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Business groups and entrepreneurs reach FIDA (Best Detective Agency in Delhi) office every day for cases involving embezzlement, policy violations, extortion, industrial espionage, trademark and patent infringement, counterfeiting, and other corruption matter. FIDA (Detective Agency in Delhi India) agents provide cutting edge of intelligence investigation and exploration services at every step of the enquiry. We are proudly supporting some of the biggest Indian Companies and MNC’s in private corporate investigation. Our corporate support involves solving both internal and external queries. If you require support in mergers and take overs or installing counter intelligence measures then Our Detective Agency in Delhi (FIDA) is at your service. Our safety steps will prevent financial losses. Our team will collaborate with you to keep the security measures tight.

Personal Investigation Services by FIDA:

No matter you require help regarding extra marital affair, video monitoring, surveillance or divorce case investigation, the FIDA(Best Detective Agency in Delhi) is ready to support you. Our detectives our highly competent and reliable with forensic and military intelligence experience. Reach FIDA for any of the underlined personal investigation needs –

  • Financial Cons and Fraud detection
  • Inquiries relating to insurance claims
  • Embezzlement of Corporate Assets
  • Theft of trade secrets
  • Pilferage of goods and materials
  • Detection of forged manufacturing
  • Counterfeiting of trade marks
  • Investigation covering the areas like social status, financial standing
  • Inquiries relating to sale-purchase of industrial units and financial positions
  • Loyalty and integrity of associates
Avail Free Consultation –

Theft, Harassment, burglary, financial losses often calls for immediate investigation requirement. The First Indian Detective Agency is the Best Detective Agency in Delhi NCR offering all range of investigation services, no matter it is your personal matter or involves business. Our large base of clients makes us lead in private detective services in India.

  • Surveillance and shadowing
  • Kidnapping
  • Missing persons cases
  • Pre and Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Character and background verification
  • Divorce Case investigation Services
  • Adultery
  • Anonymous letters and black mailings.
  • Property related verification
  • Fingerprints and forged documents.

If you are looking for experienced eyes and ears at an affordable price, then you are at right place. FIDA is your one-stop solution for all investigation, research and surveillance needs. Do you have an urgent situation? Are you unsure about the next step? If you need answer soon or even right now, Contact First Indian Detective Agency right now.

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