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First Indian Detective Agency in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Gujarat

Gujarat popularly known as the “Land of Legends” is a flourishing state in the west of India. It has the multi-religious culture with the well-established industrial sector. While people of all ethnicity are settled here. As per the, the state has the highest crime rate compared to National Capital Region. Indian detective agencies in Ahmedabad It is for the reason that the personalized and reliable approach of private investigation companies arises in the state. The First Indian Detective Agency in Ahmedabad has been operating under cover to undertake all private & business investigations matters.

Services offered by First Indian Detective Agency at a glance

  • Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation
  • Loyalty Test Investigations
  • Surveillance Investigation
  • Corporate Investigation
  • Skip tracing / Missing People
  • Financial fraud investigation
  • Pre / Post Corporate Loan Verification
  • Labour Cases Detective
  • Adultery and Infidelity investigation
  • Criminal verification
  • Employment verification
  • Civil litigation check
  • Credit risk check
  • Country specific data check
  • Compliance check

Why First Indian Detective Agency?

Our experienced and highly professional private investigators in Ahmedabad are known for their quality of specialized and personal investigations. The detectives are capable and have abundant years of experience. With their loaded expertise and deployment of modern technology and knowledge, they can expertly analyze and investigate the unidentified and concealed information.

We undertake undercover missions to solve puzzling cases that were unknown to public eyes. Furthermore, FIDA is capable adequately to supervise any kind of unknown location calls. The First Indian Detective Agency in Ahmedabad keeps all its investigation confidential and private which is considered as the essential talent of the investigation. We believe that investigation is not about collecting unidentified information from one place and then spilling it out in some other place. We ponder our classified approach as a mantra of investigation and offer an honest result to their reliable patrons.

What makes FIDA best investigation operating in Gujarat?

In the present time, one can find various private detectives in Gujarat. There are different private detectives existing in every nook and corner of the state offering unswerving and quick services.

However, The First Indian detective agency in Ahmedabad provides a variety of services ranging from industrial / business & corporate investigation services to financial investigation services and matrimonial investigation services to personal investigation services. Indian detective agencies in Ahmedabad FIDA confidentially track down the wrongdoers and witnesses in every case and locates the missing person too.

FIDA’s private investigator in Ahmedabad probes the secrets of subjects by following the legal guidelines. Indian detective agencies in Ahmedabad First Indian Detective Agency follows the code of conduct and it is perfectly aware of investigation limits. With the tool of their undercover investigation, we can straightforwardly reveal concealed secrets. But it is recommended, that people who are in search of backing from private investigators must not reveal any sensitive information to the other party.

Hire the Best Detective agency in Gujarat –

If you are looking for a professional and result-oriented investigation agency then FIDA is your best resort. Contact us for a private detective service in Gujarat. We maintain a 100 anonymity and secret approach in each we take over.

Our detectives a skilled in providing necessary investigation works from high profile to simplest disputes. We have mastery in counter-surveillance and shadowing in order to track down precise information. Call or mail us query now!