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Best Detective Gears Used in Investigative Services

05 Jan

Best Detective Gears Used in Investigative Services

Private detectives or investigators are usually hired when someone requires accurate information about a situation. Unlike public assumption, PI work is completely legal and to carry forward such serious tasks, detectives need various tools and gears. If you want to know what tools they use and how, or if you are a PI yourself wondering what tools to use and how they work, keep reading.

As we all know, we live in a technological world. And just like all fields, even detectives are using technological tools to help with their investigations. These tools have made it a lot easier for PIs to investigate accurately and efficiently.

Investigation Essentials

Now, let us have a look at what innovative gadgets and equipment are being used by detectives nowadays. 

Spy Tie:

A spy tie is basically a detective in disguise. It looks exactly like a regular tie, is worn like a regular tie, but does not function as a regular tie. The technology behind it is it records the visual representation of any scenario, as well as the audio, without making it obvious. It is the sneakiest and easiest way to get full information regarding a situation. However, there is one drawback. If the person who is up for investigation is not comfortable with the PI in disguise, he or she may not reveal much. Hence, there would be nothing to record. However, a good PI will definitely know how to use strategy for them to open up. 

GPS Tracker:

This is a not-so-new technology that detectives are using. A GPS tracker is basically used to track a person’s movement and location. However, a PI cannot put a tracker on a person without their consent. So, these trackers are usually used on cell phones or vehicles. 

PC Monitoring Software:

This particular software is used when a company investigates their employees. With no privacy invasion, it can act as a security device for your business and track the activities of employees. However, there might be some ethical concerns on part of employees when this device is used. This is why PIs refrain from disclosing information and keep every aspect of a case discreet. 

Spy Pen:

This, similar to the spy tie, is another unnoticeable device. It has a camera and a microphone, good for both audio and video. Any conversation can be recorded. Videos can also be recorded but it might get tricky if the positioning is incorrect. However, it has the same drawback as the spy tie.

Wristwatch Camera: Like the spy pen and the spy tie, the wristwatch camera is yet another disguise. However, it does have an interesting feature that makes it stand out. It is waterproof and can go underwater upto three metres. It can also record both audio and video.


Detective work is extremely critical and the tools mentioned in this blog are just aids used by PIs. Their actual work completely and fully relies on the advanced strategies they use, along with their impeccable problem solving skills. Not only that, they work with professionalism along with a deep understanding of what clients may be going through. 

Anyways, we hope this blog gave you a fair idea of how PIs carry forward their investigations successfully, not revealing any private details whatsoever.

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