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Hire Detective Agency in Delhi-NCR for Divorce Case Investigation

Today Divorce cases are unlimited in Gurgaon, while infidelity being a serious cause of breakdown of most marriages. A growing number of young couples are deciding to part ways with their spouse in event of adultery. Did you know Delhi NCR tops have the most encounter of infidelity in relationship in comparison to any other metro city? This further leads to growing divorce cases. This is one of the reasons why divorce rates in the city are high.

Why Delhi NCR is seeing a Hike in Post and Pre Matrimonial Investigations?

With the a huge number of divorces happening Delhi – The Capital of India, several individuals are in quest of superior and confidential Post and Pre Marital Investigation Services In Delhi.

Marriage is considered as the holy bond in India, so even after having first suspicion of an extra-marital affair, many Indian women continue to stay in matrimony bond. The top reasons being a lack of economic independence, family pressure and poor information on legal rights. But, this is not the case of advanced and forward-thinking National Capital Region of India – Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon.

Here, women are well-versed and informed about their rights. Woman wouldn’t sacrifice due to family pressures. If your spouse is having an extra-marital affair, then you seek advice of a Private Detective Agency in Gurgaon to clear their doubts. This is because, without a solid evidence of unfaithfulness in marriage, it is hard to fight a courtroom battle. Consequently, more couples are hiring a private investigator agency to seek information in a confidential way and provide authentic evidence. It is quite practical to hire an infidelity investigation specialist if you suspect your spouse is part of infidelity.


Adultery or infidelity investigation and detective services work professionally to help you fight the legal battle on the right grounds. The First Indian Detective Agency can help you through with discreet and confidential divorce related investigations such as evidence on infidelity, child custody issues, financial asset details – as required in maintenance / alimony claims, medical records, bigamy, earlier divorce documents, etc.

You can easily get in touch with FIDA – First Indian Detective Agency in Gurgaon for a professional help before you pursue legal divorce in court. Don’t suffer in silence, if you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. Take help and move your life in the right direction.

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