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Why You Should Opt For Back Ground Check Of Your Spouse-To-Be Before Wedding?

Police files are full of criminal cases where matrimony leads to extortion. You might have seen in news about how brides got cheated in the name of marriage! Be it money, dowry, property, jewelry or their personal security.

You might think that you have found your life long partner, he or she seems perfect, financially stable and absolute in other respects. But, this doesn’t justify the fact to not to dig into the past. The past of the person can help you to be sure of the future. What is you find out the criminal conviction of the person after marriage? What is he or she already have kids? or maybe his business is running in financial losses, and that is the reason to get married? This is why back ground check is necessary after marriage.

There is no harm in background check before marriage, only benefits. It is not just for those who feel suspicious about the past of their life partner, but for those also who wish to tie knot with confidence. Hence, Background check services are for everyone.

Different types of Background Check Services to Explore before Wedding –
Pre Matrimonial Investigation –

This kind of investigation is quite deep and basically covers all. It helps to build an authenticity about the spouse-to-be. The past records, present character and financial status are examined. Is he well established? Has he been married previously? Did he / she had any past serious relationship? It is better to know everything in advance to avoid future conflicts. Private Detective Agency in Delhi offer full suite of pre matrimonial investigation. They will leave no stone unturned in providing you exact picture of the person you are about to get married.

Financial Investigation –

There are private investigation agencies in Delhi exercise complete confidentiality while fetching background details of the person. They will give you detail reports on properties, bank details, credit cards without them knowing about it.

Family Background Investigation –

Marriage is not just between two individuals but involves conjugation of two families. You will be associated with that family socially and publicly. Therefore, it is essential to know about the profession, their disposition, crime record (if any), public reputation & other individual details.


Marriage is a not just a one-time affair, it is a lifetime match. Hence it is wise to go for back ground check of the person you are about to get married. First Indian Detective Agency in Delhi offers – Pre-Matrimonial Enquiry, Post Marriage Investigation, Background Checks, Financial frauds investigation, corporate investigation and many more.

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