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Should You Hire An All-Expense Paid Private Investigation Service?

20 Nov

Should You Hire An All-Expense Paid Private Investigation Service?

The matrimonial detective agency in Delhi is on any good day busy assigning matrimonial detectives in its rolls duties. From investigating the antecedents of prospective brides and bridegrooms to keeping tabs on married targets, both husbands and wives.

All-Expense Paid Private Investigation Service

Post-matrimonial surveillance is one of the agency’s top money-spinners. The matrimonial detective agency in Delhi does not have jaded cops in faded khaki doing the investigations.

Their well-groomed investigators are trained detectives equipped with state-of-the-art cameras and other electronic surveillance equipment that from their looks alone smell the money! They do their surveillance in sedans and hatchbacks and petrol and diesel are not a problem. The detective company in Delhi doesn’t skimp on expenses. Definitely not, if it’s the First Indian Detective Agency or FIDA, which has branches both in Delhi and Bengaluru, or Bangalore, whichever name you prefer.

FIDA Top Investigators

Both the branches, in Delhi and Bengaluru seem to have no dearth of clients. The matrimonial detective agency in Delhi handles both pre and post matrimonial cases. Comprehensive background checks on brides and bridegrooms and post-matrimonial surveillance will stretch the imagination. Delhi it appears has no shortage of suspicious husbands, and the wives don’t seem to be lagging behind in looking cross-eyed at their hubbies. On an average day, it’s common for the detective company in Delhi to keep their cameras focused on 50 supposedly gallivanting males of the species. The fairer targets are more numerous and harder to catch off-guard. But that doesn’t mean they can give the slip to investigators of the top matrimonial detective agency in Delhi!

Other services offered by FIDA include:

  •  Corporate and business investigation
  •  Competitor, and counter investigation,
  •  Background checks of business partners
  •  The legal investigation, asset verification
  •  Evidence gathering for court cases
  •  Evidence gathering in family disputes
  •  Missing person investigation
  •  Evidence gathering in divorce, child custody cases

Private Detective Courses

The detectives on the rolls of detective agencies in India’s metros are qualified and trained investigators with a substantial body of work under their belts. While many of the detectives in the matrimonial detective agency in Delhi are ex-cops, there are also detectives who have never been in government law enforcement. These are graduates and postgraduates in forensic criminology and those who have finished private detective courses available across India. Young men and women with a nose for investigation can take up these courses and get employed as detectives in the top detective company in Delhi. In fact, compared to the ex-cop-turned-detective, the course-detectives are younger and better equipped to handle electronic surveillance gizmos.

Police Help

The fact is private detective agencies these days can fall back on a plethora of surveillance techniques to keep a tab on targets. And if it is required, the detectives in the best detective company in Delhi do not shy away from taking the aid of the police force of the state or city. That is if the situation demands. In fact, there are times when government law enforcement agencies reach out to talent in the matrimonial detective agency in Delhi to solve a particularly knotty criminal case involving a person who was once in the crosshairs of a matrimonial investigation.

Summing Up

Detective agencies investigate fraud, accidents, court cases, and, if a matrimonial detective agency, adultery charges and other messy private affairs including disputed inheritances. In fact, the insurance industry is a major employer of the detective company in Delhi. The First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) in Delhi and Bengaluru (or Bangalore) is renowned for its record in solving the knottiest of cases.

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