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Private detective agency in Delhi – Right information at right context for informed decision

We live in a peaceful social environment and want to continue secure our life goals without getting involved in any unwanted incidences that can disturb this equilibrium of life. But, is it really possible to live the way we want as not everything and everyone we can control in our surrounding. As a result of this many times our trust gets ditched by people in our society. In such stressful moments, a professional help can provide with easy solution to get out from those unwanted incidence. Private detective agencies in India are providing multiple ranges of help at corporate and personal level so that each individual can get the solution as per his or her requirements. These services can be hired by paying commission to detective service providers. One of the registered investigation agency that has specialization in Private Investigations, Matrimonial, off the record verification of confidentiality and has been serving business as well as personal requirements of clients since years. First Indian Detective Agency provides a wide range of background checks, assessment tools and character screening services.

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The agency has earned name of a trustable private detective agency in Delhi by providing with assorted solutions to clients under strict supervision of loyal, dynamic and resourceful professionals. The team has many talented professionally experience team of field investigators to cater prompt and reliable results. While choosing a detective agency services to help resolve any business or personal life query, first you need to find an experienced detective agency that has grounded roots in that particular region and has wide network of local field investigators. FIDA, has a dedicated team of trained professionals and advanced resources to help with high-end professional investigation needs. The team is trained, well-equipped to perform their duties as well as to understand the clients’ requirements of keeping things confidential.

So, you can sort the key points that the best detective agency in Delhi has to offer:

Reliability and sincerity: The ethical and moral values of a professional detective agency comprise of constant demonstration of truthfulness and transparency in all dealings. This you can surely get with First Indian Detective Agency as they have professional experience to work in the line of law.

Reliance and reverence: Respecting the value of trust, that client has put in our firm, is the thing this detective agency never forget. The best efforts combine genuine intensions to provide the required results to clients within the time frame.

Solidarity and Support: As a firm, we respect the individual efforts put by all members of our team and that’s why we have a dedicated professionally trained team working towards a common goal.

Above is the list of professional traits that you should look into a private detective agency in Delhi. Hiring the right agency can result in gaining desired information in the right context of time and situations.  We focus on providing our clients with the information they need and giving it to them in the right context.


Get Social Security by hiring Detective Agency in Bangalore

With the industrial growth and employment offered, Bangalore receives interest from all around the country. With the growth of income and employment opportunities, the city has also been suffering with increased crime rate. Whether it is financial frauds, matrimonial disputes, corporate crimes or any other issue- all point a figure on the social security of the individual. At the same time in many of such conditions, we don’t really want to go to the government authorities or hesitate to take official help. We need the issue to be resolved in our hand and for that we require help of private investigators. The expert help of detectives can be used wisely and tactfully to resolve any situation where trust in on stake.

Detective agency in Bangalore that has been providing with all sorts of intellectually refined services by experienced professionals is getting acknowledged in this new changing environment.

detective agency in bangalore

First Indian Detective Agency is the name you are looking for! This certified company offers all sorts of services under one roof to clients in Bangalore related to detective agency. However, client has to decide which services he or she wants to hire following the first discussion meeting with the professional help. Here, they can also check reviews of the clients for the service before placing an order.

You need to see what your exact requirements are first and based on that you should select the service! Here, it is also to be noticed that some detective agencies have specialization in criminal cases and some are good enough for the domestic ones. Though, First Indian Detective Agency has earned the name of being the best detective agency in Bangalore by providing with satisfactory experience to clients in almost every field.

The highlights of services that you can hire from the detective agencies in Bangalore include:

Corporate services:

This sort of services primarily covering assistance during employment, cases of financial frauds and adultery. Background check, financial assets and credit of the individual, past employer review and salary structure and many assorted services can save your business from wrong details that are generally lure by the candidates in lure of getting job. Additionally, financial frauds require a keen eye of inspection to get the truth behind the curtain and that too at right time so that you can save your business. You can call to get complete details of what we have to offer for supporting your business and making it succeed with complete knowledge of what is exactly walking in shades.

Personal Services:

The advancement of our lifestyle and new adapted modern age values, families are becoming more fragile. You don’t know what can lead to create a financial dispute between your keen family members or can cause potential damage to you as a person. In case of suspicion of extra marital affairs, adultery and missing person identification you can bank on our assorted services. For providing with complete assistance to people of Bangalore, our detective agency has many services which can be further personalized as per clients’ requirements.

For more details on what we can offer as per your personalized requirement, don’t delay to get in touch with our team of experts!

What Professional Services are offered by Private Detective Agencies in NOIDA?

Getting the job done professionally is important and everyone understands the importance as well as value of such skilled services. Whether you hiring a driver or appointing an employee in your company, you make sure the person has those particular set of skills and talent to provide you with the quality services you desire. Similarly, while appointing a professional detective agency, you should know what are the services that particular agency has to offer. For example at First Indian Detective Agency, we offer plethora of professionally design help for catering particular client requirements. For getting a complete idea about what sort of services are offered by a detective agency in Noida, here is the list:

Top Private Detective Services in Noida compiles – Pre & Post matrimonial, Corporate, Cyber crime

Pre-matrimonial help:

In this sort of services, private investigation team work to get complete background information about the eligible. The agents will go to the roots to find our details about criminal background, financial stability and family background of the person. This sort of facilities can help in getting complete knowledge about the person you are marrying to avoid possibilities of marriage sorrows to a great extent.

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Post- matrimonial help:

Marriage is not an association for a while but for life. But, many unwanted circumstances occur in married life which can shake your trust in the roots of marriage. Domestic violence, adultery, dowry related issues and divorce there are many awkward conditions that are not easy to tackle personally. Professional help to resolve an issue and get you a sigh of relief can work in such odd conditions. First Indian Detective Agency in Noida are providing with this kind of services with surety of confidentiality.

Corporate help:

Background verification, financial resources research in case of fraud, due diligence, asset verification, post employment verification, loan related investigation and many more. Yes, there is professional expertise of investigation agencies in doing corporate research. As per client’s call the detective agency can also offer professional team of experts for confidential detective tasks related to acquire ultimate trademark and copyright investigation services as well. Other than these, some detective agencies are also offering specialize services for business interference and employee theft.

Even presently there are many investigation units that are specifically working in a particular domain such as background verification, Pre and post matrimonial services, financial detective agencies and many others. As per your particular set of expectations and requirements, you can choose to hire a detective agency in your location.

However, there are also big names in the industrial domain of private investigation units that are providing with assorted help for resolving corporate and personal requirements under one roof. First Indian Detective Agency in Noida, for example, is well known name in both personal and corporate investigation domain.

You can contact FIDA expert team for help any time and from anywhere. They also have certified services in investigation domain covering all other parts of country.


Before You Trust Someone, Just Abolish Your Suspicions with FIDA

Have you ever thought like putting an eye on someone whose activities seems to be doubtful to you? Do you feel like your life partner is hiding something for you? It sounds something weird, but this is the reality of many houses. As the time has changed and so the lifestyle of the people, so now they don’t have time for the family. This gap has created so many doubts and tensions in the personal life of an individual of this fast growing era.

Get to know about personal investigation:

There arises the need of hiring a person, who can trace the hidden information about any suspicious person or activity. Such professionals are called as the detectives in Delhi NCR, and there are many detective agencies in Delhi, offering this service via them. A detective agency is actually a firm, who works for its clients, for making an inquiry, and unearthing the truth which is hidden yet. They may be the in the police force or may also work as a private investigator.


Their area of interest is to investigate the crime and obtain the desired information or evidence. Because of the name agency, it can be treated as the business that serves other businesses. And so people are adopting it to clear their mind and doubts, if any, and to save their relationship at the initial stage of disputes so that initial disagreement will not take the form of big grievances.

Apart from the personal investigation, the personal detectives in India also use to perform corporate investigations and political investigations as well. The corporate investing leads for verifying the details of a property, for any legal case, if running. It also includes verification of the details provided by an employee, in his current organization for the past employer or about the qualification or salary status.

The political domain also uses it for checking the doing of his rivals, during the elections. People also use these services for the missing persons and in the pre and post marriage investigations. The reason for the trust-building for these professionals is that they are the reliable persons with whom your information is highly safe.

They are the trustworthy experts with whom you can unhesitatingly share the personal issues which you cannot do with anyone else in the family or friends because of social boundaries or leakage. Your information is not at risk and will be open only to the concerned person. Moreover, they are using the latest gadgets and techniques for getting the information revealed. So you will be getting the desired results with the solid proof.

Use of hidden camera, high resolution devices for recording, email and call tracking, are some of the modern techniques utilized by these experts to trace the hidden facts and the information that are untouched yet. So you are not going to be disheartened here and your problem will surely be resolved with the expert people.Now if you are looking for best detective agency in Delhi then First Indian Detective Agency is one of the best


Stop Your Life Partner from Cheating with the Help of First Detective Agency

  • Many couples dont cheat his/her partner because they don’t love anymore. Many couples cheat because they want more and do not satisfy with her partner.

    Here we are giving a tips on how to stop cheating in a relationship will help you for enjoying better life, freedom and reconnection with yourself and others person. Some person cheats because they begin to feel knocked in by the relationship. Here detective agency in Delhi telling you how to stop cheating will bring you peace.

    The first step to stop cheating on your partner is learning why you cheat with his/her partner. Read when any people Have Affairs: Inside the Hearts and Minds of People in Two Relationships get insight into why relationship cheating happens and how we can stop it.

    First Indian detective agency in Delhi offer these tips on how to stop cheating in a relationship
    • Learn partner love language and spend more times with your partner.
    • Don’t speak hate language with your partner.
    • Always search positive point. Don’t argue with any negative points
    • Remember you have a good life partner who loves you
    • Avoid thinking what you do not have
    • Remember it is not over until it is over
    • Talk frankly to your husband or wife about what you expect and need from your relationship
    • Avoid comparing your situation with other or movies.
    • Share everything with your partner if you are not happy about something.
    • Spend more and more time with your partner. Do special some things
    • Avoid being negative points about your relationship.
    • Waiting for right moment and stop cheating with her partner
    • Meet long lost friends new ones along with your girlfriend or boyfriend
    • After forgetting past concentrate towards making your present relationship better
    • Avoid criticize and comparing your partner
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    Decide the Finest Nearby Detective Agency with Fida

    FIDA- First Indian detective agency often times when sensitive matters need to be investigated, one cannot go to the authority. That’s where discrete services like private investigation agencies in Delhi come in. These Indian detective agencies maintain high confidentiality as they find the necessary information without causing any trouble or disruption. One is an Indian basis First Indian Detective Agency provides all types of detective services in India. There are many detective agencies in India but most of them are not reliable and not have experienced team.

    Many detective service providers perform detective services so that in matters of personal interest, now you can obtain peace of mind, and asked for investigators gather data and cross checks them with enough proof, so that you can make decisions with peace. The detective’s agency can collect data related to any issue, especially when an individual or professional has a strong doubt. Their job is to investigate the matter before the suspicions become reality so that you can nip the bud at the very beginning. The services provide state of the art technology for verification purposes, especially specialized services like Cyber Crime Investigations, fraud investigation, Corporate Investigation and as mentioned background checks.

    Whenever we think of private detective agency, the first best names strikes to our mind is First Indian Detective Agency, better known as private investigation agency. First Indian Detective Agency is a spy and detective of Delhi, Indian origin. These services are also specially developed to work with community problems as well and give us high experience in the niche of Civil and Criminal investigation.

    Detective agency in Delhi provide services across nations, Indian detective agencies provide services to help with the defence cases. Their services are needed to evaluate the statements provided by the witnesses. These types of services are normally taken care by private investigator or detectives. Reputed detective agencies providing best professional investigators help companies to solve the issue in a well manner.


    Make your life full of peace and harmony with First Indian Detective agency

    No one can deny the quality of life in Delhi has improved considerably in the last decades due to high economic growth and better deliverance of indispensable services, but safety and security of residents of Delhi remains an area of concern.

    Why Delhiites need to hire private detectives?

    As, we all know that Delhi known for its great tradition and culture where every Delhiites are considered as safer and most respected. It was all that what we see from our open eyes, but if we came to know truth behind the curtain, we will find there are lots of issues prevalent in societies of Delhi including scams, scandals, crimes, kidnapping, thefts, frauds, divorce, disputes in families or relationships, etc. These issues affect a huge mass of Delhiites and broke the trust between them what they bear before. The crime and frauds in Delhi is beating and marching like muffled drums, so this creates a scenario where we cannot trust anyone blindly; otherwise, we may become the victim of their evil deeds. Of course, Delhiites are so strong enough to handle various issues by themselves, but sometimes due to lack of time or complication in the issues, they are needed to hire private detectives to prove their suspicion into facts.


    What are the different issues where the need private detectives arise?

    As, an inhabitant of Delhi, there is chance that you may face certain situation in your life where you are not permissible to trust people blindly; otherwise, they are going to ditch you and make you feel sorry or guilty for trusting them. Many of us believe, Delhi is full of best and honest people. In reality, today’s Delhi became a place, which is full of dishonest, fraud and crooked people. These people not only disturb the synchronization of our society or our city but also impose threat to the humanity. So, this creates the situations where the urgent need of private detectives arises. There are various concerning areas where we as an inhabitant of Delhi needs private detective services including background investigation, personal investigation, pre matrimonial investigation, post matrimonial detective, surveillance, personnel investigation, corporate investigation financial investigation, etc.

    How private detectives bring peace and harmony in our life?

    Generally, private detectives are hired to prove suspicions or doubts into facts regarding the identity, habits, conduct, movements, whereabouts, affiliations, associations, transactions, reputation, or character of any person or group of persons. Once you are provided with valid evidences against your suspect by the detective agencies, you can present your evidences in front of judicial bodies and let guilty to be punished by the court. This not only safeguards you, but also brings about peace in your life.

    Why you should hire First Indian Detective agency?

    First Indian Detective agency has record of accomplishment and proven its excellence to offer the detective services clear-cut to your needs. If are also searching private detective agency in Delhi then First Indian Detective Agency is the best option for you. Our experienced, talented and licensed detectives have advantageously provided detective services to our Delhi based clients. At, First Indian Delhi based Detective agency maintain 100% client privacy and secrecy, for any kind of investigations requirement feel free to contact us.


    Have a Spy on Your Partner Secretly With Our Services

    Every woman wants a person who will place butterflies in her abdomen and make her feel special all the time. Well, if you’re looking for that ‘dream man’ through associate organized wedding, you would like to be further cautious. Meeting a stranger for wedding will build anybody feel nervous. A primary meeting is that the most vital time as a result of that will cause you to range the correct one. So, it’s vital that you simply raise all the relevant queries before taking following step.

    Know More about Pre Matrimonial Investigation Services

    Marriages keep company with their own set of insecurities and doubts. Earlier in India, the family and relatives arranged organized marriages, and that they would comprehend the potential match. However, in today’s state of affairs, wherever most of the matches’ are a unit found on-line and through bureaus, you actually do not know the person. They could be lying regarding their money position or within the worst cases, may even be already married. Even the cases, wherever a person’s sexual orientation has led to a divorce, are not any longer uncommon. So, so as to flee such horrors when wedding, relations should do a correct background analysis.


    No, this is no more an occupation limited to films and serials! It is actually happening and is very far factual. There are about 15,000 such detective assistances across India, showing an average of 50-100 inquiries in a month. There has been an enormous increase in pre-matrimonial inquiries to plaid a suitor’s background, because more and more individuals are gathering online and the family individuals are less convoluted these days. The owner of First Indian Detective Agency, a Delhi-based agency, which has been resounding out “pre-matrimonial” checks for more than 20 years, says, “The vast common form of enquiries come from a girl’s parents who want to measure the oddity of their future son-in-law.” From individual habits to occupational assets, character to past-flings, the whole thing is prudently inspected by the detectives. Certainly, this is the finest and the utmost dependable way to do your background investigation.

    There are some hacky and tacky ways which are adopted by with some media platforms. Creating a fake social networking profile and sending a friend request to that girl/guy whom you want to enquire about. Wait to see if they accept a stranger’s friend request or not. If they do, then use the platform to extract as much information as you can. Character test is the other option to be considered for the Mr. or Ms. would-be (try this only after you have met the person at least once or twice). Ask that person out, maybe for clubbing or dinner. Take some friends along. Get one of your friends to act a ‘little’ flirty with your ‘prospective’ life partner. See how your ‘would-be’ acts in such a situation. Well, we are sure that after this, you would not have many doubts left about their character.

    We at First Indian Detective Agency is the best Detective Agency in Gurgaon, doing investigations related to all fields. You can get in touch with us with your requirements. We are always there to help you


    Make Your Marriage More Secure By Hiring Matrimonial Detectives

    Just visualise the thing that you are considering for a good match for your daughter. And naturally, you want the groom to be paid well, be mannerly, be humble towards elders, be generous in his thoughts and love and take care of your child all through his life. As blessing would have it, you soon come across a young, well-educated, well-settled man who appears to be the correct one for your daughter. You don’t want to let go of the proposal since the whole thing sounds flawless about this guy, yet at the similar period, want a detailed family check, more than what Aunts and Uncles in adjacent houses do.

    Know more about benefits of Pre Matrimonial Investigation

    Somebody who might benefit you figure out nearly in his nature, his impression of hanging out and his importance in the direction of marriage. Appreciatively, there are specialists who do this. These individuals are called Matrimonial Detectives. Yes, you heard it right. These entities exist in India and that too, in all its specialized splendour. The preeminent portion of these wedding detectives is that they go to boundless levels to know the whole thing (accurately the whole lot) about the groom. Be it his sexual likings and past relations to the places he visits and the individuals he encounters, there are organizations who have Matrimonial Detectives who do all this and much more at a charge.


    Devices like unseen cameras and recorders are castoff to capture dependable particulars about the individual and comprehend his nature healthier. Some of the Matrimonial Detectives pose as pimps or flirt with the groom in order to comprehend his psyche superior. In fact, even the social media accounts (read Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tinder) are carefully checked and shadowed. For improved accurateness, some of these Matrimonial Detectives even dress up as panhandlers or become house helps or watchmen just to get admission into the house and get closer to the family.

    Choose best matrimonial detective agency in India

    So, if a marriage is nearly confirmed in your family and only the circumstantial check bit is left to look into, you know which agencies to have a connection with. We at First Indian Detective Agency are the best Matrimonial Detective Agency that can make your relation stronger if the trust is based on the truth. We can go deep into that truth at any cost to make your relation stronger and allow not breaking that bond. Get in touch with our agency for your requirements and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

    How To Find Your Partner Is Cheating On You?

    I went home early from work. I found my room was locked which usually never used to be so. I somehow managed to get the duplicate keys and opened the door and found her and my roommate in bed together. I was completely shocked and without uttering a word I went away. She tried to contact me but I didn’t ever want to think about her

    Pre Matrimonial Investigation

    There can be situations in life where you are in doubt about your relationship. Trust and faith are the key elements of a relationship. Your relationship is bound to come to an end if you don’t trust your partner. Cheating involves betraying a partner’s expectations. Cheating can cause stress and anxiety that can lead to depression. Sometimes people also have habit of doubting other. It is one of the worst habits and is just like a devil in a relationship. Cheating not only ruins married life but also relationships with children, loving friends, other close family members, and themselves. Both cheaters’ families may suffer from pain, embarrassment, and awareness of community gossip. Such scandals seem to lower the integrity of whole families in communities. There are different reasons for cheating, some cheat because they feel emotionally deprived and some feel sexually deprived. Most people live life with uncertainty and actually know how to tackle this type of situations. Discovering a partner’s affair is now easier than ever before. There are lot signs that can tell whether your partner is cheating on you or not. Is your partner to busy with his cell phone than earlier? Does he carry it every time he goes to the washroom? These are the few sign that can raise questions in your mind but there no fixed sign that can tell you the exact truth. Now if you are searching pre matrimonial investigation services in India then First Indian Detective Agency is the best option for personal investigation.Some of common change in behaviour that shows that you partner is cheating on you are

    • He or She uses his cell phone a lot
    • He or She suddenly starts caring more about his looks.
    • He or She tries to ignore you sometimes.
    • He or She tries to get more privacy.
    • He or She stops being affectionate.
    • If he or she is suddenly less interested in physical intimacy with you.
    • He or She begins buying you gifts a lot.
    • He or She frequently picks fights with you.
    • He or She stops complimenting you on your looks


    Are you feeling helpless?

    Do don’t ruin your relationship by living your life full of suspicion. Now you don’t need spy on your partner when there is best detective agency in India to help you out. There are also lot other consequences of cheating in a relationship, you partner might fraud you or may try to blackmail you.


    What we investigate ?