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FAQ on Physical Surveillance Investigation Services or Following or Shadowing

This write – up is for understanding the conventional nature of exercise, benefits and value of physical surveillance. It is to provide you with a preview on how it is to be done and what are the benefits as physical surveillance investigation services  in itself is a complete tool.

What do you get in Physical Surveillance Investigation a subject?

In simple term, physical surveillance is following a subject as per his/her mode of transportation. The surveillance deployed by a private detective agency has responsibility to record or document all the activities of the subject through and videos. The team is also responsible for informing all the addresses the subject goes, for example, malls, shops, Cineplex, hotels, clubs, restaurants, resorts, house, etc. This helps to map the discipline of the subject and his/her friend circles.

How do you inform the clients about the activities of the subject?

All the movements and activities of the subject are documented with date and time in the final surveillance report. But in order to make surveillance more precise, we provide the facility of “real time information sharing” to keep the client updated. As soon as the team reaches the spot at the desired time, they have to send the attendance photograph. “Real time information updates”, is only possible through an application similar to Whatsapp, as it is the most convenient tool for information transmission. In case the subject is spotted at vital places or with a suspected person, the information will be relayed directly to bring it to your notice.

Precautions during physical surveillance Investigation Services:

Since a physical surveillance team deployed to keep an eye on the subject is in visible range of subject, certain “Standard operating procedures” are followed. The surveillance investigator’s  team has to be vigilant at complete duration of their deployment as they too are also vulnerable. The team has to always maintain a safe distance from the subject in order to keep itself free of any suspicion. Another vital habit the team inculcates and strictly adheres to is to avoid “direct eye contact” with the subject. This single way is enough to keep them safe in most cases. They have been well trained to keep an eye and not get close to the subject. The team is well aware that they have to follow the same subject for many hours and for many days. They have to “note down” the movement pattern, habits and routine of the subject. They have to be attentive and nonchalant at the same time. The team works for capturing the crucial movements at the same time also working on not to expose themselves.

Catching the Subject Red Handed:

If a client demands to catch the subject, he/she is well within the rights. We follow the policy of leaving the position as soon as the client arrives to confront the subject. We don’t like to witness quarrel, violence or exchange of heated words or get involved in any way in personal issues of family matters of others. We have nothing to do with it. The client has to take charge of the situation from there on. If you have any more questions about surveillance investigation services in Delhi, India then you can visit or First indian Detective Agency site for more information.

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