Private Detective Agencies

Private Detective Agencies Fighting Against the Corporate Scams & Frauds

Today Indian economy has a rapidly growing corporate sector. The different attractive sectors include IT, education, real estate and automobiles, etc. This further leads to unlawful activities like burglary, theft, fraud and other scams in corporate sector. The only solution to trap such case is by means of corporate investigation services.

Corporate Investigation involves collection of inside information along with as much detail as possible and other feasible evidences. The investigators collect, evaluate and construct an inclusive profile for their clients regarding their case. The demand of a discreet and confidential private detective services are rising. Both small organizations as well as shark tank entrepreneurs require help to maintain a healthy corporate ecosystem.

Here are the Services offered by Detective agencies to corporate clients –
  • Asset investigations
  • Employment screening
  • Corporate surveillance
  • Employee verification
  • Industrial and counter espionage
  • Business and corporate intelligence
  • Theft investigation
  • Risk analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Fraud consulting and labor cases
  • Verification of bank accounts and insurance
  • Examining financial assets

The above-mentioned offering allows corporate leaders to achieve their projects suitably and uphold healthy corporate goodwill. This is connected to both competitors and company staffs, to avoid any chances of fraud. Nowadays, many big and small organizations are hiring full time Private Detective Agency in Faridabad and Delhi NCR to be in the competition in the long run. There are hundreds of agencies providing great services ranging from pre-employment verification to post-employment authentication cases. The prime goal remains the same to find the results depending upon the employer’s requirement.

For employment verification Detective Agency offer following inspections –
  • Work attitude
  • Work habits
  • Re-hiring eligibility
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • Performance rating
  • Wages
  • Social well-being
  • Friend and family details

The development of numerous business organizations has led to a high-risk game in the market. Therefore, it becomes difficult for authentic companies to survive and safeguard their interests. Hence, there is need of highly qualified and experienced Private Detective Agency in Delhi to keep an eye over fraudulent activities.


The Corporate Investigation Services provide an efficient & an ideal solution for business owners. These agencies charge minimal fees against their services. If you wish to hire a Private Detective Agency in Delhi for full time, they are treated as full time employees and paid accordingly. Otherwise, they charge depending upon the type of case, time required, equipments used and degree of complexity. A reliable and professional Detective Agency also looks into problems related to corruption. They fully abide by the law and rule of the country so that the laws are not breached.

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