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Detective Agency in Pune

We provide our clients with the utmost knowledge, evidence, and legal procedures that may well protect them from potentially devastating losses in Corporate, Criminal, Civil or Domestic matters. Detective Agency in Pune We are here to help provide the facts and evidence that can be beneficial in winning your case.

FIDA (Private Detectives in Mumbai, India), is a team of specialized and trained executives in all matters requiring professional investigations like lawyers, handwriting experts & investigation officers. With decades of experience, Detective Agency in Pune FIDA in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, has built a sound reputation among clients. We exhibit professionalism and knowledge while dealing with a vast array of cases – our experience has fortified our confidence in dealing with every case with utmost detail. Our aim is to obtain the information that the client has requested. We provide these services with the utmost confidentiality and in an expeditious manner. As a private detective agency in Mumbai, India, our Core services for the corporate sector include Employment Verification, Confirmation of Handwriting, Labor Problems, Property Disputes, Infringement of Trademarks, Photographic Evidence, Telephone Harassment, Divorce, Shadowing & Pre – Post Matrimonial Reports.

Being a private investigation company in Mumbai, India our expertise lies in technical equipment that we use to assist us in conducting our enquiry and is real state of art. Detective Agency in Pune From digital video cameras to our vehicle tracking equipment and to all systems, you will find that our company maintains a great technical improvement over other detective agencies in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

You may be an individual requiring our investigation and verification services for an important domestic matter, a lawyer in requirement of vital information for a client in court matters, or large enterprises looking to minimize losses, we are here to help you twenty-four hours a day and 7 days a week.

The Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigations / Legal Matter enquiry is very much essential and necessary development. Detective Agency in Pune Today in the presence of a rapidly changing social environment, marriages are ever more being arranged through marital consultants and websites, this may involve a higher risk percentage in dealing with strangers.

Therefore, in order to avoid miserable married years, it would be healthier to have adequate beforehand verified information with Pre/ Post Matrimonial Investigations or simply Marriage Investigations, about the future bride and bridegroom through our method and indispensable evidence. Post / Post Matrimonial / Post Marriage Investigation: numerous marital alliances develop tribulations due to suspected behaviour or adultery by the partner and it becomes impractical to live in a relationship with honour. Detective Agency in Pune Thus you need our backing in proving extramarital relations, the daily routine of spouse and employment information for alimony/maintenance/support decisions and material evidence for your court case against the useless partner in a dead relationship to end the misery of you and your family.

Post Matrimonial Investigation / Post Marital Investigation / Post Marriage Investigation also diligently handles the matter related to child possession; sharing in properties, anxiety to know the future planning and activities of the spouse etc. Detective Agency in Pune We will provide you evidence & proof within 2 – 3 weeks’ time for Post Matrimonial disputes, in your favour.

FIDA for Divorce & Alimony Cases in Mumbai: We provide sufficient legal proof in divorce cases to justify the allegations made by you in the court of law. We unearth the collection of evidence which is fully admissible in court.