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Alarming rates in crime at office: Check your employee for criminal background before hiring

Nowadays crime is increasing at an alarming rate at both personal and workplace. This is why background checks and hiring detectives are the new trends. This trend is not just restricted to personal use but also being used professionally. Companies are seeking help from third parties before hiring an employee to check for his past employment and education. Before hiring an employee, you do have questions and doubts on the individual since you are unaware of his past and history. In such situation, we come to the rescue, a renowned detective agency in India who specializes in a criminal background check.

We have a special criminal investigation department which is deployed especially to check the track record of an individual. The experts of this department screen the suspect for his criminal background. The evidence provided by us are 100% genuine and presented in a proper & systematic manner. Audios, videos, visuals, images and documented proof are some of our ways of presenting the truth to our clients. You can trust us for authenticity as we do not tamper or alter any data or information and this is our foremost policy.

Hire the Best Candidates:-

In order to save yourself and your company from a fraudster and criminal, it is important to get to know about the past history. You must check each individual for his criminal background as prevention is better than cure. We are here to help you and can assure you of the best services. We have an association with the big brands who are our regular clients and reach us at the time of every new hiring.

In order to satisfy our clients and gain their confidence, we have embedded various policies in our system of working. The privacy policy is the most important policy of our detective agency. As per this policy, we do not disclose any details or information about the client to others. The identity of the client is kept confidential and no one can breach this code of conduct. All our detectives are strictly instructed to follow this policy. In any case, the data, information or evidence are not discussed or disclosed to anyone other than the client whatsoever.

We have served various corporate houses for their investigation cases and they look upon us for their any such needs. Our clientele is not just restricted to NCR, as we have served people across the nation. We have a list of happy and satisfied customers. You can visit our office and meet us in person for discussing the case. Moreover, you can also connect with us through chats or emails. Our prime motto is to serve you at your comfort.

First Indian Detective Agency provide all types of background screening services in India. The main benefit of a consistent pre-employment and post-employment background check may include helping businesses to avoid entitlements from the neglectful appointment.

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