Forensic Science

Most Important Thing You Need To Know About Forensic Science

Forensic Investigation is a scientific method by which we investigate crime and bring criminals or fraudsters to book with forensic evidence. Forensic investigation can extract evidence in the most complex of cases and make it solve earlier. We have a laboratory with all the latest equipment and technology. First Indian Detective Agency (FIDA) is the best in forensic services. So if you are looking for such type of investigations, First Indian Detective Agency is the one you can count on.

1. Mobile forensics: Mobile forensic help us to recover digital evidence or data from the mobile device under forensically sound condition. FIDA has experts in extracting and analyzing the mobile data. Our specialized team can recover E-mails, deleted text messages, all social media history like pictures, videos, and files.

2. Debugging: FIDA is best in debugging services as we have highly qualified engineers to detect bugs and sweep the office computer or home devices free from risks. Debugging services helps you in providing evidence and protecting you from technical surveillance like hidden microphones, transmitter, audio recorder, GPS tracking device etc.

3. Computer forensics: This process helps in gathering and protecting evidence from a particular computer so that evidence can be submitted in court on time. We have the best computer forensic team to extract and analyze data from any kind of computer, laptop, and digital storage device.

4. Fingerprint verification: Fingerprint verification plays an important role in forensic science. It is mostly used in the criminal investigation to identify suspects and solve the issues. FIDA has a team of fingerprint experts to solve criminal and unlawful activities.

5. Handwriting Verification: Handwriting verification is a method by which we extract the truth behind the unlawful activities. First Indian Detective Agency has gained expertise in handwriting investigation to verify the documents either they are authenticated or not. We have a team of experts, who are able to authenticate the handwriting written on papers found on the crime scene. We also identify the fraud signatures if done by a suspect in order to sign cheques, property papers etc.

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