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What Kind of Investigation Do Matrimonial Detectives Offer?

17 Nov

What Kind of Investigation Do Matrimonial Detectives Offer?

Very few folks will have a detective in their circle of friends. That is because detectives do not go about declaring themselves to all and sundry. In fact, they prefer to keep their job profiles hidden from even close acquaintances. It is very rare that a detective will go around distributing his business card. He would rather be known as a purveyor of arts! The detective agency in Delhi has many such sleuths in its rolls – strict adherents to the principle that the less their real selves are known, the better detectives they will be.

For the most part, even the matrimonial detective agency in Delhi must be manned by nondescript detectives who could be sitting next to you while doing a thorough check of your movements in the mall across the city!

You Are Under Investigation!

Yeah, the father of the girl your mother thought will be the perfect bride for you doesn’t trust your glib tongue and he has hired the matrimonial detective agency in Delhi to find out the truth about you, whether you are, in fact, the dutiful son your mother says you are! And if at all you keep your Tuesday attendance at the Hanuman temple in Connaught Place as your father is never tired of saying?

In fact, your potential father-in-law has gone a step ahead and put the best detective agency in Delhi to draw up a complete profile of you! But unknown to your prospective father-in-law, and unknown to you, your father has done the same! Your wife-to-be is also being probed! Your father does not want you to know because he fears you may not like it.

Secrecy at Any Cost

You also don’t know that one of the best-known detective agencies in Delhi is FIDA or the First Indian Detective Agency and it wouldn’t be a surprise if both – the father of the bride and the father of bridegroom – land up at the same matrimonial detective agency in Delhi! Stranger things have happened. But it is rare that such secrets are divulged. Detective agencies, especially the best detective agency in Delhi, take care that information given to it by clients is kept a strictly guarded secret. In fact, it’s a boast with them: Secrecy at any cost!

FIDA in Bengaluru: Matrimonial Detectives

Delhi’s private detectives offer the same services that the detectives in Bengaluru offer – gathering information about an individual, company, or business. They also investigate using the media and the internet. Their services are hired by individuals, businesses, and lawyers/law firms. The best matrimonial agency in Delhi does background checks on brides and bridegrooms, their sexual history, and finances. One of the top detective agencies in Delhi is the First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) which also has a branch in Bengaluru. It offers the following services:

  • Cyber security and data theft investigations
  • Legal, corporate, and business investigations
  • Evidence gathered in family and matrimonial disputes
  • Pre- and post matrimonial and personal investigations

Summing up

Do matrimonial detective agencies do a good service to society at large? It’s a good question and the general consensus will be that they do render good service. Hundreds of parents of boys and girls who found their life partners will attest to that. Marriages are made on planet earth and detectives have been found to be the salt of the earth!

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