Pre and Post Employment Verification services in Delhi, background checking

Counter Confirm Education Records and Past Employment Performance

Today exaggerating educational and qualification accomplishments is most widespread manifestations found on an applicant resumes. FIDA detective agency will help you provide correct information to establish the legitimacy of your key applicant’s qualifications. Find out if the applicant is sincere and competent for the job. Education verification services of First Indian Detective Services provide you with level of formal education attained, schooling, qualifications earned, admissions and examinations attempted.

Reconfirm Applicant’s Employment History

Don’t be misguided by a deceptive resume. There are various reasons for applicants to misrepresent their credentials while in the hunt for employment. Confirming preceding employment records helps you establish the legitimacy of resume and ascertain if the applicant’s credentials fit in the work requirements. Our team of investigators assists you by confirming an applicant’s presented and hidden job history, including dates/period of service; job titles/posts, responsibilities and real reasons for quitting. Attendance records, employee appraisals, eligibility for rehiring is also given as per case, if requested. We get the appropriate information companies need directly from the previous employers, so you hire sincere and worthy employees.

All Inclusive Employee Background Checks

Full format background screening of current and prospective employees: across multiple sector/ industry. The verification service investigates:

Education Verification

We help counter authenticate academic particulars like qualifications and applicable degrees/ diplomas and obtained certificates presented by the candidates, directly from their universities/institutions

Employment History Verification

FIDA detective agency will help you in having information on the candidate’s previous employments such as, tenure of employment, last designation held and real reason for leaving.

Employment Reference Verification

Determine the candidate’s actual credentials, skills, positive traits and weakness by a team of qualified professionals speaking of both personal and professional references.

Employee Criminal Record Verification

Check for any record/history of crime through concerned police stations and courts for all type criminal and civil litigation. Criminal connections/Background Checks & all Record Validation

Multiple Address Verification

Our detectives assist companies judge the authenticity of the current, previous and permanent addresses of all the candidates. This adds to company’s security for all time to come.

Workplace Drug Abuse testing

A vital check increasingly being sought by employers for some employees dealing in sensitive and significant information and those assigned on key client site(s).

Comprehensive Database Verifications

This services is utilized to determine if the prospective employee has ever been reported on any global regulatory body, compliance and sanctions violation list covering international sources like OFAC-SDN, Interpol, FBI, EU, UN Sanctions etc. Besides that, we also conduct complete web and media platform search and cross/proxy directorship verification to name a few.

Vendor/contractor Due Diligence

Carry out exhaustive vendor/contractor background verifications including physical site verification, due diligence on directors/stake holders/promoters/key employees and their credentials, verification of vital dealing documents and licenses, financial health, public domain, affiliations, etc under due diligence.

Counterparty Verifications Service

‘On consent’ counter checking/verification of capabilities/credentials and due diligence on diverse counter companies for businesses across industry-sectors such as financial services, banking, insurance, telecom, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, lobbies, immigration screening, etc. These include really detailed information analysed through customized questionnaire based on typical business practices & dynamics.

Hire FIDA for Pre and Post Employment Verification –

These services can be carried out tactfully or with party consent. For undertaking the above mentioned services, we have established deep contacts with university/college/institutions officials, police/government authorities and also have ready access to reputed law firms through whom criminal checks using court records are undertaken.
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