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Best Matrimonial Detectives In Delhi? Hire FIDA Now

15 Sep

Best Matrimonial Detectives In Delhi? Hire FIDA Now

The crime graph is rising and becoming complicated here in Kolkata, the city of joy. The corporate crime chart is also on the rise here in recent years. You may be planning to seek assistance from the best private detective agency in Delhi for personal investigation matters. A reliable personal detective in Delhi is available for hiring now. Trust the First India Detective Agency, the best detective agency in Delhi and NCR. We are available with more than 20 years of expertise to satisfy your investigation needs.

What makes FIDA, the First India Detective Agency, the best in Delhi now?

FIDA, the First India Detective Agency started as a team of hardworking detectives around Delhi and NCR in 1998. We have a daring, law-abiding, and intelligent team that conducts successful investigations. We have a large network of investigation operations all over India. Our area of expertise to provide cost-effective private investigation solutions are:

  • Personal Investigation Services
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Legal Services
  • Pre-matrimonial Investigation
  • Post-matrimonial Investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Missing Person Tracing
  • Pre-employment Verification
  • Post-employment Verification

Why should you trust FIDA, the First India Detective Agency?

Once you assign the matrimonial or personal investigation task to us, it is time for you to be relaxed and wait for a quick and positive solution. The success rate of FIDA, the First India Detective Agency in the matrimonial investigation is one of the highest in the industry. We keep the privacy factor in mind. We maintain all legal restrictions at the time of conducting an investigation. We never disturb the reputation of your house. We even support our clients with follow-up legal advice. Our investigation tools and gadgets help our detectives to open up any mystery. We are vigilant and helpful all the time to our clients. Due to the advent of the modern age and subsequent adoption of the new-age lifestyle, frictions in the family value system are apparent. We help in the personal investigation in the following areas –

  • Pre / Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Follow/Surveillance Investigation
  • Love Affairs Investigation
  • Divorce Cases Investigations
  • Undercover Operations

How do we serve as your matrimonial detectives in Delhi?

In the FIDA Pre-Matrimonial investigation, we conduct the following check-ups –

  • Background Checking,
  • Education Verification,
  • Employment Verification,
  • Assets Verification,
  • Social Status,
  • Personality Traits,
  • Health Status,
  • Character Check As Well As Criminal Background Investigation

FIDA Matrimonial Detectives In Delhi understands that an unhappy married life led to real and fake court cases, financial burden with litigations of real and fake dowry cases. Hence, we leave no stone unturned to provide evidence and breakthroughs in such stagnant situations. FIDA (Pre & Post Matrimonial Detective Agency) is always open to discuss any sort of matrimonial investigation.

Visit our website now for an immediate appointment with our professional detectives. Feel free to call.

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