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FIDA provides personal investigation services for Pre and post Matrimonial Investigation Disputes. The best detective agency in Delhi provides evidence and information backed by documents, Videos, Audio Files that can be used as courts proofs. Professional Investigation Services and relevant information by top agent will help you take tough decision. The top security service company in India has best detectives and latest spy gadgets to get results.
They are the experts in various areas such as-

  • Pre Matrimonial
  • Post Matrimonial
  • Marriage
  • Divorce Cases
  • Domestic Violence

Matrimonial Detectives in Delhi

  • Our experienced private investigator will do discreet inquiry or surveillance/shadowing or both of suspect in pre and post marriage investigation disputes.
  • Background check, education verification, employment verification, assets verification, character check, extra marital affairs, etc is done by pre & post matrimonial detectives, extra marital affairs.
  • Security services for Extramarital investigation & cheating spouses scan proposal for love affairs/marriages, traditional marriage problems, problems of love marriages and problems after love marriages, online help marriage problems, etc.
  • Unhappy married life lead to real and fake court cases, financial burden of marriage increases with litigations of real and fake dowry cases or genuine and fake 498a cases. We provide evidences and breakthroughs in such stagnant situations.
  • Suspicious wife & suspicious husbands can benefit by catching cheating husband & cheating wife in adultry in marriage ending in adultry divorce case.
Sting operations gadgets like spy camera or hidden camera or sting operation camera, microphone for recording, etc are used in some cases.
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