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Rajasthan is a desert state in western India bordering Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and Gujarat. It is India’s largest state in terms of area. Detective Agency in Rajasthan The State is well connected to main NCR cities including Delhi, Ahmedabad and Indore. Due to the advent rapid industrialization and fast paced economic development, its culturally rich and artistic traditions seem to be lost. As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCBR) data the Rajasthan reports highest number of ‘crimes against women’ including rape cases, harassment, kidnapping, dowry and domestic violence.

The data strongly reflects on the lack of strong administration and clearly there is a need of ardent and fervent investigation agency to bring crime rate under control. The First Indian Detective Agency in headquartered in Jaipur is offering top quality investigation services to its clients in distress. Our network of investigators is spread in all cities and places in Rajasthan like Udaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Bhagalpur, Alwar and Sikar, etc.

Avail Personal Investigation Services in Rajasthan Detective Agency in Rajasthan–

When it comes to private investigation services then you can absolutely rely on our experienced FIDA detectives in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The foremost purpose of the private detectives of Jaipur is to endow to your needs of their corporate clients, individuals, lawyers, government agencies and insurance companies etc. Detective Agency in Rajasthan Our knowledgeable and skilled agents have developed high standards right from the commencement by bearing in mind the norms of private investigation profession.

The First Indian Detective Agency in Jaipur has numerous experienced investigators having proper backgrounds in the area of private investigation services. We offer discreet investigation services like covert shadowing / surveillance, missing person / absconder, mobile phone and computer forensics, background check and relationship/s.
Surveillance and Monitoring Activities of the Suspect –

The private investigator of FIDA in Jaipur usually prefers to work as per case. Detective Agency in Rajasthan However, when necessary to follow a subject or during surveillance our investigators unite in coordination to bring about the best results. Our capable investigators effortlessly deal with the troubled clients. Our detectives usually work for long irregular hours in order to conduct secret surveillance and also to fix appointments with the clients those who are not easily available. We even work during weekends and sometime during emergencies in national holidays also.
Background Verification of Matrimonial Investigation

In today’s swift pace world, Internet has become the main source of all services, activities and information. Detective Agency in Rajasthan Even marriages are arranged over internet and through matrimonial newspaper advertisements, social networking and matrimonial sites.

In such emerging world, the pre-matrimonial verification has become the need of the hour. FIDA offer background verification services of prospective bride and groom to keep you safe from the unpleasant circumstances. We offer both pre and post matrimonial investigation services.

Corporate Investigation Services in Rajasthan –

In corporate cases, the role of First Indian Detective Agency of Jaipur too becomes crucial during the times of mergers and association between two corporations/institutions/companies. If the business details of your company are confidential then it becomes actually very important to do background checks from every angle like profitability, sales volume, brand value, financial flow, assets, employee’s worthiness, etc. Detective Agency in Rajasthan This helps you to prevent uncertain circumstances.