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People living abroad must be cautious all the time.

We understand, living abroad is not a romantic movie. You toiled here, went abroad, worked hard there among new people and you also try to remain focused and connected to your people back here simultaneously.

That’s really a tough job and the struggle is perpetual.

It’s here First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA INDIA) in New Delhi, India comes to your aid.

We all face mini-crisis daily. But, in case of people living abroad or in different geography or time zones, it gets highly exaggerated and frustrating.

Credibility and trust issues arising from friends, family, and close or distant relatives causes immense pain and strain for someone living far.

Living abroad is a thankless existence. People ask for help as a matter of right as if they owe you something.

  • You are required to fulfill for all sort of real and weird reasons. One is unfairly presumed to give in, that really is an understatement. You are always expected to help out financially by one and all.
  • You are also expected to provide immigration help to deserving and most undeserving person almost every month. You call back someone here and you would certainly be asked for such help.
  • Every time you visit here, you are unfailingly expected to bring gifts for everyone. You are always on the test. And as if that was not enough, there is the ultimate bombshell, MARRIAGE, now you are completely at the mercy of others.

FIDA INDIA, First Indian Detective Agency in Delhi, India takes issues of people living in far off places. Generally, the cases are related to:

  • Pre Matrimonial Alliance
  • Post Matrimonial Complications
  • Court Cases related to marriage, property, commercial disputes, financial cheatings, etc.
  • Absconding person
  • Commercial due-diligence or profitability of business partnership
  • Violation of agreement

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