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Post-matrimonial Detectives Investigate Some Very Ugly Cases

22 Feb

Post-matrimonial Detectives Investigate Some Very Ugly Cases

Suspicion of adultery is the single most common reason to call in a post-matrimonial detective. There could be any number of reasons, but detective agencies in Delhi are open to all requests as long as it is not illegal and as long as their set fee is paid to them when the case is over. Even detectives have to follow the law, and even detectives do not work for free.

Need for Post-matrimonial Detectives

The marriage went according to plan. The bride’s mansion decked up in all finery. The nuptials were a smooth affair. The marriage banquet was a huge spread, and the caterers laid it out without hassles. Two months into the marriage, the bridegroom started acting odd. He picked up fights with his wife, and it looked like there were lies told when talks were on to fix the marriage.

Someone in the bride’s family suggested getting the post-matrimonial detectives in Delhi to investigate the antecedents of the husband. Result: The bride got to know that her husband was not the honest man she had taken him to be. What that meant was there’s a strong presence of post-matrimonial detectives in Delhi who keep tabs on husbands and wives on the instructions of respective other halves.

Helping Broken Marriages Come To a Closure

Post-matrimonial detective agencies are called in to investigate husbands and wives by divorce lawyers. Broken marriages are there in millions. But some couples settle for a mutually acceptable divorce, with no rancor left in them to spoil any further the already broken relationship. But there are a lot of separations, and broken marriages, which turn ugly. One of the two parties involved might not agree to a divorce, opting to keep the other half tied to the relationship out of sheer vendetta.

In such cases, post-matrimonial detectives in Delhi dig up dirt against the intransigent husband or wife, something or anything to secure a divorce against all odds. No mercy or quarter is given or sought in such cases; both parties are more often than not willing and ready to settle for broke. Detectives and divorce lawyers work in tandem. Mostly, it is the divorce lawyer who asks detective agencies in Delhi for a water-tight case. Of course, all this for a fee! Detective agencies have overheads to settle, the same as any other business. Salaries have to be paid. Also, utility bills to settle!

Summing Up

There are several claimants to the best post-matrimonial detectives in Delhi title. And some of the top detective agencies in the city have detectives who could give a tough fight for the same title. In other words, detective agencies of Delhi-NCR attract and employ some of the most accomplished detectives in the country. These are with loads of experience; detectives who are famously recognized, and some of whom are celebs. Some detective agencies in Delhi, such as the First Indian Detective Agency in Delhi, are manned by detectives who have at one point or other handled cases involving the very top people of the city.

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