Private Investigators in Delhi

Services Offered by Private Investigators in Delhi

Gone are those days when becoming a private detective used to be meant investigating single-handedly without any guaranteed business. In the modern age, when the trust between the individuals is dwindling ways, it is creating spaces filled by an industry of highly professional detective agencies. These agencies are teams of highly qualified detectives who survey, collect, recheck and deliver you the truth. And when it comes to the financial capital of India, Delhi, services from private investigators in Delhi are the ones that many individuals are looking for.
Due to the adoption of new-age lifestyles and high-paced development, society is facing frictions which are leading to a rise in trust issues. Here are why these private investigators are coming into the scenario. From pre/post matrimonial investigation to surveillance investigation, divorce cases, background check, etc.- these private detectives are providing their service with privacy, secrecy, and confidentiality. So, if you are looking for what services these Delhi-based investigators are providing we have highlighted so in the following-

Corporate Detective-

There are cases where people may give wrong details about the past career experience including the past company or employer and salary structure. And these issues are being termed as one of the most common frauds being run in the corporate. The services these private investigators in Delhi provide involve-

  • Market research
  • Post-employment investigation
  • Pre-employment verification
  • Asset verification

Cyber Crime Detective-

Delhi-based investigators also undertake cases where they are trying to trace anonymous persons involved in the following types of mischief-

  • Copyright
  • Infringement writings at common public places
  • Anonymous defamatory letters

Matrimonial detective-

The marriage detective agencies in Delhi are coming to help you make a difficult life decision for a safer and secured future. These agencies are one of the top background checking, criminal background investigation companies with a team full of highly intelligent detectives. They are well versed in using the most updated technologies. The services they provide involves-

  • Post-matrimonial investigation after the wedding
  • Concealed previous marriage or divorce

Financial Fraud Investigation

These private agencies look into issues related to the financial investigation in an objective manner. There are cases where a cheating employee or director or partner cuts the bottom-line of a thriving enterprise just for personal growth or gains. Therefore, these agencies attach those professionals with an ample amount of knowledge with the frauds and scam investigations. They belong to different sectors like- information technology, financial, law, tax, excise, and customs, etc.

Physical Surveillance

By the means of active surveillance investigation, these agencies work to find out the difference between the actual truth and what the person is claiming. The detectives or investigators try to keep these types of investigations discreet and covert in every way possible. Sometimes, these agencies assign more than one investigator in a single assignment with an objective to maintain the anonymity of the cases.
So, if you are looking for private investing agencies in or nearby Delhi with the help of the search option “top private investigators near me in Delhi” so that you can get in touch with the best facilities to provide you the best solutions for your problem.

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