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Personal & Corporate Detective Agency in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a desert state in western India bordering Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Gujrat.First Indian Detective Agency in Jaipur looks after all cities and places in Rajasthan like Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Bharatpur, Alwar, Sikar, etc.

First Indian Detective Agency in Jaipur is globally renowned and offers top quality investigation services to its clients in distress. We not only offer our investigation services in Jaipur but also to the clients in nearby areas and faraway lands of Rajasthan. When it comes to professionally complete investigation services then you can absolutely rely on our experienced detectives in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The foremost purpose of the private detectives of Jaipur is to furnish to the needs of their corporate clients, individuals, lawyers, government agencies and insurance companies etc. The knowledgeable and skilled agents have developed high standards right from the commencement by bearing in mind the norms of private investigation profession. First Indian Detective Agency in Jaipur has numerous experienced investigators having proper backgrounds in the area of private investigation services. We offer discreet investigation services like covert shadowing/surveillance, missing person/absconder, mobile phone and computer forensics, background check and relationship/s.

The private investigator of FIDA in Jaipur usually prefers to work as per case, but when the time comes to follow a subject or during surveillance they work with the coordination of other experts. First Indian Detective Agency of Jaipur has capable investigators who can effortlessly deal with the troubled and demanding clients. Our private investigators and the detectives usually work for long irregular hours in order to conduct secret surveillance and also to fix appointments with the clients those who are not easily available all through normal business hours. We even work during weekends and sometime during emergencies in national holidays also.

Nowadays in the swift pace world internet has become the main source of all services, activities and information, even marriage matters are arranged over internet and through matrimonial newspaper advertisements, social networking and matrimonial sites. In such emerging world we like to do pre matrimonial verification to keep you away from unpleasant circumstances at the last part and bride and groom can have total transparency among their relations. So, to make their marriage life successful you need to hire the services of private detectives in Jaipur as they offer pre and post matrimonial investigation services as well. They will check the details provided and analysis the prospects of both bride and groom. In corporate cases, the role of First Indian Detective Agency of Jaipur too becomes crucial during the times of mergers and association between two corporations/institutions/companies. If the business details of your company are confidential then it becomes actually very important to do background checks from every angle like profitability, sales volume, brand value, financial flow, assets, employees worthiness, etc which will prevent you from further uncertainties.

Our Services at a glance

  • Address verification
  • Correctness of Address
  • Residing since
  • Rented/owned
  • Family members
  • Social behavior/reputation
  • Criminal verification
  • Records check from concerned Police Station
  • Acquire written report
  • Secret inquiries from neighbors
  • Education verification
  • Record check from University/College
  • Authentication from concerned officer
  • Employment verification
  • Correctness of employment
  • Specific designation
  • Period of service
  • Details of remuneration
  • Performance appraisal
  • Reason for leaving of job
  • Details of disciplinary/penal action/s, if any
  • Data Base Check
  • Criminal check
  • Civil litigation check
  • Credit risk check
  • India specific check
  • Country specific data check
  • Compliance check

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