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Private Detectives For Missing Person Investigation

Shristi has a beautiful married life and thing were going well. Her partner had contact with some persons with a criminal background. Things suddenly changed when one day her partner didn’t return from the office. After searching for him next day, she decided to take the help of police. Police was unsuccessful so she decided to take help of a private detective. The detective was the blessing in disguise as he was able to solve the case.

Reasons for a person going missing can be numerous. Finding the probable cause and trail of the person is what is required. Contacting the police is the first thing that arises in everyone’s mind. A personal dispute within the family or friendship or some miss happening may be the cause. Whatever the reason it can be a disturbing and worrying time for those in search of them.

In search of a missing person:

Most of the private detective and investigation agencies are experts in finding a missing person. They do have a vast knowledge of finding a missing person as well as years’ experience along with many tried and tested methods of locating missing individuals. Sometimes taking help of police is not enough as they may take time to start the investigation. A private investigator can be helpful in such case. The Best private detective agency in delhi should be given as much information about the person as possible.

What information should you provide?

A detailed description and a photograph are essential along with a last known address or the vehicle they drive and their nick name. Providing the detective with an idea about their rivalry with someone or works carried out by them is also very essential. Lots of information can be obtained through social networking profiles and status. Other helpful information can be what hobbies or interests they have and if they like to keep fit or socialize. Getting information through their friend circle can also be useful. Private detectives use different methods to get information the missing person. They may spy on a suspect and monitor their activities. Therefore hiring a detective for such cases is definitely very useful.

If you are looking for someone who went missing then FIDA is your complete solution. First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is the best detective agency in Delhi. FIDA has more than 15 years of experience in providing investigational services. It offers both personal as well as corporate detective service. The personal investigation service includes Personal Investigation, Matrimonial Investigation, Loyalty Test Investigations and Surveillance Investigation. Our Corporate Investigational services include financial Fraud Investigation, Corporate Loan Verification, and Employment Verification.

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