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Services Offered by Private Detectives Services

28 Jan

Services Offered by Private Detectives Services

From zero then to scores of them these days, detective agencies in Delhi took wings years ago. Today, they proliferate and are in every part of Delhi—from west Delhi to east Delhi and north Delhi to south Delhi. There are detective agencies in the national capital region of Delhi also, i.e., in the areas comprising Gautam Budh Nagar, Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh, and Faridabad, Gurugram, Sonipat, and Rohtak in Haryana, both of which share borders with Delhi. That makes up for a wide swathe of real estate and millions of residents, many of whom would be seeking private detective services in Delhi.

People hire the services of detective agencies for a host of reasons, from doing background checks on people and entities to shadowing people around for the vicarious pleasure of husbands and wives. Tracing missing persons is another domain of detective agencies. But matrimonial matters, including post-matrimonial investigations in Delhi, take up a substantial portion of the time detective agencies devote to cases.

The Gender-Bender and Detectives

Private detectives doing post-matrimonial investigations are not a separate group from those who do pre-matrimonial investigations. Such investigations, pre-or post-matrimonial, can be commissioned by either party—husband or wife, though men account for the majority, if only because only the very rich and independent women will be able to hire detectives and not be asked where the money came from and what it was spent on.

No middle-class woman would make a clean getaway by telling the truth: “I had to pay for the best post-matrimonial investigation in Delhi.” The male of the house, and even the female of the house, would pursue her until she admitted to hiring a detective agency to find out if her husband was an adulterer!The majority of women in India, even those living in Delhi and the national capital region, would be tolerated for taking independent decisions, much less casting doubts on their husband’s conduct.

Code of Confidentiality

That being said, the best detective agencies in Delhi and other Indian cities—north, south, east, and west—are disciplined soldiers of the detective world, hardworking blokes, true to the promise made to the clients that they wouldn’t breach the code of secrecy come what may. The top detective services in Delhi, like the First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA), are sworn to confidentiality.

They view the male client equally as the female client. Discrimination is not in the blood, so to speak, of the detectives of any place, including Delhi. That being said, post-matrimonial detectives are mostly hired by husbands. It is one of those travesties that men can get away with and are not questioned about their indiscretions or asked to explain. Hundreds of detectives in Delhi survive and exist on pre-and post-matrimonial investigations.

Summing Up

Detectives are responsible men and women, highly trained investigators, many of them retired policemen and policewomen. The best detective services in Delhi are not averse to seeking help from their contacts in the police force of the state. The state police know that it’s a two-way service. The top post-matrimonial investigator in Delhi also helps the police force whenever approached to lend a helping hand.

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