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Pre Matrimonial Investigation Point in Personal Detective Services

Here we are drawing a typical template of a normal pre matrimonial investigation services. These points are something, which immediately comes to our mind. Investigations are definitely not limited in any way because of this generalization. The client has the full right to share his/her perspective to get a meaningful, comprehensive investigation conducted.


It is important to get factual information about prospective alliances. Ownership of houses, how long are the living here. Getting a list of all their previous residential addresses and conducting personal investigations at all places. The house should be according to its vicinity.


Complete details of education with grades and years. Short duration courses shown as prominent accomplishments will be revealed.


Getting all the places where the subject has worked till current period will be found with the job functions and position in each company. Any fake or frill claim will be busted.

Disturbance in Family:

The pre matrimonial investigation carried at all the places the family has lived will give a complete picture of any good or negative history the family ever had.

Litigation Check:

If the subject or family member is in any litigation, it has to be known.

Criminal Record Check:

The subject and each family member must have a clean record or at least it must be known to you.

Current Income/Savings/Obligations:

The financial health of the subject includes what he/she is drawing currently. Savings and obligations to financial institutions are part of spending habits.

Status and Character Check:

The subject and family members must have a clean character and reputation in the society. This check is conducted on all the residential addresses the subject or subject family has resided.

Reputation and Personality:

Discipline in job, social circle and neighborhood is investigated to know about the nature and dedication of the subject. A person of discipline has greater chances to reach a successful phase of professional and personal life. A person roaming here and there in free time and mixing with unsuccessful and unemployed people will have less chance of redemption during bad phases of professional journey. A person must have a good company, whatever his financial position.


If subject is into any kind of negative indulgences like alcoholism, substance abuse, prostitution, gambling, etc. A person who is a slave to such things is not trustworthy.

Every family and person is different, hence there can be no packages or off the shelf solutions. This article is placed as per our experience to help you out to make an opinion of what you expect from the investigation exercise. It also helps to know if anything has to be specifically taken care off or something that has to be certainly verified. If you are looking for pre or post matrimonial detective services or private detective agency in Delhi for any types of matrimonial investigation services then, you must go with First Detective Agency. Thus each investigation is “Tailor Made”, as per you matter.

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