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Why Do Matrimonial Services Use Private Detectives?

13 Nov

Why Do Matrimonial Services Use Private Detectives?

Detective agencies and matrimonial agencies serve each other’s interests. A matrimonial agency in Delhi quite often hires detectives to check the antecedents of prospective brides and prospective bridegrooms. And detective agencies in Delhi readily agree to undertake such work. Of course, it is a transactional relationship and money changes hands. Detective agencies charge a fee for the detective work they do and the matrimonial agency recoups the expenses from the families of the bride/bridegroom.

Matrimonial Services Use Private Detectives

Character Certificates

Naturally, it’s the matrimonial agency that initiates the “probe” into the “realities” of either the bride or the bridegroom. And detective agencies in Delhi, especially in this information age, are equipped with the latest in technological tools to carry out a thorough inquiry into the pros and cons of an individual. The best matrimonial agency in Delhi will most likely demand a character check-up certificate of the bride/bridegroom and detective agencies of Delhi are used to such demands. They do not consider it an outrageous demand.

Matrimonial Detectives

In fact, it is expected. Detective agencies in Delhi are geared to act on such requests. It might even sound funny and maybe it might also trigger angry outbursts, but marriages, even if they are made in heaven, are consummated only after a certificate of approval has been obtained from the mortals of planet earth who are mostly detectives armed with electronic surveillance gizmos. The best matrimonial agency in Delhi is always seeking the services of specialist matrimonial detectives.

New Lexicon

Also, the solo marriage broker of the old days has been upstaged and replaced by the modern-day matrimonial agency in Delhi. In fact, the profession has gained respectability. It’s no longer a ‘shaadi dalal’ in kurta-pyjama with a cloth jhola. More respectable terms have come into the popular lexicon. Like ‘marriage counselor’ and ‘marriage consultant’. These worthies sit behind sleek desks with a laptop at their fingertips.

Steady Operators

These are the sort of people who hire the services of detective agencies in Delhi. Most detectives of Delhi are former cops. The majority of them are from ex-Delhi Police but also from the police of neighboring states – Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh. They were solid members of the police fraternity before they stepped into the shoes of private detectives. They have the correct credentials to be employed as detectives. At home and at work they are all of them reputed to be quite staid and steady operators, so to speak.

Why Is Fida the Best?

First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is among the top private detective services in Delhi. It offers a wide spectrum of services including matrimonial investigations. FIDA has a long list of satisfied clients – both individuals and institutions. It offers the following services:

  • Pre- and post matrimonial investigations, adultery investigation
  • Evidence gathering for divorce, domestic violence, child custody cases
  • Corporate investigation, legal, cyber security, and data theft investigations
  • Background check for business deals, investigations, partnerships

Summing Up

The marriage consultants and marriage counselors at the matrimonial agency in Delhi have developed close relationships with detectives employed in the detective agencies in Delhi. The detectives and the marriage counselors or consultants respect each other’s professionalism and are bound by trust. In fact, if anything binds both detective and marriage counselor it’s trustworthiness, a trait found and nurtured in both sets of professionals.

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