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Best Background Check detective agency in Delhi – FIDA

Best Background Check detective agency in delhi - fida

The background check is the process of investigation into a person’s personal and professional life history that approves or refuses their identity and character.
A representative background check detective agency in delhi often includes these types of information, but is not limited to:-

Education history
Marriage records
Property records
Business ownership
Drug addictive records
Character reference check
Employment history
Criminal records
Assets investigation
Civil records etc

Depending on the situation of the particular individual,We use highly qualified, trained and experienced team for private investigators in delhi to resolve the matter. We are expert at producing good results. We can check the background of an individual through the internet, but that information is usually incomplete. Only a private investigator can provide accurate and complete information by investigating the matter thoroughly. It can be done by doing surveillance or by deep background investigation physically or by the stationary method.
Giving work to an investigator is the best way to assure that the information you get is authentic. It can also give you a proper assistant about the insight character of the person.
These days, there are numerous companies who offer the background check services but they get mixed quality information which is dated source and provide a little piece of information. But in FIDA provides you best and reliable information with proofs. We have highly trained & qualified investigator. FIDA has largest database of the information in India, and the information received was personally reviewed by our senior investigators.
Background check services in delhi are the comparatively low cost that can save your expenses too.
Becoming aware of the employees and personal individual background can help you to relieve stress & saves you from fraudulent activities.
FIDA provide you detailed information on any individual in India to help you make some appropriate decisions about your personal & professional life.

Why Fida is Best Detective Agency in Ghaziabad ??

FIDA is an innovative detective agency in Ghaziabad. Our detective agency is working in all over India and offers all kind of investigation services. We work with deep investigative method we can give satisfactory results to our client. We are highly confidential investigation agency.

FIDA is popularly known as  the expert private agency in Ghaziabad. We handle diverse cases such as Matrimonial investigation, Corporate investigation, Loyalty test investigation, Surveillance investigation, Employment verification and many more. And we do the work with solid and concrete proof so that client makes their case strong.

So if you are fetching for a reputable private detective in Ghaziabad then FIDA is the leading game in the industry which provides high level secrecy for its clients. We think that client is like a king for us and we do anything to make him/her happy during whole investigation process, we live up all the expectations of clients. Our detective agents are smart, quick as well as responsive enough to deliver desired results in time.

Why choose FIDA?

FIDA has already make a mark in investigation field by delivering excellent results to thousands of clients. Our detective agents are masters because they identify the geography, history and condition of cases in different cities of India, hence it shows that how perfect as an outstanding detective agency we are in India.

Reliability and customer service are our greatest strengths in working with clients. We believe that case understanding is vital during every step of the  investigation process and make a point to respond to inquiries in a timely manner and immediately inform the client of any changes or issues that may come up. We recognize the fact that each client is unique and we tailor our work to meet their individual needs.

Our Benefits

  • Expert in dealing Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigations in Ghaziabad.
  • Highly experienced investigation specialists are employed in our detective organization.
  • We are having more than 15 years of experience in the field of investigation and we solved many cases as per our client’s need.
  • We provide high level privacy to our client.
  • Full secrecy is considered from our side to the client during the whole investigation process because keeping the information confidential is highly important for us while investigation.
  • We are expert in handling all kinds of corporate and personal services.
  • We have a team with wise and professional detective agents who are experienced and energetic in the field of investigation which gives their perfect result with solid evidence.
  • We follow all the rules and regulations abide by the Indian Government while doing our investigation services.
  • We provide all kind of personal and corporate investigation services at affordable rates so that everyone will become capable to hire us for their cases.
  • We always care about the outcome of our client’s cases, and we work to exceed our client’s expectations. We use the best technique to solve the cases of our client’s properly and genuinely because it helps us in winning the client’s trust.


Avail the world class investigation services by the most reputed detective agency in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad, UP, has become the victim of crime from past many years. We can witness that lot of crimes have taken place in the recent times. The alarming crime rates call for an alert for every individual. It is better to be cautious and alert before some mishappening befalls. You cannot judge anyone by their face or sweet talks. So, you should always remain active and attentive. One can be harmed by anyone near to them including colleagues, business partner or your spouse. Whether at home or at the workplace, if you suspect someone with wrong intentions then it’s time to investigate. Hire a private detective today and release yourself from stress & anxiety.

We are a trustworthy name in the investigation field and reckoned among the prominent detective agencies in Ghaziabad. You can come to us and our experts will help you in finding the truths. We are specialized in Corporate Investigation, Background Checkup, Fraud Investigations, and corporate verification, Surveillance, Proof for Divorce and maintenance cases, honey trapping Pre/ Post Matrimonial affairs etc. We have one of the biggest networks of private and experienced detectives. All our detectives undergo various training and are equipped with latest technology gadgets. They are backed by immense industry experience and are experts in their domain. They are highly professional in their work and know the importance of your privacy.

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Maintaining your privacy is the main objective of our business and we make sure that none of the details related to the case or the client is disclosed. This approach makes us one of the reckoned private detective agency in Ghaziabad. We keep all the information confidential and intact with us. This is our privacy policy and we do not breach it. The details are only shared with the detective handling the case and not with others whatsoever.

The data gathered is from the reliable sources and forward to the client in its purest form. The data does not tamper and thus there is no ambiguity in it. Hence, you can trust us and rely on us. The proofs provided by us are 100% authentic and presented in a proper & systematic manner. Audios, videos, visuals, images and documented proof are some of our ways of presenting the truth to our clients. You can trust us for authenticity as we do not tamper or alter any data or information.

Our prime motto is client satisfaction. This is why we make sure that in a case our clients are least disturbed and their identity remains safe. We do not disclose any confidential information or your name to anyone whatsoever. Moreover, any information, data or evaluation is kept intact and private. So, contact us today if you are willing to take any investigation services.

Detective agency in Ghaziabad-A reliable name in the field of investigation

We are a pioneer name and regarded as one of the topmost detective agency in Ghaziabad. The personal investigation, pre-marital investigation, post-marital investigation, loyalty test investigation, corporate investigation etc. are some of the services offered by us. You can contact us for all sorts of personal or professional investigations. If you have a suspicion in your mind about your spouse, employee or a business partner then we can help you out. Ours is a renowned private detective agency which has solved various personal and corporate cases successfully. We have separate teams for personal and professional cases. We are a trusted entity and thus you can rely on us. The detectives hired by us are highly skilled and use the latest equipment and high-tech state of the art audio-video for gathering information. We follow ethical business practices and are thus professional in our approach.

One name that you can trust is –

We can help you in checking various factors such education, financial status, health, personality, character and family background. Moreover, we also provide post marriage investigations to help you lead a happy and content life. If you have any doubts about your partner then we can help you in clearing those. We have helped various clients in hiring the righteous candidates after checking their past records. Our special team is deployed for undertaking such cases. They make use of latest equipment and high-tech state of the art audio-video for gathering information. The evidence provided by us are 100% genuine and presented in a proper & systematic manner. Audios, videos, visuals, images and documented proof are some of our ways of presenting the truth to our clients. The dedicated efforts of our detectives have made us one of the topmost detective agency in Ghaziabad.

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Personal investigation

Our team of professional is backed by tremendous industry experience. They work round the clock to gather the needful information while maintaining the client’ secrecy. The privacy policy is our most important policy. This policy enables us in keeping all the confidential information of our clients intact and safe.

Until now we have served a lot of clients for both personal and corporate needs. We are best in our field and have been appreciated by our clients for our services. We follow ethical business practices and are thus professional in our approach. Our happy and satisfied clients have made us one of the renowned detective agency in Ghaziabad. You too can be benefitted from our services.

Providing you the best services is our whole sole objective and all our endeavors are directed to the same. Moreover, you can read the reviews of our clients and also visit our office for any queries before joining hands with us. So, what are you waiting for, reach the best detective agency in Ghaziabad immediately? We will serve you the best services at reasonable prices.

What we investigate ?