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Professional Background Screening Service for Corporates & Business Groups

It is extremely essential to validate the past-employment records of the candidates. Today private investigation agencies provide services to Background Screening and acquire the authentic elucidation past records in an organized and meticulous manner.

In the present scenario of job seekers, may plight false records to gain the job or a better hike. They may fabricate their experience, salary slips or designation. They might not be having appropriate experience suitable for the job role. Thus, it can harm your work and produce hurdles in the smooth functioning of the company.

Post-employment verification is a crucial part before you hire an employee for a responsible position. The genuinely of past records plays a significant role in proving the reliability of an employee. With a false record, an employee can prove out to be harmful to the reputation of a business organization. 3 Most Effective Services offered by First Indian Detective Agency –

Verify Education –

The educational records are verified to cross-validate the authentication of the academic record of a person. Many times employs to produce the false certifications to get the job, with this service you can be sure about the qualification of the candidate

Verify Employment –

The previous employment verification is extremely essential. It involves the verification of the employment credentials like designation, tenure, and previous remunerations etc.

Verify address –

Address verification is extremely essential to know the existence of the person. A private detective will verify the address by matching the details through government records.

Once the interview process is over, next stage to verify the records. FIDA detectives have the right tools and investigation techniques to gain the insight into the past of an employee. Our detectives will verify every mentioned detail by an employee. Proper reports will be prepared to prove the authenticity of the job with thorough background check.

You will get the confidential and positive in detailing of the new candidate, to help you make a correct decision. It will prove beneficial before you submit important duties and role to a candidate. Our Background Screening Services in Delhi will help you make the right decision.

Reach FIDA for Help

The FIDA First Indian Detective Agency in Delhi can help you with the best reports on a background of any new employee. You can approach us anytime if you need verifications of details of any candidate. Our reports will describe the true past story of the person. We follow the legitimate process with high reliability and rightful results. Our experts’ spy and research agents are specialized and well trained with expertise in the investigation.

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