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Matrimonial Detectives Do More Than Just Background Checks

11 Feb

Matrimonial Detectives Do More Than Just Background Checks

Marriage is a sacred union. We have heard of that. But in many instances, a proposed marriage does not take place because one of the two parties hired a private detective agency to check the antecedents of the other party’s marriage candidate, and the detective found damning evidence of sexual escapades and other grave misdemeanors. Finally, after the agency submitted its pre-matrimonial investigation Delhi report, the marriage was called off despite the bride-to-be insisting that she did not mind the bridegroom’s so-called transgressions as they were committed before he had set eyes on her.

A Matrimonial Investigation in Delhi: Background Checks

This was unfortunate, but an exception. The majority of pre-matrimonial investigation Delhi probes initiated by the families of brides and bridegrooms produce bland reports with no harm done to either party. There are detective agencies in Delhi-NCR that are hired and conduct multiple background checks on people about to tie the knot. That said, pre-matrimonial investigations are not limited to background checks alone even though a background check can pretty much cover a whole lot of territory, so to speak.

The private investigator in Delhi could throw light on this largely secret aspect of marriage negotiations, but it’s highly unlikely that he will, not when he and his investigative agency are bound to follow a stringent code of conduct and confidentiality.

Payments to Pre-matrimonial Detectives

Pre-matrimonial detectives’ remunerations are left to speculation because job vacancies for detectives rarely get advertised. Detectives get hired based on recommendations made by peers. Many of those who get hired are security personnel who have either retired from or had quit government security agencies like the police force and the military. Detectives who carry out the best pre-matrimonial investigation in Delhi will agree to join a detective company based on private negotiations. Some will be ready to quit their current job for another for a hefty raise. Detectives are nondescript people who would rather stay undetected than be advertised to the world.

Anonymity is important for people whose job it is to pry and probe. There are some functions that detectives do which require complete discretion and even secrecy. Again, the private investigator in Delhi could throw light on this, but he will not. Coming out into the open is not an investigator’s brief. Sherlock Holmes is a fictional investigator. The real Holmes’ are those who stay in the shadows and never emerge in the limelight. For all you know, your neighbor of 10 years might be a pre-matrimonial detective with a handsome salary, the grey goatee he sports a symbol of his steady job.

Summing up

Delhi-NCR has several detective agencies. Among them, several pre-matrimonial detective companies stick to converse with marriage brokers and marriage counselors as part of their briefs. The top pre-matrimonial investigation in Delhi submits water-tight reports that make sense. They also document the results of the considerable amount of leg-work that goes into the investigation process. One of the highly trusted detective agencies in the national capital region is the First Indian Detective Agency in Delhi, which serves the entirety of Delhi and the satellite townships of Faridabad, Gurugram, Noida, and Ghaziabad. Search the internet, and the First Indian Detective Agency will be top of the page in search results, guaranteed!

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