From Background Check to Profiling, Private Detectives Are at Your Service - First Indian Detective Agency

From Background Check to Profiling, Private Detectives Are at Your Service

10 Feb

From Background Check to Profiling, Private Detectives Are at Your Service

Some of the most prominent members of the detective tribe are pre-matrimonial detectives who investigate people who are planning marriage but haven’t yet got the final nod from the spouse-to-be or from the family of the spouse-to-be. Once hired, the pre-matrimonial detectives in Delhi would work long hours to gather knowledge and information of the ‘target’—from doing a background check to finding out by any and all means all the things relating to the person under surveillance, to draw a profile of him or her. The point is to use a toothcomb, so to speak, to unearth anything that is a blemish on the subject’s character.

Trained and Tested Detectives

The pre-matrimonial detective puts in long hours, sometimes from behind the desk and oftentimes outdoors, going wherever his work takes him to. The best detective agency in Delhi has detectives in the team who are on the move for hours and hours, shadowing husbands-to-be and trailing wives-to-be.

Usually, one of the parties to the arranged marriage—either the bridegroom’s family or the bride’s family—will hire the services of a top pre matrimonial detective in Delhi to investigate and report on the character of the bride or bridegroom. That is, carry out thorough background checks and report.

These pre-matrimonial detectives are themselves men and women of impeccable character and have been investigated and cleared for work. They have excellent relations with the police of the jurisdiction they work in and don’t shy away from seeking police help.

Detectives at the Top of Their Careers

One of the top detective agencies in the national capital region of Delhi has well-oiled pre-matrimonial detective machinery. This top detective agency in Delhi is headed by a professional law enforcement officer who quit a top police job to strike out on his own as a private detective.

Relatively young compared to other retired police officers, he had age on his side. On top of that he put in long hours, hired a young team of hardworking detectives, and today his detective agency is one of the most sought after in the Delhi-NCR region.

His agency takes up general detective work and also pre-matrimonial detective work for which he has in his team a pair of top pre-matrimonial detectives in Delhi. Both command top money and drive sleek cars. But when on the move outdoors they could be sporting clothes that keep changing depending on where they are going and who they are shadowing.

Final Thoughts

The best pre-matrimonial detectives and among the top detective agency in the Delhi-NCR includes the highly recommended First Indian Detective Agency. Its pre-matrimonial investigation goes to the extent of finding out if the subject has a police record or had been living a Casanova’s lifestyle with multiple girlfriends! The detective agency in Delhi is often employed to do more or less the same services as the pre-matrimonial detectives do. Many a time they work together as a team.

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