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Consult Your Infidelity Suspicion Confidentially with a Private Detective Agency

It’s heartbreaking to find out your spouse has been cheating on you! You cannot just justify your presence in their life. Why? Why is one question that is just unmanageable to answer? So if you are looking for answers that why he or she did cheat on you, a Matrimonial Investigation Services Company can answer it best!!! Yes, You need not feel alone, miserable or embarrassed when you have the power to investigate in your favor.

If your wife or husband cheated on you, then you deserve to know about when, why and how? because truth has to come out. The next thing becomes the divorce case. A divorce is a legal matter itself with alimony, child custody and property spilt involved. The private investigators at First Indian Detective Agency can help get the proof of infidelity or adultery you need so that you can move on with your life.

Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services –

This subject is highly popular these days. People hire a private investigator to know about the past and financial background of the person they are planning their future with. You can know about the past relationships of your spouse to be, before taking a plunge of marriage. A matrimonial investigation is one service that is needed by all.

Surveillance Techniques for Investigation

The surveillance or shadowing is the best-known technique of investigation. This technique best helps to find out the truth about your partner. Since each matter of infidelity is different from the other, a private investigator will investigate each case following different techniques. Surveillance is the most reliable way of finding the authentic truth. It the oldest technique to get real-time information about your partner. This provision has been proven precious in both personal and corporate investigation. Some of the most common investigation techniques used under Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services are as follows –

  • Monitoring e-mail
  • Chat room discussions
  • E-Mail Tracing
  • Complete internet activity
  • Video and photographic evidence of deception
  • GPS technology to tracking the alleged cheater’s motor vehicle
  • Hidden assets search
  • Electronic eavesdropping and detection
  • ID of the “Other Person”
  • Child Custody & Divorce consultation

The First Indian Detective Agency in Delhi offers the investigation of extramarital affairs or infidelity as most common and significant Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services requested by our clients. Our detectives are not just experienced in the matter of infidelity case but will help you with surveillance and information gathering.

About First Indian Detective Agency –

The organization is ISO certified operating undercover in Delhi NCR region. Our Detective agency is well known for all sort of infidelity and loyalty test investigation and offering all range of classified services. To know more about us, visit our website right now

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