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Post Marital Investigation by FIDA

Best Post Matrimonial Detective Agency in Delhi

Whenever you find something suspicious about your partner’s behavior and have a constant gut feeling that your spouse is cheating on you or hiding something from you, then you must consult with a professional investigator. According to a survey 6 out of 10 people having extramarital affair as a result divorce cases are constantly increasing in India.
First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) offers Post marital Investigation services in Delhi. FIDA will help you to extract the evidence so that you will get peace of mind and can take the right decision of your life.

In many cases, we have seen wife has an extramarital affair and she files a false divorce case in order to get alimony from husband, in such scenario investigation is very much required to know how to get your self-free from the conspiracy. We do a strong surveillance by the team of professionals, who help you in providing a piece of evidence like pictures, audio, and video.
We assure you that all the information remains confidential between us. Client’s privacy is our first priority. We deliver high-quality results on time with utmost integrity. We have highly skilled and qualified investigators, who work 24/7 for our clients. We use hi-tech gadgets in our investigations.

As information is power, so we believe in providing the right information to our clients on time. We as Best detective agency in Delhi thrive for gathering all the related information and proofs to help you in taking right decisions. We will furnish all the information like financial details, employment details, affair details, medical details. We research on the communication pattern of your spouse with you and with his friends, colleagues, and relatives. Identifying digital footsteps is one of the key steps which we take to get the clear picture.

We have solved nearly 2195 post matrimonial cases so far with 99% success rate. So let’s get connected and count on us for the result.


Detective agency Your Way To Success – Fida

Best Detective agency

FIDA(First Indian Detective Agency) is a well known  private detective agency in India, with an experience of more than 15 years work as a discoverer of customer satisfaction. We handle every type of corporate and personal investigation services which includes Personal Investigation Matrimonial Investigation Loyalty Test Investigation Corporate Investigation Employment Verification Background check etc. We strive to dig out facts of evidences which can be big help for our clients to be submitted in court for firm legal fight. So in that if you need any assistance then don’t think too much and make an appointment with us, we assure you to provide world class investigation with a specific time frame.

FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) is a complete private detective services in India. We are having our headquarters in Delhi but our detective services are available many cities near Delhi. Don’t hesitate to call us for finest investigation services at any time.

Our Personal Detective Services

Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Post Matrimonial Investigation

Loyalty Test Investigation

Surveillance Investigation

Background Check

Our Corporate Detective Services

Employment Verification

Corporate Investigation

Missing People Investigation

Competitor Investigation

Corporate Loan Verification


Our Advantages

The mission of FIDA is to offer best private investigation services with a commitment to quality service that is in the best interest of each client and with the goal of the best possible results in every client’s case. FIDA is known for giving employment to some most experienced and educated investigators in the area. We have more than 15 years of experience working both personal and corporate detective cases and we understand what it takes to get the results according to your need best detective agency in India . We support strategic and tactical corporate responses to the challenges opportunities posed by globalisation and technology.

FIDA is completely a grand detective agency India. We are accredited as the most demandable investigation services because we are very well aware of the situations of individuals who are going through with high stressful life. But we are doing magnificent jobs as a private detective in India as we have expertise to manage matrimonial investigations through the most admired detective agents of India. We do our investigations in a structured way in which we assure that we will deliver solid proof so that case gets strength in court proceedings. We handle every type of personal corporate and matrimonial investigation services which include pre and post matrimonial investigation surveillance investigation etc. We strive to dig out facts of evidences which can be big help for our clients to be submitted in court for firm legal fight best Indian detective agency. So in that if you need any assistance then don’t think too much and make an appointment with us, we assure you to provide world class investigation with a specific time frame.

Reliability and customer service are our greatest strengths in working with clients. We believe that case understanding is vital during every step of the process and make a point to respond to inquiries in a timely manner and immediately inform the client of any changes or issues that may come up. We recognize the fact that each client is unique and we tailor our work to meet their individual needs.

Why spending on matrimonial detectives in Delhi is a worth expenditure?

matrimonial investigation, New trends and technology are imposing great changes in our society. With more and more people getting acquainted with these new technological advancements, we are leaving the trends and rustic thoughts behind. We are embracing new technology and in setting marriage like religious ceremonies as well. Earlier when marriages are set by elders, references circulate in the relatives and in the nearby surroundings, but, now we have access to many eligible prospects through internet like Matrimonial Investigation. This has given us more choices but, at the same time raised occurrences of risks and blunders associated with marriage. We are not saying that there were no disputes related to marriage in earlier days but, the in this new age incidences of such ill happenings are increasing.

Problems are increasing so does the solutions! The marriage detective agency is becoming more feasible choice in both pre and post marriage affairs in present time. The frauds done by prospects in their online marriage profiles can be evaluated by these detective agencies prior setting up things in further level. The pre and post marriage detective services offer a sense of confidence to the parents that they are choosing a right person for their child marriage. To restrict the anti-social activities related to marriage these agencies provide with background check, criminal background check, family and financial status check, job and other relevant searches to the clients as per demand. By hiring marriage investigation agency, you can be double assure that the information presented by the family and prospect in their marriage proposal are valid and true. Hire matrimonial detectives in Delhi!

Someone has rightly said ‘a penny at time can save nine’. This phrase symbolic to the expenses you paid for hiring pre matrimonial services. You spend horde of money to greet and welcome your guest, after all Indian marriages are no ordinary affair. Parents save money to spend on this occasion and to make sure that everything is well settled and classy. But, what about the person whom you are welcoming as a new member of family as bride or groom for your child? Don’t you want to know who that person actually is? Yes, these are the basic questions that are making spending money on matrimonial detective agency a worth expense. By making proper investigation about the person whom you find as suitable match for your child, you are making an attempt to confirm your choice a perfect match.

It is better to hire the services of any private detective than doing investigation on your own. You can avoid many possible unforeseen incidents from the life of your child. Reliable and popular detective agencies working in Delhi and NCR region are providing with professional help and solutions in handling matrimonial investigations. You can get swift results with minimum input of time and efforts by hiring matrimonial detective agency in Delhi. So, don’t let anyone to fool you and your child by fraudulent marriage proposals. Hire matrimonial detectives for reaching to the right match who really deserve your son or daughter!

A private eye – help of surveillance and detective agency in resolving cases

In current scenario where everybody is busy in making best use of time to earn money and resources that can help their living, we need every issue to be settled in short time with little input of our time. To make our living smooth, we want everyone and everything in our surrounding perfect whom and which we can trust blindly. But, does it really possible? The increasing cases of matrimonial cheats, criminal activities in our surrounding, work place frauds, financial scams and many other malicious activities are taking place. How deliberately we try to keep ourselves away and safe from such incidences, we couldn’t succeed every time. In such scenarios of mistrust and unlawful situations surveillance investigators services  agencies are the resourceful help that can cater our needs.

Whether it is to collect maximum evidences related to any case, extracting information from public records or surveillance of a suspected, detective agencies are the best way to get help. Private detective agencies which are grounded or have local network of investigators can provide with useful inputs related to any case in fixed time in most cases. Here, you should also consider that you are making business with an investigation agency that has proper delegation of power to investigate and resources to avail truth in your case. Resources can be of many types from skilled work force that has been doing the job in the area with years of experience and have understanding of valuing client’s request of keeping things secret. Additionally, latest equipments of surveillance and other technological advancements can also prove productive in catering faster results.

A private eye can be easily understood with any mode of surveillance that is generally used by detective agencies to solve any problems in easier way. Thus, despite the array of problem for which you are hiring a detective agency, you should ask involvement of kind of surveillance the agency is using. The level of excellence served by this genre of agencies has helped in most of the cases to get results within shortest time. Whether you are an agency of investigation as an individual or as a corporate house, you should know the forte of agency in which it’s performing outstandingly before you make the final deal.

Dealing with such kind of service providers that are promising valuable inputs to get you in the winning seat in any case should be done after a fair research in the credibility of agency. Yes, you should be peculiar to choose an agency at first place as you are going to share many confidential inputs with the agency along with heavy fees. One detective agency that has been serving in the country since many years and has reviews of many satisfied customers is First Indian Detective Agency. They have local network of surveillance investigators services   and private detectives in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and many other cities. You can reach to them directly on their official site or can make telephonic contact. You can be assured that you are dealing with an agency that promises credibility to provide faster results without compromising your privacy.

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