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Best Investigation Agency in Delhi for Thorough Inquiry Services

06 Nov

Best Investigation Agency in Delhi for Thorough Inquiry Services

The First Detective Agency (FIDA) is one of the most premium and best detective agencies in Delhi. It has the most brilliant and skilful detectives in New Delhi. The agency offers both personal and corporate investigation services. FIDA is authenticated with ISO 2008-9001. The investigation services provided by this agency are of the utmost accuracy. The team of private investigators is the best in providing the best background check services for matrimonial purposes. The company is technologically advanced by which accurate results can be achieved.

Services Provided by the Best Investigation Agency in Delhiy Near Me

The superior track record of FIDA has made it exceed all stereotypes and achieve the title of the ‘best detective agency in Delhi’ that helps to unfold the facts and bring about the truth in front of the clients. The team of most practiced and professional detectives the company is dedicated to providing the best results. The fraud-driven cases are dealt with secrecy and intense research. The latest surveillance equipment and top-notch audio and video technology are used to detect the truth. The services of FIDA include:

  • Personal detective services include pre and post matrimonial investigation, follow or surveillance investigation, love affairs, divorce case investigations, background check services, and undercover operations.
  • Corporate cases, including employee verification
  • Cybercrime detection

Personal Investigations by Fida Are Top-Notch.

The modern age has made many changes in the lives of people. In this new era of the pandemic, people are facing misunderstandings amongst each other. Divorce is in the headlines of the newspaper these days. Hence choosing the right partner is of utmost importance. Therefore, it is vital to hire the best detective agency in Delhi to cross-check whether your spouse is a suitable partner. Agencies like FIDA use the latest technologies to check whether choosing your partner is right or wrong. Verifications like background check services, FIDA performs reputation, assets, previous engagements, broken marriages. Investigation services offered by the most trustworthy detectives in Delhi of FIDA shall include:

  • Pre and post matrimonial investigation cases
  • Tracing of missing person
  • Adultery
  • Extramarital affairs
  • Fake court cases
  • Income verification
  • Dowry and divorce cases
  • NRI marriage issues

Cybercrime Detection by Experts Near Me

Cybercrime is another serious issue of the modern, technologically advanced internet world. The internet of today’s world is the treasure of information. This development of sophisticated and highly advanced search engines has made a significant amount of information available to everyone without much of a forbidden or restricted site. The largest and richest source of information has increased cybercrime to a considerable extent. This problem can be easily tackled with the best matrimonial detectives in delhi, FIDA. The highly-trained cyber experts can efficiently trace anonymous people involved in illegal activities like writing defamatory letters, trademark infringement, copywriting, etc.

Financial Fraud Investigators

Investigation services for financial fraud such as bribery, money laundering, stealing, and asset creation are addressed by the sharpest and witty detectives in New Delhi associated with FIDA. The professionals identify and trace the individuals involved in the concealment of the company’s treasure. The entire procedure is carried out in privacy and practical proof to support the results of their tracing.

The culprits involved in such acts are highly efficient in removing evidence. But FIDA, being the best detective agency in Delhi, uses a high level of cyber technology for exposing false vendor invoices, unauthorized transfer or wiring of company funds without proper authorization, and other means of highly tactful cybercrime.

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