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Why You Really Need Employment Verification Services

We were taught that one shall never lie on the resume. In today’s running reality to get a decent job in a decent industry, this practice is often neglected. Often, we find people exaggerating their qualifications, achievements, and work experience to get employed in a company. One can generate fake formal education certificates, or extra activity or diploma certificates etc. or simply exaggerate one or two achievement or qualification. This is a bad impression on the company and a person like this is certainly not employable. Committing fraud is a crime. Hiring a fraud may lead your business downhill. Therefore, the First Indian Detective Agency offers you pre and post-employment verification services through which you can get any of your employee or employee to be verified on various levels as required by the company.

For example, if your companying is hiring an employee, you need to be sure about clean reputation and past activities of the person you are trusting to handover your company’s inside information. We understand how important are these confidentiality issues in this cut throat competition world and offer you the best services to get the employees verified by doing a thorough check of his personal and professional background as required by the client company. In these cases, you need to be very sure of the authentication of the educational backgrounds, past work experiences with the employers etc.

In cases, of post-employment. Say if the employee is suspected to be a drug addict or indulged in any criminal or illegal activity from outside the office it can affect the reputation of the company majorly. You cannot be in doubt regarding such cases when your company reputation is at stake.

The services offered by FIDA INDIA for pre and post-employment verification of an employee are as follows:

  • Education Verification
  • Employment History Verification
  • Employment Reference Verification
  • Employee Criminal Record Verification
  • Multiple Address Verification
  • Workplace Drug Abuse testing
  • Comprehensive Database Verifications
  • Vendor/contractor Due Diligence
  • Counterparty Verifications Service

For providing the aforesaid services, we have established our contacts with university/college/institutions officials, police/government authorities and also have access to reputed law firms through whom criminal checks using court records are undertaken.

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