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How Do Post-Marriage Investigators At FIDA Help The Clients?

11 Oct

How Do Post-Marriage Investigators At FIDA Help The Clients?

First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) has been one of the most successful detective agencies in Delhi that have been serving clients with an amazing record of accomplishment. With more than a decade of extensive service in this industry, FIDA offers a wide range of services to the clients that want it to investigate various types of cases, including post-matrimonial cases.

What Are Post-Matrimonial(Post-Marriage Investigators) Cases?

As the name itself tells, these are cases that are related to the issues that show their existence and impact after the married couples fail to develop the right understanding between them. These cases often result in serious consequences. Here, the private detectives in Delhi NCR play a very pivotal role as they investigate these cases and come to you with the right information. Cases related to Post-Matrimonial disputes include the following:

  • Family frauds
  • Dowry cases
  • Domestic violence
  • Maintenance Cases,
  • Child Custody, and
  • Divorce cases

The best post-matrimonial detectives in Delhi have a sound record when it comes to serving their clients. They have a rich experience level that helps the detectives to plan everything for the cases they are working on at a certain point in time. They do the following things to crack a case in favor of their clients:

Firstly, they collect proof and witnesses that can help them to support their cases. They visit and talk to many people who are related to these cases directly or indirectly. Their way of collecting witnesses and other proof is very innovative.

Secondly, they interview various people from both families so that they can figure out some important information about the case. Their way of interrogating people is also very innovative. Sometimes, they prefer interrogating their people individually and sometimes they prefer doing it in a group. Both have their own significance and yield positive results for their attempts.

Thirdly, they take help from the police and telecom departments to collect information related to the people involved in the case. They get some information about their background in terms of involvement in any criminal cases. They seek call record details from the telecom service providers. All these records are often very significant for them and they help the agency to reach a favorable condition. Obviously, they help them to crack the cases! Contact our Post-Marriage Investigators.

Fourthly, every private detective in Delhi NCR takes serious measures when they decide to chase their targeted people. Obviously, it is a serious step that can bring them some life risks. Usually, all the detectives have active insurance coverage that motivates them to go to any extent. Actually, they expect more from these initiatives and often come out in flying colors.

Fifthly, the best post-matrimonial detectives near me in Delhi use the undercover agents very wisely. The agents are basically informers that work secretly. These people take extra workload as hiding their identity has been a crucial thing that they do very cautiously.

The Bottom Line:

When it comes to finding the best outcome from your post-matrimonial cases, then you must be very careful about reaching the best private detective in Delhi NCR who is available with the best detective agencies, like the First Indian Detective Agency!

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