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Post Matrimonial Detective Agency An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Detective Agency in Delhi

FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) is the foremost post matrimonial investigations in Delhi which delivers fantastic post matrimonial investigation services. If you notice that your spouse is behaving abnormal he/she not giving much time then it will lead to you in a conclusion that your spouse might have extramarital affairs. In that circumstances you don’t have to sit calm, there is a need of inquiry and investigation in which you can detect whether your doubt is real or it is misconception. We suggest you to choose the mastered post matrimonial detective agency. We fetch out the facts behind the irrelevant behaviour of your spouse and analyze all the proofs that can help you to clear your doubt. Not just extra marital affairs there are also so many cases arrives like divorce case investigation, surveillance investigation etc.

We are loyal to bring truth and verified information which allows you to come to in an appropriate conclusion. FIDA is filled with magical teams of detective professionals who are well experienced in dealing post matrimonial investigations in Delhi. We assure you that once your case is allocate to us then you will have the validated information and evidences with you.

Indications Of Spouse Disloyalty

Ignore family and children

Sudden change in behaviour and habits

Secret calls and text messages

Habit of anything hiding with partner

Becoming a regular liar

Don’t take interest in intercourse activity

Mostly time spent on the phone

Regular work habits change.

Above mention signs are enough to tell that your partner activities are suspicious and it’s high time to hire the best Post Matrimonial Detective Agency.

Need of post matrimonial investigation

We all have heard these stories that one marries a perfectly good partner. They live happily for a while before the partner starts engaging in unexpected behaviour. They have suspicious activities which their partners do not know about until it is too late. The end is usually a bitter breakup which may cause a divorce or separation. We do not want you to suffer the same fate. We the FIDA, having a best team of detectives to carry out Post Matrimonial Investigation to find out the truth about any fears you have concerning your partner. Leave us the task of establishing everything we find suspicious about your partner.

Once you have connected with FIDA and our team experts we are Pre and Post Matrimonial detective agency in India, we will carry out several activities to establish any suspicious activities from your partner. We will establish where they spend their time most when they are not at home. You must just found that they are seeing other people you do not approve of. Also we establish what they do when out on their own. Besides where they spend most of their time when not at home, we establish what they exactly do when away from you.

These activities will enable you make conclusions about what they do that may harm your marriage. You do not want to see your partner on you under your nose when our team of detectives can look out for that instead.


Pre Matrimonial Detective Agency in India

Marriage is one amongst the chief decisions of an individual’s life, as a new person is going to get associated with you, for your entire life. Since this person will be your better half and will be with you throughout your life, it’s primarily necessary that one must know all personal, professional, family and financial details of him or her, so as to prevent any regrets or problems in the future. FIDA (First Indian Detective Agency) post matrimonial investigations has become a name to quantify with for offering the clients with an array of Pre matrimonial Investigations we are the best Pre Matrimonial Detective Agency in India.

Detective agency in Mumbai-World Pioneer name in the field of investigation.

Mumbai, the city of dreams. A lot of people from all corners of the country come to this city to fulfill their dreams. Some work day and night to reach their destination while some opt for shortcuts. Every day we hear news related to crimes and frauds. In such scenario, everybody should remain alert and smart to save themselves and their families from any nuisance or deceit. Especially when you are about to enter the most important phase of your life i.e. marriage. A marriage is a union of two people who must be faithful and truthful to each other. There should be no dishonesty and secret between the two. Hence, knowing everything about the partner is one’s right. The information exchanged during the meetings might be or might not be correct. But it is really important to find the truth. Since no marriage can sustain on lies and secrets. If, you are about to get married then be double sure about your would-be husband or wife by taking matrimonial detective services. Detective agency in Mumbai will help you clear your doubts and also can save you from a fraudster.

Detective agency in Mumbai

We are pioneering detective agency in Mumbai who specializes in the Personal investigation, pre-marital investigation, post-marital investigation, loyalty test investigation, corporate investigation etc. Our services are meant to save you from the fraudster, trickster, and criminals. We hold expertise in matrimonial services and help you take a wise decision of your life. We check various parameters such as family background, financial status, character, past history and education of the suspect. Our special team is deployed for undertaking such cases. They make use of latest equipment and high-tech state of the art audio-video for gathering information. The evidence provided by us are 100% genuine and presented in a proper & systematic manner. Audios, videos, visuals, images and documented proof are some of our ways of presenting the truth to our clients.

Our team of professional is backed by tremendous industry experience. Al the team members are skilled and professionally trained detectives. They work round the clock to gather the needful information while maintaining the client’ secrecy. The privacy policy is our most important policy. This policy enables us in keeping all the confidential information of our clients intact and safe.  Moreover, this policy has helped us in gaining the confidence of our clients and making us a renowned detective agency in Mumbai.

If you want to seek our help then you can contact us immediately. You can reach our office or we can be contacted through emails or chats also. Our team will help you out in the best possible manner by providing you world-class services. Trust us and reach us today for making your life better.

Investigation at its best by the most renowned detective agency in Faridabad

Choosing the correct detective agency is a difficult task. There are many detective agencies running today and thus it becomes difficult to choose the right agency. While choosing an agency you must check its past records and experience. We are a renowned and reputed detective agency in Faridabad, who offers world class investigation services. Our work has been appreciated by our clients from all over the country. If you are looking for a reliable name in the field of investigation and want to seek help from a professional detective agency in Faridabad then contact us today. Right from personal to professional cases, we have undertaken numerous projects and have served the requirements of various individuals, corporate houses, and industries.

Our agency holds expertise in Personal investigation, pre-marital investigation, post-marital investigation, loyalty test investigation, corporate investigation etc. All the cases are undertaken by professional and trained detectives who have immense industry experience. We have special teams for corporate, personal and matrimonial cases. We are led by skilled and dynamic detectives who have immense industry experience. They are professionally qualified and have acquired training to take the cases effectively. Our detectives are highly skilled and are able to tackle most critical cases also. They utilize cutting edge technology and latest equipment during the case to gather information. High-tech state of the art audio-video, documents and reports are some of the forms in which we present the truth to our clients. This systematic approach has enabled us in gaining a prominent position in the investigation domain. Moreover, it has helped us in becoming one of the best detective agency in Faridabad.

detective agency in faridabad

About information Privacy policies:-

We follow the privacy policy infused in our work culture strictly. As per this policy, we maintain the confidentiality of the client and do not disclose any information related to the case. This policy has enabled us in gaining the trust and confidence of our clients. The cases are undertaken in a secretive manner and confidentiality is maintained throughout the process. All the detectives are professional in their approach and do not break the privacy of the client.

All the evidence, data, and proofs are genuine and away from ambiguity. We are an honest agency and abide by the business ethics. The information related to the case is shared only with the client.

Reach us immediately if you are wandering for a reliable detective agency in Faridabad. We have served various clients and are here to help you now. You can be sure of world-class and premium services.  So, do not wait and contact us today. You can meet us or even mail for any queries. The best detective agency in Faridabad is here to serve you.

Alarming rates in crime at office: Check your employee for criminal background before hiring

Nowadays crime is increasing at an alarming rate at both personal and workplace. This is why background checks and hiring detectives are the new trends. This trend is not just restricted to personal use but also being used professionally. Companies are seeking help from third parties before hiring an employee to check for his past employment and education. Before hiring an employee, you do have questions and doubts on the individual since you are unaware of his past and history. In such situation, we come to the rescue, a renowned detective agency in India who specializes in a criminal background check.

We have a special criminal investigation department which is deployed especially to check the track record of an individual. The experts of this department screen the suspect for his criminal background. The evidence provided by us are 100% genuine and presented in a proper & systematic manner. Audios, videos, visuals, images and documented proof are some of our ways of presenting the truth to our clients. You can trust us for authenticity as we do not tamper or alter any data or information and this is our foremost policy.

Detective agency in india

Hire the Best Candidates:-

In order to save yourself and your company from a fraudster and criminal, it is important to get to know about the past history. You must check each individual for his criminal background as prevention is better than cure. We are here to help you and can assure you of the best services. We have an association with the big brands who are our regular clients and reach us at the time of every new hiring.

In order to satisfy our clients and gain their confidence, we have embedded various policies in our system of working. The privacy policy is the most important policy of our detective agency. As per this policy, we do not disclose any details or information about the client to others. The identity of the client is kept confidential and no one can breach this code of conduct. All our detectives are strictly instructed to follow this policy. In any case, the data, information or evidence are not discussed or disclosed to anyone other than the client whatsoever.

We have served various corporate houses for their investigation cases and they look upon us for their any such needs. Our clientele is not just restricted to NCR, as we have served people across the nation. We have a list of happy and satisfied customers. You can visit our office and meet us in person for discussing the case. Moreover, you can also connect with us through chats or emails. Our prime motto is to serve you at your comfort.

First Indian Detective Agency provide all types of background screening services in India. The main benefit of a consistent pre-employment and post-employment background check may include helping businesses to avoid entitlements from the neglectful appointment.

Avail the world class investigation services by the most reputed detective agency in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad, UP, has become the victim of crime from past many years. We can witness that lot of crimes have taken place in the recent times. The alarming crime rates call for an alert for every individual. It is better to be cautious and alert before some mishappening befalls. You cannot judge anyone by their face or sweet talks. So, you should always remain active and attentive. One can be harmed by anyone near to them including colleagues, business partner or your spouse. Whether at home or at the workplace, if you suspect someone with wrong intentions then it’s time to investigate. Hire a private detective today and release yourself from stress & anxiety.

We are a trustworthy name in the investigation field and reckoned among the prominent detective agencies in Ghaziabad. You can come to us and our experts will help you in finding the truths. We are specialized in Corporate Investigation, Background Checkup, Fraud Investigations, and corporate verification, Surveillance, Proof for Divorce and maintenance cases, honey trapping Pre/ Post Matrimonial affairs etc. We have one of the biggest networks of private and experienced detectives. All our detectives undergo various training and are equipped with latest technology gadgets. They are backed by immense industry experience and are experts in their domain. They are highly professional in their work and know the importance of your privacy.

detective agency in ghaziabad

Maintaining your privacy is the main objective of our business and we make sure that none of the details related to the case or the client is disclosed. This approach makes us one of the reckoned private detective agency in Ghaziabad. We keep all the information confidential and intact with us. This is our privacy policy and we do not breach it. The details are only shared with the detective handling the case and not with others whatsoever.

The data gathered is from the reliable sources and forward to the client in its purest form. The data does not tamper and thus there is no ambiguity in it. Hence, you can trust us and rely on us. The proofs provided by us are 100% authentic and presented in a proper & systematic manner. Audios, videos, visuals, images and documented proof are some of our ways of presenting the truth to our clients. You can trust us for authenticity as we do not tamper or alter any data or information.

Our prime motto is client satisfaction. This is why we make sure that in a case our clients are least disturbed and their identity remains safe. We do not disclose any confidential information or your name to anyone whatsoever. Moreover, any information, data or evaluation is kept intact and private. So, contact us today if you are willing to take any investigation services.

Criminal background check – services to hire before completely trusting someone

Do you understand what a criminal background check is? Are you looking for criminal investigation services? A criminal background check is a glean report about a person’s track record in society and whether he or she is ever been in any criminal activity. For it, the agencies working in the domain put efforts to utilize up-to-date information with the help of public records and tools of modern technology collectively. The intelligence report provided by specialized investigators provides clients to access information that seems quite hard to scrape together from public reports and records.

There are many online websites that are offering quick access to limitless instant searches for tracking down the criminal background of a subject. The investigation departments of these online service providers work harder to cater your needs well in time by providing you key to track down court records. Seems quite an interesting sort of help in criminal investigation domain! But, in Indian, these sorts of services are not actually effectively successful to handle requirements of clients. Rather than these online records, hiring a detective agency having specialization in criminal background check domain is a better idea.

Criminal background check

You can hire First Indian Detective Agency working for criminal background check services. The agency also has the good record of catering clients need in this sort of services along with matrimonial investigations, missing person identification, corporate level investigations, employment background check and financial fraud investigations. It’s never been so easy to get such an array of service with quality, credibility, and confidentiality!

Criminal investigation department mainly provides with following services as per requirements:

Criminal Records

Primarily, the criminal investigators work to track down criminal records along with arrest records.  They also try to garner information from public records, criminal records, police reports etc. from local bodies. The criminal investigators also gather information about Sexual Offenses like critical allegations about the subject as per request of the client.

Current and permanent contact details

We work to get you to the truth and for that, we provide background check reports about the residential addresses of the subject. We also put a collective investigation report about social media activities of the subject and his or her involvement in cyber crimes. Contact details information is also verified by us.

Collective effort to combine nationwide research about Court cases

Our local criminal investigators put their toil in extracting information from piles of records from local public bodies, municipal corporations, and courthouses. These searches can be molded as per request in finding out a financial background check of the subject as well with reports about Tax Liens, bankruptcy filings and many more.

It’s never easy to trust someone and if you don’t want your trust to get betrayed by wrong intentions of anybody, hire criminal background check services! It’s easy to start background check with us and safeguard your personal safety and increase your knowledge about the subject. We can help you to get fast results in criminal background investigation! Feel free to contact us.


Hiring a marriage detective agency is not an expense – here is why you should not avoid it?

Are you thinking to hire marriage detective agency? By the end of reading, you will be sure for your decision of hiring pre marriage investigation agency.

We all believe that marriage is a bond for life. Our culture, rituals, and upbringing are done in this manner to respect the relation of a holy ceremony of marriage. But, in the present context, we can’t say these things or show our gratitude for marriage relation in the manner we used to. People will wrong intentions are there who are ready to make fool of your emotions and take advantage of this lifelong bond. Studies suggest that as the trend of the online setting of marriages is getting popular so does the cases of frauds related to marriages. Yes, there are people who deliberately targets to focus on getting married and then fulfill their profits without even thinking about you and your likings. Matrimonial detective agency can help you to avoid such circumstances!

Not only online marriage proposals can be faked but prospects gained from any other sources of society can also be filled with wrong information. It’s not completely alright to set a marriage without doing proper pre matrimonial investigation.

Detective agency

The trend of pre-matrimonial investigation is already getting popular in many metropolises as well as in small cities. You just have to open your eyes to see what face people are hiding and differentiate between the reality and mirage you have been presented with. Matrimonial detective agency is the right place to seek help in such conditions. They can offer you a customized solution for all your queries and help you to take an informed decision before taking one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Indeed, getting married to someone you love can make you feel safe and happy for life and there should not be any doubt. But, by taking help of a marriage detective agency you can be sure that your choice is really right. The person you have chosen is saying what he or she actually is and not pretending to be. You can cross-check the information presented to you with the actual details by the opting the basic checks offered in a pre-matrimonial segment by the marriage investigation agency.

Some of the frequently chosen services from matrimonial detectives in Delhi include:

  • Background and character verification from local sources
  • Social behavior and study of habits of drinking, smoking or using any drugs
  • Family background
  • Financial stability and credibility in society
  • Earlier marriages or previous relationship
  • Current occupation details and remuneration

First Indian Detective Agency is one name that you can trust to hire as a private investigator agency for providing you with all sorts of matrimonial investigation services. With the committed team of highly experienced and well-equipped professionals, this matrimonial detective agency in Delhi can undertake your case.

Not to forget lying is easy and people don’t hesitate to hide and misrepresent things to get married. It’s in your hand to take command and make a wise decision while choosing the life partner. The expenditure on hiring matrimonial services is a trivial expense that can help you to choose the better life partner. In the comparison of the horde of money you are going to spend on the ceremony of marriage, it’s an ordinary expense. So, don’t marry someone who you don’t know! Hire us for pre-matrimonial services!

What you should point out while hiring a private investigation agency

Private investigation agencies are becoming the source of help for many of us in present era when people don’t hesitate to misrepresent with information. Form matrimonial engagements to employment in any industry, there are many reasons that one could find out to make you fool. Yes, they have their own intentions and wills to grab a better job opportunity or to get married to someone. Not only the intentions of others from outside world are to doubt but even in a relationship you can be cheated. Extramarital affairs to the suspicious loyalty of your partner, there are many things in your life that are out of your control. You can become a victim of any such circumstance or can choose to get information before that incident and act first. Yes, you can be the damage control for yourself with the help of a private eye!

private investigation agency

FIDA – the name of trust in private investigation Agency

Private investigators can understand your requirements and can provide you useful inputs gathered from social surroundings to position you at winning the seat. Private investigation Agency help can prove a wise and thoughtful decision to help you get the valuable inputs right at the time. But, this only possible when you choose a secret eye that has credibility and sincerity to provide you with the results you are seeking. Some of the key points that you should ask and look for in detective agencies before hiring include the below:

Why would anyone need to hire best detective agency 

  • You should ask about the equipment and experience the agency posses in the field of service you are hiring them. You should not hesitate to inquire whether the specialists are trained, equipped and experienced in the specified array of investigations.
  • The agency of investigation will work on well-informed research and documentation to extract the useful data for your case. Proper utilization of resources and contacts can be utilized to trace people and related information.
  • In every research, the support of a local network of investigators is quite important and has a key role to play. It has relevance in both personal and corporate level investigations. It has the important role to play while looking into people’s backgrounds for businesses as well as individual’s requirements. In resolving matrimonial cases (pre and post), employment verifications before hiring and post-hiring, looking into family background and history of people like many cases, a network of local investigators has an essential role to play.
  • The sympathetic approach of experienced investigators plays a crucial role in building up trust between the investigator and client. Thus, a private investigation agency should have the dedicated team to understand the issues which are quite sensitive as per the client’s perspective. They should be committed to providing professional help in a discreet manner to yield the results that are satisfactory for a client.

While searching for a secret agency to get help in any circumstance of life, keep in mind the above listed key criteria. You can also bank on the references and recommendations from your close connections.

What we investigate ?