differences he encounters while on the job may leave him shocked. He will meet all kinds of people including people of color, people following different religions, used to different customs and favoring different cuisines. A pre-matrimonial investigation in Delhi will land him in different situations. The best policy is not to be fazed, which must be one of the reasons he was hired in the first place.

Cross-Country Player

It is not necessary that the best detective in Delhi has to be a resident of Delhi. The national capital region of Delhi, also known as Delhi-NCR, includes Delhi and the satellite townships of Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Gurugram and Ghaziabad. However, First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is present in many cities and provides detective services virtually everywhere in India.

There is a seamless connection between these places and Delhi. That said, these townships have over the last couple of decades become highly developed urban centers in their own rights. The detective carrying on a pre-matrimonial investigation in Delhi may be travelling to all these satellite townships while on the job. In fact, he may be forced to go to these places because he has to go where the subject of the pre-matrimonial investigation takes a fancy to go. The Delhi detective has his office in Ghaziabad lives in Gurugram or Noida and travels across state lines quite often.

The Detective’s Lot

Usually, the detective gets all sorts of assignments, from locating missing persons, or being hired by wives to shadow husbands and being put on the same genre of the job by suspicious husbands. The top detective in Delhi may also land an assignment to investigate the antecedents of a bride to be, right from doing a background check to whether she goes straight from home to office and back. The best pre-matrimonial detectives in Delhi are often hired to carry out such sneaky investigations that leave them angry because nobody, not even detectives, like to pry into the lives of people. It leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

Summing Up

The detective’s job is like any other job. It’s a profession and there is a demand for detective services. The detective in Delhi does the same job that a private investigator does in Mumbai or the one in Kolkata does. The pre-matrimonial detective in Delhi has his job cut out for him. His services are highly sought after.

People generally do not trust each other and when marriages are fixed, families of the bride and bridegroom are not beyond hiring detectives to do a thorough check on the “characters” of the girl and the boy. It is normal behavior though people are usually very discreet when it comes to hiring the services of detectives. The detective agencies also swear secrecy and keep their word, too, like those in the First Indian Detective Agency.

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