How Much Does It Cost to Hire Private Detectives?

19 Nov

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Private Detectives?

Detective agencies in Delhi render different detective services. Among them, matrimonial detectives do pre and post matrimonial investigations. And what a particular detective agency in Delhi charges will have to be confirmed from the detective agency. You may get a general idea from the brochure sent to you or from the agency’s website. Even then you cannot be sure unless you make a visit to the agency’s office. What you want to be investigated may be markedly different; distinct to you, and you alone! Post-matrimonial investigation in Delhi will not be the same as, say, carrying out an investigation in Bhopal or Chandigarh.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Private Detectives?

If you talk to a few private detectives agencies, you will come around to the fact that they charge something between Rs 5000 and Rs 15,000 per day. They charge for their services on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis.

Charges Break-up

In fact, a visit to the offices of the First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) in Delhi and Bengaluru will be the best thing to do. Many of your queries including information you want on what detective agency in Delhi charges will be explained to you in detail. The top post-matrimonial investigation in Delhi could be tricky. Probing the husband will be markedly different from a 24/7 surveillance of the wife. The charges will also depend on the number of detectives assigned to the job. And, maybe, it will require investigation in several cities and towns at the same time – even in a village or two! Travel and boarding & lodging costs will add to the charges besides the cost of the investigation per se. FIDA offers the following services:

  • Data theft and cyber security and investigations
  • Legal, business, and corporate investigations
  • Evidence gathered in matrimonial and family disputes
  • Personal and matrimonial investigations

Different Costs for Different Heads

But definitely, what the detective agency in Delhi charges will be in the thousands of rupees through charges for the different ‘heads’ will differ from head to head. The cost of the best post-matrimonial investigation in Delhi can’t be a piffling amount, definitely not. Most likely it will involve investigating ‘adultery’ and ‘cheating’, ‘secret meetings’ at various locations at odd hours. A top detective agency in Delhi’s charges for these detective services may vary from day to day depending on hours, distance, and other factors. The detective or detectives assigned to the job could even face danger to their lives and the agency may charge a risk-taking fee!

Changing Lifestyles

Finding what the top detective agency in Delhi charges will most likely begin with a visit to the websites of a number of detective agencies in Delhi NCR. In recent years there has been a virtual boom in detective agencies in and around Delhi. And it has become very predictable with people. Hiring detectives to do post-matrimonial investigation in Delhi has caught on like a fire. The fast life in Delhi coupled with promiscuity on the rise has left its effect on marriages, too. It is almost as if two-timing husbands and cheating wives have become the norm in Delhi.

Summing Up

The average Joe may not be able to afford the services of detective agencies and what the top detective agency in Delhi charges will be out of the reach of the Aam Aadmi, even if he desperately wants a post-matrimonial investigation in Delhi. But that does not mean detective agencies in Delhi are short of detective work. In fact, business is roaring.

Closer scrutiny will tell you that private detectives charge for their services on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. On average, you can find private detectives for Rs 5000-Rs 15,000 per day.

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