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Strengths of First Indian Detective Agency

First Indian detective agency is the best detective agency in Delhi and has a team of experienced investigators who are in the field of investigation for the last couple of years. We have achieved great heights by making improvised operations, to get the desired result. Our team of private detectives in Delhi makes distinct strategies to achieve the attainable goal. Our investigators are equipped with the latest gadgets that help to construct evidence on the case. Our officers’ works in a team that is led and followed by experienced investigating officers. We offer accurate information that assists our clients to formulate effective solution through our wide investigation services. Being a client-centric organization and cheap detective agency in Delhi, FIDA is involved in providing utmost quality service to customers that satisfy their entire requirements and needs.

First Indian Detective Agency offers a wide range of comprehensive tailor-made private investigation services for its clients. We hire a private detective in Delhi who is also capable of working within a complex & sensitive business environment and can successfully deliver best investigative services in a completely secure way. With a longstanding reputation for thoroughness & discretion as for the best detective agency in Bangalore, we have emerged as the fastest growing detective service in India. You can also rely on us for delivering the best corporate intelligence services.

• First Indian detective agency also helps the clients to manage the entire data and maintain a backup for all the files so that in case of any disaster or accident, a minimum harm is caused to the business activities.

• Our team conducts thorough investigations, using the most modern and updated electronic/ spy gadgets/ equipment including hidden and body cameras as well as long-range cameras to record.

• We have achieved great heights by making improvised operations, to get the desired result. Our team of officers makes distinct strategies to achieve the attainable goal.

We offer a variety of services such as-

• Personal investigation services

• Cyber investigation services

• Undercover operation services

• Video/Voice recording services

• Surveillance system (static and mobile)

• Corporate intelligence services

• Fingerprint recognition services

• Forensic technology services

• Pre and post matrimonial inquiry services

• Pre/ Post-employment

• Counter-espionage

• Discreet inquiries

• Family background check

• Foot surveillance

• Maintaining a disguise

With all the details that are captured, we then present them to the client to solve the case. Our qualifications, expertise, and services are ranked the best in the country. From the investigation of illegal activities to sourcing information and providing security cover to one and all, we offer complete investigative solutions to a wide range of customers. We provide the most qualitative output and our investigations are thorough, diligent and comprehensive. We deal with both corporate as well as private individuals in assessing the threats and vulnerability by providing complete tailor-made solutions.

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